CIA Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship of State

Heheh, the ‘intelligence’ (as opposed to ‘intelligent’) rats are suddenly scurrying down the ‘What To Think Network’ ratlines to shore. These agencies are obviously distancing themselves from the fake president, though of course he was always meant to be a fall guy and chump to distract people from what the vast intelligence agencies, themselves are really doing to humanity [Image Can Not Be Found];

The agencies never were federal, per se, since they’ve always taken direction from the world odor through The City (London).

I was very pleased, though, when that sanctimonious CIAa sewer rat (an air force general, this time—go figure: those guys have had 60 years of practice lying about the alien agenda!) recently announced that ‘Persia has no bombs, after all’ That kicked the final leg (tail?) out from under this criminal regime’s intention to nuke Persian women and children. Condollleeezzzzzzzzzza was visibly smacking her lips and chomping those chiclet teeth in anticipation of all that delicious mayhem and horror [Image Can Not Be Found]; .

Have you ever wondered what might happen if these sewer rats admitted on the What To Think Network that they’d spent literally trillions of dollars building underground bases and trillions more dollars creating and maintaining the chemtrail and death tower programs throughout the world? All of that was ‘off budget’ and out of view of the criminals in Congress, who are already like those three monkeys (publicly, at least) when it comes to criminal conspiracies, including all the ones they’re EACH implicated in. I don’t think all that cash they wallow in is a reward from Mother Mary, do you?

That’s a LOT of cocaine and heroin money!
and I wonder if Congressmen and Senators now each get paid with bags or truckloads of heroin instead of checks from London’s International Monetary Fund. Reminds me of pedophile priests who receive a pittance, have a modest room at the rectumry but drive Mercedes, get drunk every night on expensive booze, snort coke and have their robes, vestments and silk undies made on Saville Row [Image Can Not Be Found]


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