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Destroy a big rain cloud form with Canary Islands Military Radars
(reported by Freeenergy user in

List of know military radars in Canary isles:

  • EVA n. 21, Pico de las Nieves – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary isles) – Indra Lanza 3D [Active]
  • EVA n. 22, Peñas del Chache – Isle Lanzarote (Canary isles) – Alenia RAT-31 SL/T [Active]
  • EVA n. 23, Isle El Hierro (Canary isles) – [Under Construction]

*EVA= Estación Vigilancia Aérea (Air Monitoring Station)

Other radars:

  • D VOR/DME – Taborno – Tenerife (Canary isles) [Active]

All this radars needs orgonite for stop their climatic operations.

Gran Canaria Pico de las Nieves Climatic Anomalies . Rain radar data

Original spanish post by Freeenergy user in:

Since we denounce these anomalies, Are writing to me a lot of people trying to convince us that this is not true. They also greeted several false gifters there.
The reality is that Canary radars are ungifted. I know that Huber gifted radar of Gran Canaria but maybe they found orgonite.

Too, since we denounce these anomalies the rains oficial radar of Spain is censored all the days


Jeff says, possible/probable Canary ‘grid node point’ data, here. It will be interesting to cross-reference these locations with the harmless, modern, wholly-benevolent radar installations…

6 lava stone step pyramids in Güimar/Tenerife

3 lava stone step pyramids in Icod, Sta.Barbara, La Mancha/Tenerife

There is a complex with 6 huge lava stone pyramids, partially reconstructed, in the town of Güimar on Tenerife. Discovered by Thor Heyerdahl in 1999 and turned into a museum complex: The archaeological park of Güimar
More pyramids were found in the north of Tenerife near Icod de Los Vinos, Santa Barbara and La Mancha (Braem 1992, 1994, 2000; Bethencourt 1996; Calvet 2007).

I dont understand your message Jeff .

Hi, Je,

I meant that it is my understanding that many ancient archeological sites were located in very specific locations on what has been referred to as the ‘world grid’ of energy ley lines. And that they were located in those positions/locations to manipulate or inject energy into the grid. Injecting energy released by ritual sacrifices that were made at those sites.

And that the energy produced in the sacrifice (which I believe corresponds to the ‘DOR’ energy we discuss within the orgonite gifting framwork) was used for bad purposes by the people who built the network of pyramids/temples/obelisks in the first place.

It’s also my understanding that ‘cell phone towers’ and ‘radar installations’ and other modern electronic devices have often been erected/placed with deliberate intent at key points on the very same world grid. And that both the ancient network of pyramids, stone towers, temples and the modern network of ‘cell towers’ and ‘radar installations’ are both working to the same bad purpose.

So, in regard to the Canary Islands, for example, we know that gifting the ‘modern’ devices will stop/mitigate their ill effects. I’m suggesting that gifting the ancient network will stop/mitigate it’s ill effects, as well. Perhaps, more correctly, the orgonite will return balance to the grid that had previously been deliberately ‘unbalanced’ by devices intentionally designed to do just that.

My overall point was “I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find the ‘modern’ devices close to or on top of the more ancient ‘devices’ (the temples, the pyramids). Might be good to gift these ancient sites while hitting the modern ones.”

great coincidence here, if you look at the pictures in the link in the southern france thread (my last post), there is even a monolith rock from god knows how many thousands of years ago. thanks jeff for pointing it out so clearly

Not allways there are antennas present near those old edifices, and it is good to put orgonite near old (wind)mills, seemlessly useless towers, well-like structures that are often surrounding old symbolic villages (forming the point of a satanic star for ex.) Note that in case of the Rennes-Le-Chateau mystery it has been unveiled that one of the key figures, a french clergyman, received the order plus money to construct several of those round towers from the french royal family (or some high-up countess or something). They are not allways very high, but definitely corrupt the subtle energy grid – of course- .


Thanks for posting that simple and very interesting explanation, Jeff. I don’t want to hack Je’s initial idea of the thread but I believe that your viewpoint needs some deepening.

I already knew about the pyramid-hill in Sant’Agata de’ Goti on which I’ve spent some time on Google Earth to locate it. Actually, it’s just a couple hours’ drive from home and is in my gifting plans. The site you linked is interesting too because it offers good info about these pyramids in Europe. For example, the stone balls that were found in Sant’Agata seem to be the same as in Visoko (Bosnia) where the largest pyramids ever found are located. That’s a real bug, I’d say.

Searching in the site you linked, I found this blog about the pyramid-hill in Sant’Agata with some interesting photos of the stone balls:


and of a possible tumulus, a cairn close to the pyramid-hill:


Besides, the pyramid-hill in Sant’Agata seems to be perfectly aligned with the other Italian pyramids of Montevecchia – gifted by Davide and some of his friends -, Piediluco and Pontassieve according to the Zeus Line explained in the site:


The undeniable alignment is amazing I believe.

Another astounding aspect of the pyramids of Montevecchia and Pontassieve is their layout which is the same as the Gizeh Plateau.

Here is Montevecchia


and Pontassieve:

Really interesting, thanks.

It’s also my understanding that ‘cell phone towers’ and ‘radar installations’ and other modern electronic devices have often been erected/placed with deliberate intent at key points on the very same world grid.

I agree with this completely. It seems that the antennas are short the global harmonic function.

Of the other items I can not say because I do not know and I feel is manipulated by the false new age.


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