Cloudbuster Modification

This post is based upon the perception that the length of a CBs pipes are tuned to draw DOR from the altitude at which chemtrails are sprayed.

Don and Carol dowsed for this length and most CBs have followed their recommendations ever since.

After I made my second Croft CB using Cesco coils under the crystals in the pipes, the sky was wonderful; a deep blue with healthy cumulus and a fresh breeze.

This situation prevailed through even the most manic chem-spraying until a couple of months ago when I noticed that the power of the CBs had faded rather.

They still worked and things were obviously a lot better with them than without but it wasn’t the way I remembered it and I couldn’t explain why.

Then by chance I got an email contact from Sharon; a gifter in Oregon, who mentioned that the effects of her CB had also faded and on an inspiration she doubled the length of the pipes and found that the power of the device returned.

After about a week it faded again so she took off the pipe-extensions and the sky cleared.

This oscillation continued for a while but the effects faded faster each time she either added or removed the pipes until she figured out what was happening.

They were spraying higher than usual and when she extended the CB and caught up with them, they started spraying lower again (and when she removed the pipe-extensions they sprayed higher again).

I actually have three CBs in my garden and I tried extending the pipes of one of them by three feet and the effects were immediately visible and strengthened over the period of the next 24 hours.

I have the advantage of being able to train one CB on the regular altitude for chem-spraying and another on the (more recent) higher altitude and the effects are persistent.

Sharon only has one CB and I suggested that she try extending every other pipe in the circle and leave the other three their original length (so: short/long/short/long etc) and it seems to have worked splendidly against chemicals sprayed at both altitudes.

Some of you may remember my mention of a twice-daily ‘white-out’ here in Bali that occurs at sunrise and sunset respectively; it is the result of a persistent layer of chemicals high in the sky that is invisible when the sun shines straight through it but becomes apparent when the rays of the rising or setting sun shine obliquely across it and temporarily turn the sky white.

I thought that if the extensions on my second CB worked on this higher altitude layer of crud then the effects should be visible at sunset and so I waited to see.

Sure enough; the sky turned seamlessly from blue to black (at sunset) and back to blue (at sunrise) without going through the chemical white phase because the chemicals have been cleared by the extended CB.

This is the way the sky looked before I extended CB2:

And here we are at the usual time the sky went white at sunrise:

This is around mid morning of the same day (haven’t seen it like this for a while):

This is the early afternoon of the same day (Sylphs clearing chemicals high in the sky and more clouds forming):

And finally; this is earlier today after the first rainy night for a long time and amidst persistent cloud-cover:

If this were an expensive or troublesome modification I would hesitate to suggest it here but for anyone who may feel they are experiencing a similar fading in the power of their CB; it’s cheap and easy to try (all you need is three separate meters of copper pipe and three couplers).

I’m not suggesting that all CBs need to be modified in this way and you will all be the best judges of your own particular situations but its worth bearing in mind all the same.

I understand that another reason for the power of a CB fading is that the crystals could need replacing but that’s never (yet) happened to me and I can’t advise on it.

Don suggested that “any time one makes a significant change there’s a temporary shift in energy balance” and I guess the big question here is; at what stage can we begin to regard a temporary change as permanent?

Perhaps a week is too soon to be jumping to conclusions but during the time since I extended the pipes on CB2 the effects have consolidated rather than faded.

The most obviously visible change is the complete disappearance of the ‘white phase’ in both the sunset and the sunrise and it’s difficult to regard this as purely coincidental.

The sky is a consistently deeper blue than it was before and resembles the way it was for a couple of months before I noticed that the CBs were being evaded.

The spraying is pretty much constant now with continuous flights by the small plane during the day and the regular appearance of the Jet (with all four ports open) in the mid to late afternoons culminating in this sort of thing towards sunset:

It has rained heavily every night since the modification in stark contrast to before when spraying like this would have cleared the skies totally of all cloud (now it re-forms as fast as they disrupt it).

The Sylphs are working much more aggressively in recent days and seem to appear in greater numbers with many new faces amongst them.

The wind remains completely unaffected now and the whole “feel” of the place is much lighter and more relaxed.

As with the “Grounding CBs” post; my observations once again go some way to challenge accepted wisdom about CBs and will perhaps be regarded as unwelcome comment in some circles.

It’s not my intention to divert energy or resources from our regular gifting work and as I implied previously, if the suggested modification constituted a complete overhaul of Cloudbuster theory then I would have preferred to remain silent.

Both Sharon and I independently perceived that the chem-planes had discovered an altitude at which they could ply their poison with impunity because CBs didn’t affectively clear it up there.

These residual chemicals are easily observed in the “white phase” of the sunset and their disappearance can be regarded as empirical evidence that a CBs range is not all that it was hitherto assumed to be.

The suggested modification is both cheap and easy and seems to extend the altitude-range of a standard CB leaving the chem-planes with nowhere safe to spray.

Did anyone else try it yet?


Dear Dan, we also added cesco blocks to our CB a while ago, and the difference was notable. We still can observe the effects of the change. However, sometimes the CB seems not to be working on a higher chem crud… your post is refreshing! Will try this extension today, luckily we still have a few pipes and couplers…
How much do you pay for copper? even though we are the biggest exporters, we pay international prices for it, and it is not cheap at all, on the contrary. For the same reason we have been discussing about experimenting with aluminum pipes.
shall keep you posted,

When we go after particularly juicy targets we usually add Cesco coils to a few of the orgonite devices. For instance, when we dropped the mini-CB in the deep end of Yellowstone Lake (center of the latest seismic activity), that one had one of those coils in the orgonite base.

There are many, many ways to produce temporary grand effects, by the way. The way to produce more permanent effects in the atmosphere is to gift so much that the balance is eventually tipped in our favor. This event is usually marked by the disappearance of the HAARP whiteout and the appearance of Sylphs.

HAARP whiteout is often mistaken for ‘high chemtrails,’ I’ve noticed. Maybe that’s the sewer rats’ intention in this mainly psychological war these parasites are waging against humanity. If you’ve travelled on airlines you’re likely to have had an opportunity to witness the formation of this whiteout. I saw it happening over the then-ungifted reaches of North Dakota, five years ago, on my way to the east coast from the west coast of the US. At about 20,000 feet an extremely, obviously un-natural layer of stratus cloud formed in this case and it stretched all the way across a couple of states.

Chemtrails are spewed between 12,000 and 25,000 feet, so it’s easy to see why many people confuse the HAARP-generated, harmless whiteouts with chemtrails, though of course chemtrails, too, have been harmless for over five years.

When we arrived here a year or so ago there was intermittent HAARP whiteout and the cloudbusters in the region were inadequate at keeping it all at bay. Not enough new death towers been erected in our absence to recover the DOR saturation that existed before we gifted this region, five and six years ago, thankfully.

It was after we gifted the three biggest lakes in the region that the whiteout stopped recurring adn the chemtrail remnants started disappearing much more rapidly. The sewer rats send spewplanes over the lakes nearest us constantly in an effort to get the stuff to stick, too.

There are two other cases of persistent whiteout that ought to be mentioned again in this context: Toronto and Vancouver, Canada.

Steve Baron and friends had distributed 10,000 or so towerbusters, put an enormous cloudbuster on the bottom of Lake Ontario and turned the region into a sort of pin cushion with intelligently placed earthpipes but the HAARP whiteout still persisted. Apparently the soliution was for someone to disable the coastal HAARP arrays in the Canada Maritime region because after some of that was done, blue skies predominated in Toronto, again.

STan Cayer in Vancouver did an enormous amouint of gifting and a dozen or so cloudbusters had already been made in Western British Columbia but the HAARP whiteout over Vancouver persisted. STan even hiked up many steep mountains in BC to bust arrays whose access was blocked to vehicle traffic. He’s in his 70s, so we were doubly impressed by that workf–reminded us of Grandpa Kelly, in fact [Image Can Not Be Found]

He got an idea to arrange some simple TBs on the roof of his Recreational Vehicle one day and after that the whiteout disappeared and has apparently not been seen very much, since. Stan’s a psychic, by the way, though it’s important to know that anyone can get hunches like that, any time, so we all need to act on them, as Dan probably did in this case.

Many people have tried to find some parameters for modifying existing devices or inventing new ones and it’s been really hard to get consistent results this way. The motivation is usually the desire to get bigger results with less effort, which is a good idea but not always productive. Early on, whenever someone suggested a modification, no matter how groundless or irrelevant, many people copied it without questioning and in many cases these mods reduced the potency of the orgonite, as when people added magnets to cloudbuster bases.

Gail Stark in Texas introduced the earthpipe concept, around four years ago, as ‘a new form of cloudbuster’ because when she shoved the pipes in teh ground, the DOR above cleard away. Kelly, Carol, Luis and I made several expeditions to big, nasty underground bases in teh Pacific Northwest after that because we felt pretty certain that these devices were mainly affecting underground DOR sources that were polluting the atmosphere above them. Kelly came up with the present proportions we use for our earthpipes, in fact. Kelly and Carol can accurately locate and gauge energy, so it was a productive effort and it produced immediate, visible orgone effects above teh busted bases, every time, as you’ve perhaps likely done by now. Fortunately for gifters, there are many thousands of nasty underground bases throughout the world to experiment on [Image Can Not Be Found] where the parasites of the present world odor probably wish to hide from humanity eventually.

By now, it’s apparent that the experimentors are approaching this more rationally and that’s very nice to see! I was apprehensive about the possible response. Just a couple of years ago, after some entirely innocent comments about wax/metal orgone accumulators, agents on the mole-ridden open membership boards took hold of this notion like pitbulls and started making a lot of noise about ‘wax replacing resin in orgonite.’

I’m happy to be able to relax about this, thanks to the intelligent review this is getting. I want it to be known that the basic cloudbuster parameters that Carol came up with by dowsing, seven years ago, are practical but they shouldn’t be considered the last word. Many of the basic devices we all use were invented or modified by several people, in fact.

Mary Anne in Maine told me that when she read Dan’s report she added length to her CB pipes and a huge, beautiful cumulus cloud immediately formed overhead.

Gert Botha in the Namib Desert immediately stopped the persistent sand storms in his immediate area with a 2/3-scale CB cobbled together with found material. Carol and I were so impressed that we visited him and we did a lot of work together.

Carol and I developed a half-scale CB with a Succor Punch in it in order to remove storms in our path when we were sea-gifting from our boat around South Florida and it worked consistently well, even dramatically at times.

We added five feet to the length of the pipes a few months after we built our first orgonite cloudbuster, almost seven years ago, because we had a strong feeling that we could affect whoever was apparently doing nasty stuff on/in our moon. A year later, a whole bunch of people were doing that and it wasn’t long after that when the moon’s orbit became kind of erratic [Image Can Not Be Found]

Generally, adding length to the pipes narrows the focus and increases the range and it’s possible that reducing the length of the pipes widens the focus and decreases the range but we haven’t experimented with that. Half scale CBs operate differently, I think.

When I busted all the death towers in the Snake River Valley, for hundreds of miles east of Boise, Idaho in August, 2002 there were no cloudbusters in that region, yet, and that’s probably why the daily thunderstorms I caused in that semi-arid, drought-ridden region by disabling all the death towers in successive population centers were kind of violent. That, too, was a temporary effect by the way, but, like Dan’s and the others’ experiments, also a very good short term confirmation, at least. That was how I tested the validity of the 3 ounce towerbuster to my satisfaction, then started promoting it.

Cloudbusters smooth that destructive weather tendency out nicely and mostly prevent lightning from hitting the ground, as you probably know from experience. Disabling the towers won’t prevent violent storms, apparently. I was wading through feds in those days, though, so maybe the violence in the weather was mostly HAARP generated. We don’t encounter these quasi-government sewer rats much any more on gifting runs.

All of this work we’re doing is still quite new and anyone who generates dramatic confirmations in the atmosphere with orgonite may want to experiment with modifications. What I"m hoping for is that the experimentors will take note of what’s been done before in order to be able to find and report newer information with their efforts. What we look for are long-term consistent effects of our modifications and inventions, of course, and the tough part of identifying long term effects is that we mostly can’t know whether our other efforts contributed to them or even entirely caused them. This isn’t a problem unless one feels a need to promote a modification or invention, though. MOst of us just fly by the seat of our pants and do what we’re prompted to do, without assuming that our more unusual approaches will be seen as universal applications. In this way, our work is more like art than science, I think. Cesco is a gifted, inspired artist and has produced more than his share of delightful, effective new devices, for instance.

It might be nice to find out, as a more scientific enquiry, if gifting the sea all around a small island where there is also no cloudbuster will cause the death towers on the island to turn into life force generators and the chemtrails to disappear quickly and consistenly, as gifting the death towers directly does. It would be an easy experiment, since every place where there are people there are also death towers: approximately one death tower per 2,000 people, on average. I think it’s harder to do an experiment like this in landlocked areas because there are so many cloudbusters around by now and it’s hard to know if anyone has gifted in a chosen area.

It used to be so easy to see the effects of the basic devices in the US. It’s hard to beat the experience of plowing a bright furrow through hundreds of miles of DOR-saturated atmosphere, for instance. Dan’s probably in a mostly ungifted territory. I think the only other gifters in Indonesia are on nearby Java, where he’s also done a lot of gifting and has some cloudbusters.

Yesterday there was a high whiteout when I woke up. I went to work and it persisted.
Ever since Ale busted those mayor HAARP arrays in the limits of the city, we’ve had an amazing quality of ambient orgone energy, deep blue skies and cumulus clouds, the atmosphere is sparkling. However, there are some days with a high (altitude) whiteout, like yesterday. We think its due to UG bases, that we still don’t bust, gotta find them first. We have noticed that the high whiteout doesn’t affect much the ambient orgone, since everything looks just as clean and sparkling at ground level. Those days we only miss the deep blue skies above, maybe its just psychological?

So, like I was saying, yesterday was a high whiteout day. I read Dan’s post and was motivated to try it out. When I got home from work I extended three of the six pipes of the previously enhanced CB (with cesco blocks).
Here you can see the CB and the sky previous to the experiment:

I used a ladder to add the pipes, jejeje

CB and sky:

Took some pics of the sky also with a filter (sun glasses)…

One hour later…

the white out seemed to be gathering together?

and over the CB

Again, its like its getting condensed, revealing a deep blue sky :

At 6:00 pm I went for a hike, and had a panoramic view of what was going on… (notice the healthy clouds forming at the bottom)


could the condensed whiteout have turned into strato cumulus?!

In the end, we had another healthy sunset


I have to mention that even the days with high whiteout, the skies clean up at sunset… the sylphs begin to play when the long shadows appear. Its my favorite time of the day! Now, yesterday it seemed to me that extending the pipes had an immediate effect on the high whiteout, and that it accelerated the clean up process that usually takes place at sunset.
I will report on what happens when we get the next whiteout (today we had pristine blue skies).

Bravo, Javi! This is quite a coup for you guys, since you only started gifting that big city this year. This is perhaps an approach that anyone who gets the whiteout problem can repeat and get similar results. It sure is easier than travelling for hundreds of miles to bust the remote HAARP facilities and apparently we can fight and win battles against the global parasites with our own, more positive psi warfare strategies [Image Can Not Be Found]. Thanks for the photos and thanks to Dan for initiating this thread.

I forgot to mention, before, that Georg Ritschl, after disabling thousands of urban and rural death towers and HAARP arrays in his area in South Africa, was also plagued by HAARP whiteout. He felt inspired to make a sort of squat, powerful cloudbuster with a single pipe and that, too, got rid of the whiteout. That was four years ago, right before I visited him. The atmosphere and blue sky of Johannesburg, then, was radiant and DOR-free.

It will be interesting to see whether this produces a temporary effect but if this is so, please don’t be discouraged because the sewer rats are on the run these days.


So its been 4 days without whiteout…
the second day of the experiment there was an attempt of covering the high skies, however, the CB took care of the problem…
It started coming from the south:

Then advancing towards our house (no kidding)


After a while it began to condensate, to get together, and slowly it dissapeared…



These videos show the transition…
video 1 shows when it was right above our house

Video 2 shows progression… at the end I was trying to show were the CB is located… too much foliage to see…

Video 3 shows that there is whiteout in the south, still, however it is not coming in this direction anymore…

Just back from a Dolphin Gifting run to Lovina and to see how the CB I placed there is faring in the face of high-altitude spraying.

I found the skies in the north to be very much as I expected; basically clear but with a lot of pale hazy blue.

I took with me three copper pipes, each two feet in length (No significance to this length; I happened to have them lying around the garage).

This CB was a near failure that was redeemed by Laozu Kelly; it’s a Croft CB but with only five pipes forming the ring and [the fatal deviation] a sixth one in the middle (looked like a good idea at the time but turned out not to work).

Laozu said to cut off the centre-pipe as it was interrupting the transmutation area between the pipes and to either discard it or raise it up so that its base was just at the top of the transmutation area (I did the latter) after which it worked very well.

Thus it was that I found it problematic to alternately extend the pipes in a balanced way as there are an uneven number of pipes in the ring.

I extended one pipe, left one its original length to left and right and extended the other two which were sitting together.

After a couple of hours the situation was rather bad; the sky had turned an uneven grey and the wind had dropped.

I decided that the unmodified CB was infinitely preferable to this and removed the pipes but then as an afterthought I extended just the centre-pipe.

Within five minutes a gentle breeze had returned and the sky began to look a little healthier again.

This was now mid-afternoon and I decided to leave it overnight and see how things looked in the morning.

There was still quite a lot of chemical influence at sunset but I did notice that there was no white phase in the transition from the blue sky of the late afternoon to the black sky of the night.

I awoke in the middle of the night to blustery winds (rather unusual by all accounts) and the sky was crystal clear with the stars shining brightly.

The next morning as Edo and I set off to see the Dolphins; the sky was streaked with Sylphs working hard on the chemicals that had apparently been sprayed during the early hours of the morning.

This cleared during the morning and by the time we set off back to the south of the island around midday, it was a deeper blue than the day before (and for many weeks before that according to Kadek the hotel manager).

I don’t really understand why extending the three pipes had such a paralyzing effect on this CB but the extended centre-pipe seemed not to disturb its functioning at all and clearly had the desired effect on the high-altitude chem-crud (although rather slowly I thought).

It’s becoming obvious that the general principle of extending some pipes of a regular CB allows it to work over an extended range of altitudes but that the length of the extensions and the precise configuration may vary from device to device.

Sharon in Oregon and Javi in Santiago operate near identical devices and to very similar effect; I have two complete CBs extended to different lengths and we each appear to have achieved stable and enduring success clearing the chemicals at both altitudes.


A little earlier in this thread Javi mentioned the high price of copper and wondered if aluminium could be substituted for the pipes of a CB.

I searched EW but the only specific reference I came across was this 8-pipe CB made by a friend of Igor:

And a comment from Kelly that 8 pipes didn’t seem to work as well as 6 pipes (but no reference to the metal used) so I figured that the only way to resolve the issue was to make one myself.

In my usual way; I cast Cesco coils and ST Quartz crystals in cylindrical blocks to slide into the empty pipes when the base was ready and I cast another similar block in the middle of the base between the pipes and this was the result:

I sent a photo to Kelly who said it did not feel good and quite rightly pointed out that I should have made the simplest Croft CB (no coils or centre-piece) if I wanted to experiment with a different pipe material.

He suggested that I cut off the aluminium pipes and replace them with copper ones to see how that felt so I took the pipes off a CB that he’d previously said “felt good” and put them on the aluminium CB base:

While I had the two CBs dismantled; I tried putting the aluminium pipes on the “good” CB and sent both pictures to Kelly for comparison.

He replied thus:

“The one with the copper pipes above feels good: the one with the aluminum pipes above does not. Apparently what is above counts more than what is in the base, for the pipes at least.”

Actually while I was waiting for his reply I removed the Cesco blocks from the pipes and replaced them with ST quartz crystals; drilled out the coil from the centre of the base and filled the hole with TBs.

The result was a simple, unadulterated Croft CB with aluminium pipes:

To which Kelly commented: “Still feels not so good.”

So in answer to Javi’s question; it would seem that aluminium is not a good substitute for copper which is a pity as it’s much cheaper than copper (I could make four aluminium CBs for the price of one copper CB).

My own feeling was that the simple alu’ CB felt much better than its earlier incarnation with the coils etc. but I couldn’t see how the Cesco coils in the pipes could have influenced the device and my suspicion fell on the central coil.

Accordingly I took the STs out again and replaced the Cesco coil/crystal blocks and set it out in the yard with the other CBs to see how things went.

Now I know that I’m not Laozu Kelly and my opinions may be heavily influenced by the fact that I want this aluminium CB thing to work but I have observed no negative influences either at ground level or in the sky from this CB and have regarded it with a critical eye for a couple of weeks now.

The focus area is the sky of course and it seems to be doing its job well up there and with no obviously detrimental effects down here.

Many people have felt a subtle difference in the energy around copper as opposed to aluminium but I would certainly recommend this low-budget version to anyone facing a cash crisis when planning a regular copper CB.

I hope that anyone else who has made an aluminium CB will post their observations in this thread in order that a better understanding may be reached.


Dan, I think it’s worth mentioning that while feedback from skilled, reputable sensitives is always welcome we might consider that it’s a little bit like feedback from engineers.

The grandest results I ever witnessed from an orgonite cloudbuster, for instance, were when Gert Botha stopped all the sandstorms, dead, in his corner of the Namib Desert with his funny-looking, half-scale CB that was cobbled together in a hurry from whatever material he could find. He had a mix of aluminum and copper pipes of wildly various lenghts and thicknesses.

I’m pretty sure Kelly would have felt horrified by the energy from that device. I know that a lot of devices that make him feel uncomfortable are actually useful in the field and I think it would be unfair to him if we were to depend on him for the last word on things like this. He seems like a highly skilled energy engineer to me, though.

I’ve gotten sincere criticism from electronics engineers over the years who bought my zappers. Some of them got kind of mad at me for not having a circuit that produces a perfect square wave. Even after I told them that this just isn’t important and that a circuit that produces a perfect wave form would be costly to create most of them didn’t understand my point because they felt passionate about engineering and not very interested in practical market or application considerations.

Kelly’s the one who figured out, a year ago, why the metal you had been using wasn’t suitable and when he showed your sample to Carol, Jeff, Ryan and Linda, all of whom are very skilled sensitives, they concurred and your problem got solved–the coil direction of those scrubby pads was simply counterclockwise in that case. The stuff we all get from machine shops has a clockwise turn to the shavings.

We always seek consensus among the sensitives when issues like that come up. A couple of days later we finally determined that wax was not a substitute for resin in orgonite, by the way, and Carol got quite a DOR sting for her efforts when she removed the test piece (it had accumulated DOR rather than transmute it to OR) from the ‘live’ death tower site where we had left it for an hour or two Cool

We gifted that new tower shortly after that, which was probably a bad idea since now we’ll have to travel a long way to find a ‘live’ death tower to try new stuff on—the rest are gifted. For a couple of months, in the winter of 03, you could test your TBs’ effect on a death tower with a zapchecker, by the way. Taht was pretty fine and educational—confirmed Carol’s observation that it generally takes a simple TB a half hour to completely disable a death tower. By early spring, the NSA or some other sewer rat agency had figured out how to queer the dial on zapcheckers with groundwaves or something when we got near death towers. It even got harder to use them to find implants within a year after that.

Copper is kind of expensive these days. For years we’ve been advising people to use aluminum or steel when they can’t afford or find copper and these CBs apparently get the same results as the ones that are made from copper.

The arena where I think energy sensitives ought to be consulted is personal devices. Otherwise the field pieces are all going to work consistently well if they’re made within very, very wide parameters, assuming there’s enough metal and resin in them.

You did some mighty impressive work on those cloudbusters, though, and I’m sure the HAARPies in your region resignedly agree by now!

Carol noticed, early, that it’s better to leave teh crystals in the pipes exposed rather than encase them in resin. I had wanted to encase the crystals in resin in the pipes because it just seemed reasonable to do that. Only a few kinds of crystals won’t need replacing in a CB, by the way: Lemurian seed crystals, diamante crystals(?) and maybe some others. Encasing a crystal in orgonite ensures that it won’t ‘run out of energy’ but it also apparently makes it unsuitable for the cloudbuster pipe.


Only a few kinds of crystals won’t need replacing in a CB, by the way: Lemurian seed crystals, diamante crystals(?) and maybe some others. Encasing a crystal in orgonite ensures that it won’t ‘run out of energy’ but it also apparently makes it unsuitable for the cloudbuster pipe.


Diamantina Crystals are the Crystals Don is refering to here, just for clarification. These are very often sold, now, labelled as Lemurian, they come from the same area, Minas Gervais in Brazil, as actual Lemurians.

Having a girlfirend who teaches textiles and has done a theater costume degree, I thought it best to clear up that Diamante is very much NOT what people should be using, unless I’m massively mistaken!


Thx, Rich–correction: Carol uses diamantina crystals for certain applications when she can’t get Lemus, not diamante crystals. She reminded me that the only crystals she knows about that won’t wear out in cloudbuster pipes are the Lemus.


One thing this thread is doing, at least for me (based on the personal email that this has been generating) , is to point up the confusion and even distraction that can go on around the publication of simple instructions for a simple device. It’s certainly useful to have an opportunity to clear some of this up, though.

Also, there’s nothing at all wrong with calling basic instructions into question because if the instructions are practical that can be highlighted. Nobody who posted in this thread has questioned the basic instructions, I hasten to add! Everything that was reported is valid, even instructive–especially because Javiera got the same results that Dan did after she repeated his experiment in a similarly HAARP-assaulted area. It’s the discussion that generated a lot of doubt and confusion among the less experienced EW readers, that’s all.

An example of that, in an email I got today, is the question of whether or not to encase crystals in the cloudbusters’ pipes in resin. I hadn’t thought about it in years because we simply don’t do that in our cloudbusters but Carol had an interesting experience with that just last week, when making her pyramids.

Its no secret that she uses Lemu crystals in them. When she can’t get Lemurian seed crystals she uses diamantina crystals, which also have the same ‘offworld’ characteristic higher ring that Lemus have. On one of the pyramids she cast last week the Lemu’s point sticks out the top because the resin didn’t completely soak the copper bits in the apex of the pyramid. She was bummed at first, then liked the feel of the pyramid and crystal so much that she kept it for the house.

Lemurian crystals are the only ones she advises leaving partly exposed when sitting in orgonite because she says that these can’t be ‘hijacked’ the way just about any other crystal in that position apparently can be. She doesn’t know whether a diamantina crystal has this characteristic but I’m sure she could find out through experimentation.

I asked her why regular quartz crystals in cloudbuster pipes aren’t hijacked by the sewer rat agencies and their contractors and she promptly said that it’s because they’re working so hard on one job that they can’t be misdirected. Apparently encasing the crystals interferes with the energy dynamic, though.

Another person who is following this thread asked whether the conical spiral coil is necessary in simple Holy Handgrenades and I forgot to answer that in my email response so I hope she’s reading this: the simple spiral coils, according to what Carol saw, simply cause the field effect to get bigger, perhaps because orgone enjoys moving along that shape of coiled wire, so it gives off more happy energy. No kidding! [Image Can Not Be Found] . We learned the hard way, at Montauk Point, that a HHg ought to land point-up. In that case, we had gifted that polluted, angry red vortex at the lighthouse by tossing a cone-shaped HHg in the uindergrowth. A few hours later we returned to check the results and the vortex was only partly fixed–had a lopsided characteristic, too. Fortunately, I found that HHg, which had landed on its site, set it upright again and after a breakfast at Mr John’s Pancake House in the village we returned and Carol found the vortex had cleaned up, was spinning the right way and looked brighter and lighter. We had gifted/healed the pinched-off World Trade Center vortex the day before [Image Can Not Be Found]; (March, 2001). It doesn’t seem to make more than a marginal difference whether the spiral coils are wound clockwise or counterclockwise, by the way, but we make them all clockwise, like the orientationn of threads on the point of a screw. In Cesco’s coils and the Saint Buster’s Button coil form the wire moves CW and CCW, by the way.

Years ago, there were a few fakers who constantly came up with sometimes glamorous (sometimes goofy beyond belief) modifications of the basic devices and there were enough sycophants in the open forums that whenever these very, very busy guys and gals came out with a new pronouncement the entire flock of sycophants chimed in and stated that they, too, would immediately adopt these changes. Mainly, the result was that the devices were less effective on account of the adulterations, of course, some of which conflicted with the energy dynamics of the device and with each other. It turned into a real clusterf*&K and I got pretty discouraged, then Carol and I spent ten thousand bucks and a couple of months in the Zapporium (our camper) ‘proving’ the simple towerbuster all over again in then-polluted Atlanta and things seemed to get back on track [Image Can Not Be Found] by the grace of God. Thanks, Dan, for being patient with me under the circumstances because I was a little afraid that your present enquiry might be turned into another debacle at the hands of sleepless mischief makers. I’m awfully glad that it didn’t!

A few people, including Kelly and Cesco, have introduced some useful modifications and additions to the basic technology and techniques we all use. This and other productive activities and offerings earned them some very good reputations over the years. After field testing, Carol and I adopt valid new suggestions and share them with everyone else after that, giving due credit to the sources.

What we won’t do, though, is automatically accept and promote something just because the source has earned a good reputation, before. I’m still seeing a little bit of tendency among the participants of this unorganized network to just imitate others without assessing the offerings or their specific applications, though, and I think it’s constructive to call attention to that tendency without pointing at anyone in particular. I empathize with anyone’s urge to shoot the messenger (me), too, of course. Nobody likes a buzzkill but I suggest that doing things in a constructive, rational way produces even more euphoria so why not choose that path?

In light of the new developments that the chats are uncovering, thanks to our psychics, I"m going to take the risk of seeming annoying by insisting that we stick to the same quality of science standards that Dr Reich exemplified and this is probably a discernment issue because it involves intellectual honesty and accountability. As you probably know, getting more information and insights makes us all even more accountable. I think that’s a wonderful thing, not something to run away from.

The tendency to focus too much on details at the expense of a broader view of reality can be tempered, in this case, with the knowledge (at least I base my approach on my own extensive field experience) that everything that needs to be done with orgonite can surely be done without crystals, without special shapes, without coils or ‘intention,’ because it’s the metal/resin mix that does it all once we hit a target withit, after all, and adding the other features simply enables us to get more done with slightly less metal and resin. The features without the orgonite are not much use, no matter how pretty and fantastic they might look.

In the case of cloudbusters, you could stick pipes in a glob of metal/resin mix and can still affect the atmosphere in a positive way. Crystals and multiple pipes simply make a cloudbuster more efficient and if you’re interactively using the cloudbuster, then additional coils, gems, specific metals, Succor Punch, etc., might help you fine tune and enhance your effort if these have been combined intelligently. Unless you’re interacting with that one, it’s probably no more effective than the mass of orgonite and the pipe ratios would be without the fancy stuff. This is a primary, essential distinction, not a side comment, in case you didn’t know.

When we first came back to Idaho after experimenting with our first orgonite cloudbuster for a few months, Carol and I read in the Missoula newspaper about an Indian man, travelling around Western Montana, who was getting paid by ranchers and farmers to make rain in their drought-ridden areas. His technique makes my point: he took off his shoes, waded into brooks and creeks, jammed a few lengths of copper pipe in the bottom, pointing at specific areas of sky and he got rain consistently that way, and got paid [Image Can Not Be Found];

I’m hoping that the discussion of fancy stuff will move in an organic and timely way toward the area where these discussions will bear the most fruit: in the design, construction, application and observation of personal and interpersonal devices.

We’ve used our half-scale cloudbuster productively for a couple of years. It’s loaded with gems, a Cesco coil, Lemus in the pipes and has a grand Succor Punch in the middle of the pipe lenghts that’s made with a larger Lemu xtal bound by an extral big mobius coil to an obsidian spear point. This is an interactive cloudbuster and pretty soon I’m going to add a small solar panel to it so I don’t have to change the battery any more and I’ll keep it outside with the other two cloudbusters, here at the airfield, so I can get more flying days this winter [Image Can Not Be Found]

Dooney, STevo, Carol and I dropped a couple of little bastardized, three-pipe cloudbusters in Yellowstone Lake to help soothe the earth there and soften the seismic activity. Carol had me put some special crystals in the base of that one for the elementals. To keep the loose crystals from falling out of the pipes and to ensure that it landed on the lake bottom in a fairly upright attitude, we added some flotation to the top end of the pipes. You could say this was interactive for the elementals—we give the elementals Cesco coils in the orgonite mix on rare occasions like this one, too.

I’ve hoarded six nice Lemus for the pipes in the four-gallon, egg-shaped cloudbuster base, for which I finally finished a silicon mold (took me three years of intermittent labor to make the mold and its bracing Cool.

I’m going to glue each of these atop a Cesco coil—six smaller coils in teh pipes and one large Cesco coil in the middle of the base with perhaps that special black tourmaline piece that I got in Namibia. I’ll use ten foot long pipes on this one because it feels right to me (I’ll check the effects with Carol, Kelly, Dooney, STevo, Ryan, Linda and any other psychic or sensitive who crosses my path or gets within grabbing range). It’s going to have a MOther of All Solar-powered Succor Punches along the pipes. When I’m flying around mountain top death ray arrays I want this CB pointing at my targets from the ground, where I take the plane off its trailer… I’ll also make a one-third-scale or so, streamlined CB with Succor Punch for my airplane’s wingstruts to point at whatever I’m flying toward. We busted up a lot of HAARP storms in our path with the boat CB and bad weather is much worse for planes than it is for boats, of course. Might be fun to fly toward a black helicopter, too Cool

See what a leap of blind faith one would take to assume that everything i just described is essential or even worth copying in your particular case? I do things this way because it’s a lot of fun and often empowering, not because someone else did it. I hope most people will just stick to the simplest possible recommendations for the bulk of their gifting work, as I still do, because this really is the shortcut to getting grand confirmations, unless you particularly have a feel for what to add or change. Most of us don’t have that gift, though some of us, including me, often get inspired hunches (and also some uninspired ones, it should be said) and it’s really okay because we can all Make Big Things Happen all on our own with the simplest approach!

It’s human nature to be drawn hypnotically to the arcane, titillating, overly technical and mysterious but the work we’re doing isn’t like that at all. Rather, it’s miraculous, empowering, healing, inspiring/inspired and educational. Don’t you agree that the latter bunch of adjectives is more desirable than the former? I’m content to leave the pseudo-awakened hordes and smelly MKid sycophants to the disinfo sites, channelers, the ennervating ‘I am GOD!’ guru stable, pipe dreams and personality histrionics because what we’re all accomplishing, here, is absolutely unique, is historic and genuinely liberating for our beleaguered species and our previously-stained, pirated planet. I hope we can focus on these constructive aspects as much as possible and will even constantly watch for opportunities to post about how we experience all that. When we talk about what we know, the knowledge gets assimilated better in ourselves and our readers/listeners, after all, and we’ve expressed our commitment. The world odor has programmed us all to discard the notions of commitment, intellectual honesty, courtesy and even effective communication (using pretty newage terminology–sterile, exclusive; mind-numbing–is probably less effective than using heartfelt grunts and squeaks, for isntance) so when we actually develop these habits and characteristics, it’s no wonder that we feel more empowered and are happier for it.