Commercial for the CIA?!?!?

While driving home yesterday I was flipping around the radio stations looking for a good song. When I couldn’t find anything I wanted to hear, I stopped flipping and wasn’t paying much attention to the radio. But then a commercial came on advertising to people to apply to become CIA agents… National Clandestine Service of the CIA or some such thing. I couldn’t believe my ears. The CIA advertising on the public air waves for people to apply to become agents!?!? Are you kidding me?!?! Never in my life have I heard any such thing. I’m pretty sure the station was 95.5 WPLJ out of NYC.

So what might this mean? They cannot keep their ranks filled? They want to swell their ranks to advance their sinister agendas? I don’t know, but I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, because I somehow found this amusing.
This world becomes ever stranger…


That looks like a sign of desperation. They are loosing the war, so they are looking for young people mostly to brainwash their head, cause their CD’s, Tapes, Vaccines, Towers and other disgusting thech are no longer effective.

This situation is similar as when we dodec the agents and they jump like monkeys in a cage trying to get out desperate, and then we drown them with love and take them to an unknown dimension. Thanks Dooney! Thanks Dolphins!


Hi Jose!

Seemed like an act of desperation to me too. They are losing for sure, so maybe they want to take as many people down with them as they can. Hopefully few (if any) will fall for it!

Such a thing is probably a good sign!

Good intel, Dave.

Another tactic, in this case, apparently, by the Homeland Security Abomination, is that in the local Nickel Ads (free newspapers for selling your stuff–pre-E-Bay) are small notices that the feds will pay, including for your car’s fuel–to show up at certain addresses and surveille/follow the inhabitants and report back to the gov’t. Carol’s daughter, Jenny, found one of those recently.

The current, massive (desperate?) recruitment campaigns of the North American sewer rat agencies probably indicates that they need to swell or even multiply their numbers in order to be able to enforce the Patriot Acts and other Hitlerian legislation.

This is how out of phase the world odor is now: Hitler, an earlier creature of the world odor, had to get genuinely elected in order to be in a position to burn the Reichstag and terrrorize the Germans into giving up their guns and supporting dictatorship. They elected him because Germany really was being victimized by the world bankers, as Hitler said. The world odor’s present Hiitler counterpart is BushJr but it’s obvious that he wasn’t even elected, nor did we give up our guns after Bush’s regime blew up the World Trade Center and the waiting Congress immediately passed the already-drafted Patriot Acts. Nor has America been persecuted economically like Germany was after WWI, so the conditions for supporting dictatorship are entirely absent, here. The world odor is blazing away, Rambo-style, but are shooting blanks, in other words

According to their own published goals, the world odor was supposed to have achieved genocide (world population reduced to less than 1/10 of it’s present number) and complete political and economic domination well before 2000. It seems apparent to me that the US was supposed to be under martial law, enforced by the Russian and Chinese armies (‘UN’ peace keeping troops–no kidding), in the mid-1990s in order for the present dictatorship to work at all.

All of the world odor’s goals failed to materialize years before the gifting movement got started, in other words. This is an earlier result of rising human awareness, I believe, and the gifting movement is simply accelerating and consolidating that healthy process. Thanks, indeed, to The Operators!

I agree with you both that the bad guys are losing, now, due to rising human awareness, but I see them as a wounded rogue elephant that needs to be reckoned with. I thank God that we all decided not to give up our arms in the US and some other key countries under the circumstances and that millions of us who don’t work for this horrific regime have military training because I think that’s the best, most potent preventive measure against overt tyranny, no matter how much love there is in the world and I share your urge to celebrate this development, at least.

I’m also consoled by the recognition that in any population there are only a certain percentage of predators and, perhaps by design, there are likely the same approximate number of people who are inclined and able to oppose tyranny. The vast majority are neither, of course, and the world odor’s first effort has always been to entice, bully, program and/or trick the sleepwalking majority into enabling or at least ignoring the predators, who have never had trouble working together to exploit the masses. The challenge, as always, has been for the potentially heroic minority to work in concert. It may be that the second effort of the sewer rat agencies has always been to pit these few against each other in the ancient strategy of ‘divide and conquer.’

I get a lot of consolation in the historic fact that when any single, even small, group of heroic souls overcome the parasites’ background and individually directed interference and succeed in working smoothly together to undermine tyranny, that essentially enables the entire specie to follow suit, even unconsciously.

We’re achieving this in the unorganized but well-coordinated gifting network, worldwide and on a smaller scale some chatblast groups are leaving our egos at the door and going after the world odor’s arch predators together on a weekly basis. This is NOT a small accomplishment and we can rightly feel proud of what we’re doing. Dave and Jose are participating in the EW Sunday chats, by the way.


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