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29 Feb 2008 16:37
Subject: Confirmations
Let me begin by saying I’ve read previously in various places of others having success directing love energy at/blasting sprayplanes, and having them disappear, change form, et al. I, not being a sensitive, tried it out, anyway. I kept at it, continuously, over time, but never got any confirmation that anything ‘happened’ as a result of my efforts.

I didn’t think ‘that’s all hooey’, but I did think ‘well, that’s a stretch’, in that I could well imagine the efficacy of directing love energy on the etheric level at, er, lower energy entities, and that having a deleterious effect on said entities. And I could well imagine that we have the birthright and innate skills to ‘back off’ such ill-intentioned entities. But impacting 3-D objects? I figured, 'well, psychokinesis is real as far as I can tell. But I’m not having any luck with it. Maybe impacting 3-D is the province of a small subset of ‘actual’ psychics.

So, four days ago, now, while commuting home, I look up and see two spray planes in tandem, one behind the other, not in spray mode, but in ‘done for the day’ mode. No long trail out behind, rather a normal contrail. But their nose-to-tail formation, in the day’s ‘spray lane’ was undeniable.

I frustratedly thought ‘man, what would a denialist/rationalist say about THAT blatant nose-to-tail formation? Amazing no one ‘sees’…’ Then I began sending a column of higher-dimensional love thoughtforms at the rear plane, thinking ‘inescapable, coming right into the cockpit, higher love’, etc. Well, doesn’t the plane bank off, break away, right then, veer away North!

So I got one, right? Kept it to myself.

Now, yesterday, driving to work, I catch a sprayplane out of the corner of my eye. I see the trail is not sticking, that it’s broken in the middle. I think ‘cool, not sticking, suckers!’ Again, I send the love, watching for any sign.
(pause for dramatic effect)

Then, the whole, sonofabitching trail, and plane, faded out, in, like two seconds, poof, disappeared! I was literally bug-eyed. I thought ‘is it the light? The angle of my vision changing as the car rolls?’ No. To me, it was gone.

Anyway, it’s a first, for me, and the repetition made me post this, gotta call a spade a spade.

I would note that I have been doing the ‘triangle meditation’ discussed in other posts during my commute each morning, for about two, three months, now, using it to polish/fill my energy self with that higher-dimensional energy.

So the ‘starting to show skills’ thing might not be so inexplicable, given the two-plus-month ‘training’ I’ve been doing, as it were. Wanted to post this to see if anyone else out has had similar success in 3-D, and get a record started of it, also noting any similarity or patterns in the ‘training’ and or ‘learning curve’, as it were.


17 Mar 2008 10:06
Subject: Re: Confirmations, And Turning The Corner
An update re: previous, speaking of confirmations –

Last week I was driving across town, and the sky/clouds/light were so perfect, so puffy (like before the spray campaigns began in these parts in 1998), that I actually yelled out loud ‘woooooohoooooooo!’ Maybe it was more of a ‘yeeeeehawwwww!’

Like, ‘pinch me, I’m seeing it, it’s real, it’s undeniable!’ This in the midst of, previously, day upon day upon dismal day of literally constant spraying, flat, greasy, oily scalar cloud decks, et al.

SOOOO, it happened again two days after that…another PERFECT day, clouds so stunning because you don’t see them like that anymore, not around Allentown, PA, anyway.

And I thought, two weeks ago, and again two days ago, ‘it’s happening, we’re turning the corner!’

I’ve been ‘ahead’ all my life, seeing, knowing things first, usually for ill. For instance, in 1998, I pointed incredulously at the very first sprayplanes to come over the building where I worked. When I made a girl I work with come in the room, literally took her arm, took her to the window, pointed up at the spray plane (it was at a really low altitude, they were still working on the programme), she literally put her hands over her ears and ran from the room.

So, with these new ‘bellwethers’, I’m thinking ‘why wouldn’t I be the first to see the new horizon?’ From the crow’s nest, as it were.


17 Mar 2008 15:49
Subject: Re: Confirmations

I did something similar some time ago but not as dramatic as disappearing a whole plane.

I saw a plane laying a thick trail across a pristine sky with Disney cartoon clouds and suddenly all the hate and outrage I felt about the whole program poured out of me as I glared at the cockpit of the plane and immediately the trail broke.

I was so startled that I momentarily forgot the hate thing and the trail resumed.

As I mentioned in the ‘How Incomprehensible…’ post; I don’t understand Boosting or Blasting and this was no ‘love energy’, just pure unbridled venom I’m afraid and I’ve never managed to repeat it.

I assume that this points to a failing in me that I can’t turn this capability on and off due to a total lack of training and that my one success was a spontaneous flook.


17 Mar 2008 19:21
Subject: Re: Confirmations
Jeff, that’s incredible stuff a hollywood producer couldn’t come up with Mr. Yellow but seriously, my guess is this kind of thing will happen more often.

Edostar… I’m not sure that was all “pure unbridled venom”. Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish on a concious level whether a feeling is “hate” or “rightousness”… I don’t think boosting needs to have any fluffy feelings attached – it’s about making things right again for this world and that was probably the unselfish feeling that got that trail to stop in the first place.

I have my bit of reporting to do as well Wink Some days ago I’m walking back home and I spot a lot of DOR clouds (the sky as been particularly attacked these days). As I’m crossing a bridge I set my sights on a smaller one that was quite closeby and (why not) give it a go at boosting it – within seconds you could see it already started dissolving and after 2 or 3 minutes it was gone Mr. Yellow
I tried a bit on a group of large coulds further away (they seemed to be moving faster as well) and I could see it would take too much time to make it work – they would have passed the buildings by then.
Anyway, it was surprising and quite fun to do Smile


17 Mar 2008 19:40
Subject: Re: Confirmations

Believe me, Carlos; it was pure unbridled venom.

On the point of deliberately disappearing clouds; try Googling for Visual Ray.

The visual ray is an easy way to absorb the positive orgone from healthy clouds throught the eyes and of course the cloud will disappear (the moisture is still there but not the POR (be careful not to do this with chemtrails as you may absorb the deadly orgone [DOR] instead).

Someone just sent me this email after reading my earlier post in this thread:

My name is Fabien Broquard and I’ve been aware of chemtrails since a bit more than 2 years now , when I saw a big one that was spewed very very low over Cardiff in Wales UK and discovered orgonite soon after… anyway I just wrote to tell you I had once a similar experience to yours, when you stopped a chemtrail plane from spewing it’s trail. Except that in my case the plane disappeared in mid air!

I was watching the chemplanes as usual there are about 4 to 6 constantly above where I live, one day i was watching one and just looked in the sky somewhere else for 2-3 seconds, thinking: “if only i could make them disappear somehow” and when I watched the trail again, it had stopped in mid air and the plane had disappeared.

I’m sure that’s what the ‘secret government’ is most afraid of, that we discover we can use our thoughts to affect reality directly. Because if it happened once, it means it can happen again Smile

What I’ve noticed from personal experience is that these things happen when you don’t concentrate on them, but just when you let it happen.


Denis Couture
17 Mar 2008 21:01
Subject: Re: Confirmations
5 years ago when I just received my first PW I amused myself by pointing it at the chemical trails the spew planes would leave behind and seeing a clear cut in the sky right there were I would be aiming and pointing.

I got good without believing even thinking I was the one doing something: Hey this was my first Power Wand “A very Powerful tool�. That was what was in my mind. Candidly I gave all the mighty power to my new orgonite creation. I believed this one was from Georg in Africa and I held it as if it was an unveiled secret from the past. From the lost continent and here to help the righteous restore earth’s loving energy.

This was my set of mind then, so imagine how powerful I was with that thing at clearing up the sky to its blue nature…

My oldest son who was then 11 years old seen me do all this and thought of it as something very natural.

One day we were with a bunch of people harvesting a communitarian very large garden, a plane was spraying chemtrails right over our heads I handed the power wand to my boy and told him to clean it up. He pointed the PW at the plane and said out loud: I want you to stop this and the sky to be clear blue.

Within seconds, the trails dissipated themselves and the plane vanished in thin air.

I will always remember the feeling of “malaise� that was there for a few minutes.

Because many peoples witness this. The plane disappeared immediately as the boy asked for it while pointing a large copper pipe in the sky.

I was happy, really happy that other peoples noticed this. For me it was very usual and I was real proud of my son, congratulating him and all.

To be honest the plane disappearing was a first for me, I was use to see the trails fade out instantly at will but the complete plane and trails and all was a first. And it blew my mind as well as all the others who saw it. Except that I was real happy about it, which wasn’t the case for many there that day. A few persons chose to completely deny it. Completely. I heard one person say that there wasn’t really a plane up there, while 3 minutes just before, we were looking at it together.

Anyway, it was something great to experience in the flesh the miracle of the mind, the soul and the Heart connected together in a strong orgone field.

Never stopped gifting since [Image Can Not Be Found])

Denis Couture

18 Mar 2008 05:19
Subject: Re: Confirmations
Beautiful, Dennis… children are so much more open to these things! Smile
Edostar, I rather absorb energy from the ether or from the earth itself. I feel a bit unconfortable with “eating clouds” – nothing against cleaning the DOR ones of course!

After reading all this… I’ll see what I can do with trails (and planes) Mr. Yellow


18 Mar 2008 08:54
Subject: Re: Confirmations
"I’m sure that’s what the ‘secret government’ is most afraid of, that we discover we can use our thoughts to affect reality directly. Because if it happened once, it means it can happen again

What I’ve noticed from personal experience is that these things happen when you don’t concentrate on them, but just when you let it happen."

My sojourn in Hawaii and study of traditional Hawaiian culture led me to the knowledge/assumption that the ‘Black Kahuna’s’ who ran roughshod over the pre-contact Hawaiian populace were able to do so in large part because said populace didn’t ‘know’ how to fight back. One of the protective White Kahuna prayers/chants said, in effect, ‘what you have given me I return to you.’ How simple is that? Except the general populace thought they had to go to a White Kahuna, pay a bunch of money (or pigs and fish, et al), to get protection. Which was a side-racket in itself, but I digress.

In one of Serge Kahili King’s books, I think it was ‘Mastering the Hidden Self’, the author relates the story of a white guy studying Hawaiian magic/culture who, in righteous anger, diverts the spirits sent to kill his Hawaiian porter back to the Black Kahuna who sent them. Hilariously, said Black Kahuna/Bad Guy never put any defensive counter-spells in place, not thinking any card-carrying magicians were around. And, boom, down he went, dead as a doornail!

In this context, mean-spirited Western Materialism can be seen as a mighty defensive gambit by the ‘Black Kahuna’s’…keep the whole world oblivious of and scoffing at the very simple ‘tech’, letting them control the field.

Regarding ‘letting it happen’, I think perhaps it’s like how one must let a golf swing happen. You’re still holding the club, but they say, don’t hold it too tight, or too loose; ‘hold it like a bird you wouldn’t want to hurt.’

I definitely have to concentrate to make it happen (disappearing planes), but can do so, now, most of the time. It is draining, however. Whether that’s because of a need to replenish personal energy thing or a ‘get that kid, after him with counter-energy’ thing, I don’t know. Probably both.

But, for sure, the party with the higher moral ground will take the tricks, every time. I believe.

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