Consultation Is Essential to the Current Phase

One evidence of this is the vast infrastructure and social technology that has been erected by the world odor to prevent and discourage open consultation, of course.

Jonathan Swift effectively made fun of the world odor, which was by then (early 1700s) already firmly ensconced in The City (London) and was erecting its irrationalist paradigm, which came to fruition as Theosophy a hundred years later.

One of his essays comes to mind in which he made fun of ‘minimalist’ writers who operated under the assumption that ‘language is inadequate.’ He suggested that they abandon language altogether and just carry around objects that represent expressions, so that the minimalists could just point to various objects instead of demeaning themselves with speech.

Newagers, who flood to every progressive movement, are the vanguard of the Theosophy paradigm and note how they, too, scorn language and carry on their ‘conversations’ with a mere variety of mind control triggers and phrases, instead of describing their impressions of reality more creatively and individually.

I suppose I"m psychic enough to observe the energy of this dynamic because the more flowery the speech of people who participate in the newage style of ‘consultation,’ the more apparent it is that each person is using mind control code to step on the heads of his fellows in order to establish himself at the top of a pecking order. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen that more times than you’d like to count. Clergy are past masters at this sort of parasitic activity, of course.

What distinguishes our collective enquiry from that is that we put a premium on describing our impressions and observations in an individual way. This is why it’s impractical for prima donas to congtribute to this forum effort. Do I need to explain that further? It’s really hard to find substantive people who haven’t fallen into the ego traps created by their own exceptional intelligence, good looks, wealth, education, cleverness, etc., but you can see that I’ve been succeeding, at least.

Ego isn’t bad, of course. None of us would be complete without our egos. Irrationalists mostlty operate under teh assumption that ‘ego is evil,’ which is thne result of an intentional, cynical effort by world odor programmers to create a false humility; the usual state of slavery to charismatic personalities who can camouflage their own egos behind a veil of sweet language.

Ego is supremely subtle, though, and it has to be kept in check. I think the best way to do this is to constantly focus on our role as participants in a broader effort, guided and protected by benevolent, mostly unseen races, species and souls who won’t be corrupted. The reason I get so happy about every stage of progress that we experience relative to our interactions with dolphins and whales is that we CAN see and touch these Operators. Anyone who’s experienced this doesn’t need to be convinced and, honestly, many people will assume that we’re just making all this up.

Moderation is the biggest challenge anyone on a spiritual path will face, of course, and this shows up more and more dramatically as we move along together down this exploration pathway. I"m just touching on some things that I feel are timely and important but it might be that most of our readers just don’t agree or see my points, so I’ll keep it brief and continue to ponder and reflect on this strange, wonderful new aspect of responsibliity and accountability.


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