Consultative Will--We Really Are Ready for This

In a time when even a few lawyers can make a living by performing genuine mediation services and people in general are getting dis-satisfied with excessively centralized government and National-Socialism in general there are still some important topics, related to self-governance, that haven’t yet gotten much discussion. One of those is the process of consultation itself.

In the Western political paradigm the person who is most aggressive, self-seeking and clever ends up either in corporate management, government or becomes a criminal since those have been the three most profitable pursuits under National-Socialism (Hitler and Mussolini would be so proud!). Though we joke a lot about this, those three careers really have become synonymous.

In practice, the only people who are really suited to government are genuinely humble as well as intelligent and those people are least likely to want the job. The only suitable, functioning corporate paradigm that I’m aware of is the internet, in which the management prosper but don’t exploit others.

Until the world odor, which is characterized by the National-Socialist regimes, including China, has fallen some more the PJ folks aren’t going to be forced to take more responsibility for choosing appropriate government leaders, though. This is because the world odor, at least in the western countries and most of Asia, has a massive and pervasive system of bribery ( including ‘lobbyists’) and intimidation in place, from the national to the local level, which apparently took several centuries to set up. I think the last book Gary Allen wrote was a detailed expose of how this was done to all of the American states by the City of London through the Rockefellers after the late 1800s, which explains why no state politicians in America will resolutely go against the City’s National-Socialist policies. I wish I still had that book.

It’s been several decades, too, since even county or city elections have been honest. Carol’s ex mom-in-law just retired from a county government clerical job and she admitted to Carol that none of the elections are valid at that level. You can’t conceive a more remote county than that one, by the way.

The fake US president was appointed by the Supreme Court in 2000 after a typical Florida election debacle–he was voted in by dead people, in that case. I think the dead are most thoroughly represented (by mafiosi?) in Florida and Arizona, though Chicago might also be in that league. You probably know that the voting software program that nearly every community in America uses has been proven to be inappropriate and even unlawful–very easily manipulated by the people running the election process, who are almost always appointed. None of this ever reaches the newspapers’s front pages or the What To Think Network, of course.

You’d probably be amazed by how much real news never gets mentioned. When I lived in Polynesia in '84-5 I listened to Australia’s shortwave news broadcasts and at the time a successful, bloody communist uprising in New Caledonia was reported. It’s a large island, southeast of New Guinea, from which nearly all of the world’s nickel is mined. Nickel is a strategic mineral. I bet you never heard about that event. According to … os/nc.html , it still belongs to France but will likely become politically independent in another decade or so, or politically dependent on the dominant mining company unless things change before then.

Consultation isn’t new…women tend to resort to that for problem solving, in fact, and if you’ve travelled much outside of the West or urban Asia you’ve likely seen the effects of proper consultation in daily life. Otherwise, if you’re reading this it’s more likely that your paradigm of government is patriarchic and exploitive, well-buttressed by old religious assumptions that man is born ‘evil,’ and by duplicitous ideologues who idolize ‘innocent children’ but exemplify a ‘LORD OF THE FLIES’ paradigm (indigo, my @$$).

Based on my own social experiences during the past six years it’s evident to me that responsible people tend to consult with each other in order to solve problems, rather than to compete with each other for an advantage.

It’s probably true that only a small minority of people in any society are genuinely responsible or have a conscience and it seems obvious to me that the world odor has a lot of infrastructure in place that’s designed to prevent these few people from ever meeting each other. This is why the internet and the timing for it’s sudden emergence seems miraculous to me. Anyone can see that the world odor is years or even decades behind in it’s agenda for genocide and global, overt exploitation and the coup de gras of that parasitic order likely happened twelve years ago when the internet burst onto the world scene.

It seems likely to me that the entire gifting movement has been generated at The Operators’ behest to lessen the damage that the world odor could otherwise have caused on their way to oblivion, prison cells and potters’ fields.

The triumph of consultation is manifested by the fact that the army of fake experts, compromised psychics and their galleries full of sleepless MKids on the web failed to derail this movement in its infancy. Enough responsible people sifted through all of the available data and discerned what works through discussion and experimentation, then got busy with healing our world and each other.

When one has a conscience one is inclined to consult with others in a healthy way. Otherwise, one can learn to do this on the basis of a few practical groundrules, the main one being that the ego mustn’t be allowed to control one’s words and actions. Humanity in general are getting sharper, so fakers who use grand language but only seek a personal advantage are finding it harder and harder to hide their true natures; Christian clergy are finding it harder to hoodwink otherwise rational people into assuming a personal burden of guilt that’s not deserved. If The Operators will choose to wake up some folks who will start gifting, more, in the artificially shackled Muslim countries (London’s corporate and Islamic clergy operatives finally accomplished that through a very patient agenda that started in the late 1800s) then it will become even more clear that the only terrorists in this world, of note, are on the MI6, CIA and Mossad payroll. Note that I didn’t write, ‘payrolls.’ This is because they’re one agency–enthused legbreakers and terrormongers for the world odor.

A nicer aspect for our temporarily unfortunate Islamic brethren is that no two Muslim clergymen can agree on anything except the fact that they’ll each do whatever is necessary to get a personal advantage over the rest. In other words, they’re incapable of working together effectively enough to sponsor terrorism. Anyone who’s familiar with Islamic culture can see that.

It’s documented by some reputable German research journalists in THE HITLER BOOK that many SS officers from WWII found succor with the City of London by being given control of all of the secret police agencies in the Middle East’s Islamic governments after WWII. They all assumed Arabic names and nominally converted to Islam, so they blended in. Lots of Muslims in the Middle Eastern countries are Aryans, after all. I’ve known blond, blue-eyed people from Northern Persia, for instance, and when Hitler, who was kind of stupid in a lot of ways, met the Mufti of Jerusalem (a fair haired, freckled, blue-eyed fellow of apparently Armenian extraction) in the mid 1930s he assumed that all of the Muslims looked like that, so he liked Islam <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” /> while wishing to incinerate all Jews and Christians. I bet you didn’t know that he wanted to kill all the Christians but one of his biographers (his amenuensis) later documented that. I wish I still had that book, too. Himmler recruited an SS battalion from among the Muslims in Croatia, who are Aryans. The present flag of Croatia, which is now independent, is apparently the one that the nazis designed in the early 1940s, there.

There are vastly more Semitic people, per capita, among Muslims than among Jews. Muhammad was apparently more Semitic than Moses was. Abraham wasn’t Semitic at all because He came from Mesopotamia. I think it’s time to bury that smelly red herring, ‘anti-Semite,’ which the fascist, Aryan regime in Israel has successfully used to generate hatred toward their critics. Have you noticed that we’re rapidly outgrowing Doublespeak?

Fake piety, which Muslim clergy excel at, is another feature of human behavior whose days are numbered, I believe. Did you know that Muhammad never set up clergy, other than to say, on His deathbed, that Ali was to lead the faithful? I think you already know that Christ also made no allowances for the creation of clergy, hence the Babylonian fish-god religion and Mithraism combo that’s propagated, in addition to some genuine Christianity, by the Vatican.

The reason discernment is another essential feature of consultation is because one can’t get results and solutions without having relevant facts to work with. Prejudice and an individual’s susceptibility to being manipulated are pretty solid obstacles to the process of consultation. This is why the world odor has spent most of its money on educational institutions, clergy, unbelievably massive, trauma-based dissociative mind control programs and the What To Think Network.

Those parasitic families quietly spent countless generations seizing and consolidating patriarchic, centralized control of humanity’s resources in order to create their final would-be masterpiece, which was to have been global genocide, followed by complete tyranny. Thank God they failed on many fronts to achieve this.

Very few gifters, so far, have focused on orgonite’s profound ability to influence society in a healthy way but in the long run this is probably what it will mainly be used for. Dr Kayiwa and the other African gifters have been concentrating, mostly, on this aspect throughout Africa’s equatorial and northern regions (Georg Ritschl and his African associates are doing the same in Southern Africa) while most of the rest of us are still mainly watching the sky, though of course there’s no harm in doing the latter and the sky confirmations simply mirror the fact that the proper dynamics are happening on/in the ground and in the water, thanks to our distribution of orgonite.

It’s time to start thinking about and discussing what we’re all going to do when the world odor has finally failed to maintain its global hegemony. A time will come, pretty soon, when we’ll simply have to take more responsibility for creating proper government in the world in the absence of unlawful but enforced central control.

It’s clear by now that the entire planet is a locality in real terms, but that the only form of government that has ever worked has been directly elected and genuinely democratic in nature. This means that we have to put our first efforts into choosing local leaders who have personal integrity. In that case, the development of one’s character is more important than one’s talents or even intelligence and every elected official will continually be in the hotseat, completely accountable for his and her actions. The only government leaders who will be comfortable with that are the people who already hold themselves accountable for their own actions, of course. This is exactly the opposite of the preceding political paradigm but it’s the only approach that will work from now on.

Locally elected people who have integrity and mature experience will be able to elect the officials of the regional governments who also have demonstrated those qualities. Regional governments will be in a position to elect national leaders, who will be in a position to elect global leaders. Each successive level of government above the local level will have to have less authority over individuals than the local, directly elected governments, of course.

In real terms, issues like the legality of drugs and the performance of abortions will be up to each local government to decide and that will be a function of how the electorate feel about these issues. These issues and countless other ones which the feds meddle with have NEVER been the concern of any but local governments. That fact was established and recognized in the late 1700s, so why do you suppose the PJ folks are led to assume that the federal government, alone, has jurisdiction over these things? Do you see how strange and irrational that is?

A rational approach to creating government is also the opposite of how things have been, lately. The original purpose of the American federal government was to mediate disputes among state governments, to facilitate the states’ joint defense of national borders and to prevent foreign governments (mainly England’s) from destroying the economy through smuggling massive quaintities of cheap, subsidized goods, a la MalWart, into the country. Coining gold was also one of Congress’ responsibilities, though some states used their own currency for another century or so.

I mentioned this because the US Constitution was used as the model for most of the national governments that came into existence since the 1700s. The consortium of merchant and banking families whom I call the world odor gained control of these governments by deceit and default, after all, and the What To Think Network was put in place to distract the PJ majority away from their responsibilites, not to deny them, so the ideals of proper government haven’t completely died. That’s why the professional liars have to keep repeating the word, ‘freedom.’

Your local alleged ballot is chock full of candidates who are directly paid by the world odor’s representatives to prevent proper local government from being re-created. These are the individuals whose campaign coffers are kept full by outsiders. Did you think that money was donated by the electorate? Did it occur to you that a political system in which the one who spends the most money allegedly wins elections isn’t even salvageable? It’s reasonable to assume that when National-Socialism has deteriorated enough that our local political sucklings will be deprived of the corporate, fascist teat the PJ folks won’t pay tribute or even attention to them any more and those usurpers who call themselves government officials will either have to start earning an honest livlihood or turn to non-government-sanctioned crime. I think it’s properly proactive for us to start discussing intelligently-conceived alternatives to National-Socialism now, rather than to wait until a huge vacuum is formed by the accelerating decline of the world odor’s corporate hierarchy.

Israel, after the time of Moses, became pretty prosperous. I think their prosperity was enhanced by the Jubilee, which was characterized by the forgiveness of all debts every seven years. This was Moses’ way of preventing usury from undermining society. Similarly, ‘Fightin’ Jesus’ drove the usurers from the Temple as a demonstration that usury is unacceptable. During Europe’s Dark Age the Muslims built an enormous, peaceful and flourishing trading empire based on the complete lack of usury: banking (including check writing) was conducted by charging competitive fees and only gold, silver and copper were considered viable currency. The expansion of Turkey’s trade into the Balkan regions caused the usurious Venetian (‘Venetia’ = ‘Phoenicia’ --the phoenix? Phoenecians were the bankers of the Egyptian empire) banking families to eventually set up shop farther away, in London, from which vantage point and with the assistance of whose superior seamanship they eventually subverted the old Islamic trading empire by the end of WWI.

The death of the world odor will be the death of usury, again–perhaps the final death of that ‘phoenix’ which is characterized by the masonic symbolism of the US dollar bill. Did you think it was an eagle on the Great Seal of the United States? It’s a phoenix and it symbolizes the flaming vitality, until now, of usury.

The sooner that people of conscience openly begin to discuss these issues in a public forum, the sooner we can have worldwide peace and prosperity. I believe this strange silence, itself, is evidence that we have more gifting work to do before the world odor’s mind control infrastructure is sufficiently disabled that people of conscience can start to fix human government the way we’re all fixing the physical world. The former will require ‘consultative will;’ the latter is simply spontaneous fun. Both are essentially local efforts, performed with the welfare of the entire planet and the human specie at heart. I think the internet will be the glue and facilitator for the coming world commonwealth the same way that it’s bound and facilitated the global gifting network.


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