Creative Alternatives To Hegemony Of Corporate Parasitism

Don Croft
23 Oct 2008 05:06
Subject: Creative Alternatives to Hegemony of Corporate Parasitism
I got the following from Atle John Lovaas in Norway, who is a healer we helped to escape from the clutches of the Norwegian version of the medical mafia a few years ago, even after they had him lined up for gratuitous imprisonment in the high courts. After they failed to ruin him, they burned down his house but he’s fine and still in business.

He points out that Norway is where the world order tries their latest, greatest tyranny schemes, such as the current accelerated practice of putting activists in the nuthouse, emotionally and metally castrated with pharmaceuticals, which is also what often happens in America, too, of course.

Chris, who shared the following with Atle (who sent it out to his list), is a prominent human rights activist in Norway and I think you’re going to enjoy the richness and creativity of this fellow. His comments follow the copied material from, which is also a must-read, I think.

Open discussions about stuff like this is what will bring the world order down faster than shooting them could possibly do. I’m fond of the idea of large countries breaking up through secession but I’m not stuck on it, of course–I’m mainly interested in generating sincere discussions at this point. I have faith that whatever results from widespread discussion among people who care about this stuff is what will lead to the best solutions, including the dissolution of the corporate world order, of course.


(This is a post the internet forum

To anyone who is willing to take a moment to step away from their personal lives and take a look all around us, it is abundantly clear that humanity finds itself in a truly dire state of affairs, today, at the beginning of the 3rd millennium CE.

I think it is safe to say that all of us now can look back at the past mistakes we have made through the things that seemingly divide us, our race, gender, class, religion, nationality, and understand that these factors stand in pale comparison next to the similitude of our shared identity as one species of intelligent and sentient beings upon this same planet. Without denying the many barriers that still do stand in the way of our global cohesion, it is clear that we are all essentially part of the same community that shares a citizenship of this Earth, and indeed the universe at large.

Today, perhaps more than ever in the past, people place a tremendous value on the life of the individual. Personal autonomy and the freedom to express ones individuality are amongst some of our most treasured shared values. We need only to look within ourselves to see how much importance we place on our own personal dreams and aspirations, the plans of our future, and our rights to enact upon these ambitions. And yet we are surrounded by millions of people who have been denied access to these same values wholesale. People who we have somehow managed to ignore, or exclude from the fact of our global communion.

I would like to take this opportunity to express some of the most basic goals that any community would and should aspire to achieve and how easily attainable these goals are to current humanity. Through all of this I will also show the extent to which humanity has failed itself.

Any community should be able to provide the following for all of its constituents:

Adequate food and water for an acceptable standard of basic health

A reasonable living space, ie. a home, for all

Basic education to allow for the pursuit of life ambitions

Provide for the energy needs of its citizens


It is interesting to note how often issues such as global poverty, malnutrition and the like are touted by politicians and the popular media alike, yet they unanimously ignore the feasibility of solving these issues. Indeed it could be argued that the above problems are presented in such a way as to convince the average person in the developed world that these are indeed near impossible obstacles to overcome.

Yet the only obstacles standing in the way are, MONEY and LABOUR. Both of which, we have clearly have an abundance of. Labour is a non-issue, there are more than enough people around to make all of these things happen, you only need to look at the abundance of young people today looking to spend a year somewhere in a foreign country, earning only enough to get by, and working to make a difference.


To get an understanding of how much money is being passed around the world, I will only present to you some of the most superfluous and wasteful of such transfers. I could have included an absence of conflict and war to the list of basic necessities, but look at what is being spent on killing:

  • $5 Billion – the cost of the war in Iraq every month 1

  • $2 Trillion – the combined cost of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan 2

  • $1.1 Trillion – the amount the entire globe spent on war in 2004 3

  • $379 Billion – annual revenue of Wal-Mart 4

  • $62 Billion – one persons net worth 5


  • $250 Billion – much talked about, little done about, the total of Africa’s debt 6.

Less than the annual revenue of Wal-Mart. This debt causes untold suffering for millions of Africans and their economies, and every year huge meetings between the world’s powers meet to discuss how to overcome this ‘insurmountable’ problem.


  • 924 million people worldwide, or 31.6 per cent of the global urban population are living in slums 7.

I do not have a figure that includes all of the worlds homeless, but the vast majority of these do live in urban areas. This is clearly a huge challenge the world must face, because building adequate housing is inescapably an expensive task.

The South African government have in recent times made the housing of the poor one of their prime objectives, and have in so doing build hundreds of thousands of low cost houses that would meet the minimum requirements for a descent, if basic, family home. This is what they look look like:

They cost about R35 000, or $3 700 each to build I believe these costs could be reduced if the model were applied around the world. But assuming this amount, it would cost about,

  • $3.5 Trillion to provide universal housing for those without (at a liberal estimation).

About the cost of the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan plus one years global military expenditure.

NB! This message has been sent around to 100.000’s on ABOVETOPSECRET.COM, FACEBOOK, MYSPACE ++

This makes me sick to the stomach and very, very sad…

I havn’t researched all of these facts and numbers, but I know this shows the big picture.
1/3 of the world live in slums, $5 billion dollars spent on the war in Iraq every month.
It’s all a big pyramid game, where we, the middle class consumers are holding the whole f…… delicate cardhouse together.
All we have to do is educate ouselves, unite and TAKE ACTION! I’ll get to that later…
It’s not good enough having small peacefull demonstrations in the hundreds, where the police actually outnumber the demonstraters… WITH WEAPONS! The police/military THINK they are doing the right thing, as they have been brainwashed (by their superiors, who have also been brainwashed by their superiors and so on all the way to the top of the pyramid) into thinking they are doing the right thing.
When we reach numbers of 3.000 30.000, 300.000 or 3.000.000. demonstraters, THEN the police men will say to themselves: ‘We are on
the wrong side’, and they will be unbrainwashed. INSTANTLY!

Stop buying and changing out our Pc’s, TV’s, the newest gadgets and silly shoes with lights on for our kids.
(We have the technology to make 1 of each of these items, which will last our whole lives: TV, car, washing machine, cooker, fridge etc. But no, everything is made to not last. AND WE ACCEPT IT. THEY HAVE MADE US WEAK! And what happened to the mini disk that they changed out with cd’s. They didn’t break. So they make cd’s that need changing out every few years.
By doing this we are DIRECTLY helping the rich to get richer and the poor, poorer. We are also helping the elites achieve their agenda, as they own a lot of this planet
If we don’t start acting NOW, I KNOW WE will be at the bottom of the pyramid much sooner than most people think.
Who’s gonna help US then?? NO ONE!

I can tell you who’s NOT going to help all of these poor souls around the world dropping like flies, 'cause of wars and starvation,
OUR GOVERNMENTS, the ones representing YOU and ME, (haha!) or the rich elites who have so much money it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to manage to spend it all in several lifetimes…

So who’s left on this beautiful planet that have the power to stop this madness? YOU and ME, no one else.
Sounds scary, huh? Well it’s gonna be MUCH scarier in the near future if we don’t take action.
WE HAVE THE POWER, but we don’t have control of our power.

Why, because we’ve given our power away by being manipulated, a bit by bit over years and decades.
And it’s accelarating like mad nowadays. They are going for the kill.

They’ve got all the money they need, and now they’re coming for our pensions and saving money.
Not to gain more money, but to make us weak thus easier to control, making it harder for us to fight back.
They look at us as their property, tools, soldiers, taxpayers etc.

Not being able to see this, one must be in denial, uninformed/disinformed, a ‘coincidence theorist’ or hypnotized by the propoganda and lies that’s been jammed down our throats by the TV since we came out of our mums bellies.

The media decides what’s ‘appropriate’ for us to see, and they protect the elites. (The poloticians are there to make us think we are in control, to make us satisfied, when they actually serve the capatalists/elites.)
The TV decides how often we laugh a day, (comedies), how ‘informed’ we get (‘news’ haha), how much excitement we experience (action films/thrillers), how often we get scared (horror films), and how many marriages/partnerships goes to hell by showing how normal it is to f…. your secretary, your neighbour, your best friends wife! (Many movies and TV series).

All news around the world comes from Reuters, Reuters is owned and controlled by these elites??
The media is the democracies central nervous system.


There are hundreds of millions of people around the world, freedom fighters, fighting the corrupt system whos goal is to enslave the entire population. This is NOT enough yet, but the awakening is accelerating.

These freedomfighters are referred to as ‘conspiracy theorists’, a word probably invented by our corrupt governments, media and ignorant people who don’t do their own research, but blindly trust what the media feed them.

Freedom fighters are todays heroes fighting for our rights, the ones that got burnt as witches a couple of hundred years ago. Without them, we would all be slaves along time ago. They hold the balance. And if they are NOT the heroes, I ask who are the heroes?? Because I can tell you this much, it’s not fun at all fighting tyrrany. It’s stressful, scary, depressing and not something we like doing. Why we do it? BECAUSE IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!

I started this fight for freedom after I invested all my money in property development.
To make a long story short, I got ripped off, tricked and lost all of my money.
However I learnt alot about how greedy these rich sosiopaths are.

The man who ripped me off was good for nok250.000.000 or ca. £25.000.000. After ripping me off he is now good for nok257.000.000 or

What amazed me most when I was in in this buisness for 3 years, was this: I got to know all these rich bigshots in my hometown, Bergen Norway, and they are all the same. (At least 90%). They walk over bodies to earn an extra buck, and feel no guilt.

Now just imaine how the richest elites in this world of, soon, people think. Sleep on that… These guys are bored of money, centuries ago. They are also bored of massive amounts of power. Now they want 100% control. It’s in human nature, we allways want more. There are millions of excamles of this: Practically every rich person in the world’s job is to maximize his profits every single day, ‘everyone’ knows this, it’s common knowledge.

I’ve experienced this, I was actually like this myself when I was a poker pro. Maximize my profits, minimize my losses. Use any trick in the book. The whole elite poker community were like that, we were called the ‘sharks’, and we used to call the bad players ‘fish.’ Only difference is that poker players are nice guys… mostly:) They hold the bluffing and manipulating to the poker table, don’t use it in ‘real life’… mostly:) Also everyone plays by the same rules and have equal winning chances. The elites play by their own rules against opponents that DON’T EVEN know any game is being played. And cheating… Ethics does not exist for these guys.

On the official, mainstream ranking list over the richest in the world, Warren Buffet, has most money with about $60 bill in 2007. The Rockefeller family has spread their wealth between them to avoid publicity on the ranking list and are good for $11 trillion. The Rothschild family have about $100 trillion. (Numbers vary here, I’ve read 4-500 trillion. Hard to value his wealth apparantly)

The average Joe will not experience ‘mingling’ or doing buisness with very rich people like this in a whole lifetime; as they are too far down in the money/power pyramid.
They only hear every now and then on the news of similar cases. They would be shocked if they new how often things like this occur.
Not just in buisnesses like this, but all buisnesses, politics, bank scandals etc.

The money I invested in property development, I earned from poker. I started playing poker with nickels and dimes at an early age, and when the internetpoker came, I tested my skills there. I bacame the most winning poker player in Norway several years in a row.
I was ranked as one of the top 5 in the world.

Anyway, after going bankrupt and finding out how corrupt the rich elites in my hometown (and the rest of the world) were, I started doing research on the internet to find out what else I didn’t know about this world.
When one does research, one must be very (healthy) sceptical, have an open mind, go very very deep into subjects and NEVER trust only one source as there is alot of disinformation on the internet. Do research on the researchers to find out who one can trust, and delivers credible information.
It’s all about information, and since there is so much information available, it’s amazing how much truth one can find.

Poker is all about information too, so this I found easy. Since there is so much bluffing, manipulating, deception from our governments and media, I read them like an open book. They are using small stakes poker strategy on the populations, these strategies don’t work on high stakes poker players. You can’t bluff a bluffer.

I’ve allways asked questions my whole life. Questions like: Why are we not helping all the starving people around the world, why are there so many religions, why don’t we get parachutes on planes and a system where every passenger can be saved, (it MUST be possible), why are there not enough teachers, policemen in Norway and why are they underpaid in the richest country in the world, (order out of chaos) why are there so many people saying that fluoride, aspartame, vacsines etc. are VERY dangerous for us and the media don’t even mention it.

I mean come on! We have to open our eyes, seek and thee shall find, is so true!
Why did Jesus, Gahndi, JFK, Malcom X, Martin Luther King etc. get murdered??
Why are all the good guys fighting for YOUR and MY rights getting killed, while all the rich people, who don’t give a f…. about you and me being adored and worshiped???

Another big mystery to me is this: The average Joe’s admit that politicians lie all the time, and the media is corrupt.
BUT when someone like me, a ‘conspiracy theorist’ (conspiracy realist!) tells the average Joe that the elites, bankiers of the world have a plan, called The New World Order, to centralize all power globally to one bank, one army, one currency, microchip everyone on the entire planet and make us slaves. And there is enormous ammounts of evidence.

Then I hear: ‘Hehe, Chris has gone mad. He thinks someones taking over the world.’ Saying this without doing a minute of research. Einstein said, ‘contemplation without investigation, is the worst sort of ignorance’. We are in a information age, things are different now than only a few years ago. More truth is being available to the average Joe, information that was rare before. There is a lot og disinfo also, so one has to ‘seperate the noise from the music.’ This usually isn’t hard, just takes more research, taking longer time.

I am so tired of this fight against tyrrany, frustrated seeing how easy it could be overcome. There are only a few people controlling the whole world. However they have many good people serving them, unknowingly. They manipulate good people to do bad things.

The best excample of this is soldiers fighting wars for them, being killed for wars THAT HAVE NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH PROTECTING OUR COUNTRIES. Nothing is more profitable than wars. That’s why we fight wars. They are all based on false flag operations. LET THEM FIGHT THEIR OWN WARS, THE COWARDS!

I am sad of seeing my girlfriend crying because it’s so hard to get people to unite, pass on emails, losing many friends because they can’t handle the truth, are lazy, don’t think we can win this fight. WE CAN!
This is the first time in history that practically everyone can find out we are being manipulated to fight wars for our ‘masters’ based on lies. Lies like 11th.Sept.

It’s all about information and numbers. When enough people know the truth, then the shadow governments can’t work in the shadows any more. They HAVE to work in the shadows, as their agenda don’t work once exposed to the sunlight… Thet use us against us.

Enough people knowing the truth is only the first step. The second step is SHOWING what we stand for.
A few thousand years ago, a couple of dictators were having a chat: One of them said: ‘Maybe we should mark all our slaves, so we easier can identify them.’ The wiser dictator answered: ‘No, then the slaves will know how many they are, rebell and win…’

We are The ‘slaves’. We must mark ourselves. If we hang up sheets on our houses, windows, garages, posts in the streets saying for instance: STOP THE NEW WORLD ORDER or NO TO FASCISM. Then we show what we stand for. Then policemen, soldiers, government officials will see what’s going on and understand that they are being manipulated into working for the wrong side. Document the sheets with messages on by filming, photos and get it on youtube. It will be much easier and less embaracing if we all do it at the same time. Unite on this one. Imagine and visualize when, at least, thousands of people start these projects, sending videos, pictures onto youtube, posting raports via email, facebook, abovetopsecret etc. It will be MUCH easier if we all do it at the same time. And easier for the ‘troops’ behind to follow. Like the shheep following the bell. Smile

We must maximize our use of communicating on the internet, while we still have the internet. This is our best tool, and we shouldn’t take it for granted. Having internet now is like a dream, it will be gone/censored like in China soon.
People who believe, in some degree, but don’t pass on emails, like this one, don’t do it mainly for one reason. They are scared of being ridiculed by uninformed, ignorant people. DON’T LOOK FOR EXCUSES, JUST DO IT! FOR OUR CHILDREN! Say I held a gun to your head, demanding you to do it! Smile The uninformed, ignorant people will stay ignorant until they are microchipped and smell burnt flesh. Not communicating serves the elites, not the patriots who are fighting for freedom. Freedom fighters or conspiracy theorists are todays witches, the ones that got burned at stakes a few hundred years ago.

The elites agenda is to have 1 government, 1 bank, 1 currency 1 millitary. There will be no middle class, only masters and servants/slaves. We’ve all been tricked, deal with it as best you can. It’s happened all through history, it happens all over the world as we speak. Now it’s happening to us. If you are scared and uncertain, show this email to the smartest/wisest person you know, (SWALLOW YOU PRIDE, VERY IMPORTANT) make him/her study this information thoroghly/carefully and take their advice.

If you don’t act and investigate on this, you are not telling the truth when you say you’ll do anything for your kids and loved ones. This must not get sweaped under the carpet.
There are millions of groups all around the world fighting this fight, many powerful people too. Problem is, we are divided. We must unite.

‘You can snap 1 arrow easy, try snapping a few million’

Chris S


Pretty impressive, eh?

I’m not in touch with Chris but I think that when more and more conspiracy realists discover what orgonite can do they’re going to feel pretty encouraged. I think a key to escaping the political-organization trap is for experimentors to get in touch with The Operators, perhaps by inviting the Sylphs to come live overhead with enough orgonite distribution. I’ve asked Atle to send Chris a greeting for me and an invitation to examine


Don Croft
26 Oct 2008 21:36
Subject: Re: Creative Alternatives to Hegemony of Corporate Parasitis
I asked Atle to put me in touch with Chris, who then emailed me the following, which I think you’ll find as heartening as I have:

(Feel free to post this on your site if you wish, Don. It should obviously by a reply to my previous thread, You agree? To get a debate going? I would be honoured to be a member of your site.)

Disscussion with an internet blogger/freedom fighter and me.


‘I just think that people are too heavily entranced that they don’t give a shit. I haven’t even got the drive to be like Will Cooper… That’s who coined the term ‘sheeple’ right? Anyway, I keep reading, keep researching but at the end of the day it’s conscioussness that’s gonna bring us together.
It’s like the hippie movement, things just happen, when the mood is right ppl will wake up… obviously we understand the backbone to it more than they will when they wake up but nothing is gonna happen until the NWO do something rediculously stupid.
People are too heavily encroached in their own little lives. Besides, people have unconsciously asked for this and need to be snapped out of it. They need something dramatic to happen to wake them up. We are part of that movement, yes, but I just think people are insane, they are conditioned to be passive like computers are programmed to be Windows. I just can’t see myself marching around town shouting the NWO are gonna kill us, as much as I would if I had a big enough group, (as we need a revolution) but the consensus, the majority won’t do shit until the internet is down, the food prices are too high, the gas prices are not affordable, their wage barely buys anything.
This is hegemony at it’s most intense and it’s on the verge of snapping, watch out people’


‘So in other words you see no value in what I write, you think it’s not a good plan.
You think the best thing is to wait around and let them walk all over us?
I can comfort you that thousands of my contacts are following this plan, taking action.’
Chris S.


Not essentially,
I don’t think your are far wrong Chris, I just think the only way to really wake ppl up is to do something dramatic. The Tv could wake everyone up over night but that’s ridiculous (as you know who control the airwaves). I mean, people are too busy working to worry about the NWO, they are too encroached within the babylon system to even breath. I’ve tried telling everyone about the NWO, noone wants to hear. The only people that want to hear are people like ourselves. The only real way to get their attention is to either do a radio show like Alex Jones or start knocking on peoples doors and telling them, but people just accuse you of watching too much of the Matrix they think you’re a paranoid man.
I think David Icke talks the most sense though, when he’s talking about a conscioussness expansion.
It is sad to think that most of the people studying humanities are comepletely blinded by nihlism. I’m not nihlistic and I do not wish to discourage you pal, I wish you all the luck. However, it’s not the point of waiting around for something to happen, you have to think what is the most likely thing to happen? Are a mass of people gonna suddenly wake up and start preaching the NWO are here to kill us because a stranger in the street told them? Or because they saw a poster? NO! However, these little things may make sense to them later on after the economy has been nailed to the ground and they can’t afford to feed their kids.
This is what hurts, I know you see it coming as well, I feel you’re a good person, but man I’m telling you, humanity needs to be jolted out it’s seat for them to realize they’re being played. It’s frustrating, it’s depressing and more and more people are waking up to it everyday but like I said, it will all happen at once when something triggers it.
I’m not trying to discourage you, don’t get me wrong, I’m just throwing in the feedback I’m getting from my area. It might be different in yours.



Ok, I don’t know how to answer this without sounding like I’m boasting, as I will be talking abit about my pokerskills.
I have for 12 years breathed, eaten, slept and shit tactics, strategy, psycholgy.
I was considered a genious in this area by millions around the world.
I have woken hundreds of friends and family by just talking to them.
I am fortunate here, as I am highly respected because of my poker skills, which I apply to in real life and has got me far. (got me bankrupt too Smile )
Again, not boast just fact. (I get embarrassed talking about it Sad )

‘I mean, people are too busy working to worry about the NWO, they are too encroached within the babylon system to even breath.’
True, but not all people are like that. Many are ready for the information.
It just hasn’t reached them yet. We can make the information reach them, in maaany different ways. I have woken maaany people that you NEVER would have thought would be possible to wake. Many of my contacts have done the same. BUT IT TAKES EFFORT/WORK AND MUST BE REPRESENTED IN A CORRECT, CREDIBLE WAY.
Not all people have it in them to wake people. If they don’t, they should seek advice from people who ARE good at waking people.
This is a fight that we can not win unless we work together as a team.
When there are things I’m not educated in, I speak to one of my contacts and ask him to teach me. This is how one gets good at things, learn from the experts. When the financial crises started, I knew little. I rang my friend, Tom L, who I consider a specialist, especially on the monetary system. He educated me in a couple of days. A few hours. The internet helped me with the details. Because of this, I emailed all my friends and family, over a couple of months, telling them the ‘real’ story compared to the lying story the media fed us. My friends and family looked at me as a wizard after all my predicting. I am not a wizard, I just did my homework. Now it’s easier to be believed when I represent NWO agenda f.exc. STICK TO FACTS.

‘The only real way to get their attention is to either do a radio show like Alex Jones or start knocking on peoples doors and telling them, but people just accuse you of watching too much of the Matrix they think you’re a paranoid man.’
This is NOT the only real way to get their attention, there are hundreds of ways to get their attention. No offence, but this is the only real way YOU can think of to get their attention. I and many of my friends are living proof of this. And millions of others around the world.

‘However, it’s not the point of waiting around for something to happen, you have to think what is the most likely thing to happen? Are a mass of tpeople gonna suddenly wake up and start preaching the NWO are here to kill us because a stranger in the street told them? Or because they saw a poster?’
A mass of people are NOT going to suddenly wake up and start preaching the NWO are here to kill us because a stranger in the street told them. Or because they saw a poster. This would be a foolish plan.
It has to happen in great numbers.

‘Even a journey of a thousand miles, starts with one step’
It’s like saying, nah much to far, we aint gonna make it. Yes we are, it’s just a long walk that will be tough. We can’t look at the glass as half empty, it’s half full! But it will be empty soon if we don’t maximize our efforts in ALL AREAS.
I have so far gathered over 100 people, who are going to hang up these posters on the streets, houses, garages.
I’ve suggested it to thousands around the internet.
However, this isn’t the real value. The real value is getting it out on youtube, sending emails. This will reach HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, AT LEAST. Then you got youself a snowball rolling. (Take the posters down immediately after filming them, if you find embarracing. I think it is anyway Smile )
The point is, it takes about 30 min of your time and you have NOTHING to lose, no risk and it’s cheap.)
DON’T TRY TO GUESS THE OUTCOME OF THIS, JUST DO IT AND GET SUPPRISED! (Or loose 30 min. of your time, an old sheet and 5 bucks.)
The affect of this, is that it will get more people doing the same (unaware that our sheets and posts got pulled down instantly Smile )
There’s will stay there. Ours will be hung up again when enough people are doing the same.
People will see all of these posters physically and online, this will open their eyes and get them thinking.

‘NO! However, these little things may make sense to them later on after the economy has been nailed to the ground and they can’t afford to feed their kids.’
This is what it’s aaaaall about.
The NWO agenda is to break the middle class, bring down every country to their knees. Make us weak and not be able to fight back.
While they are doing this, as we speak, it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL for them to hold the lid on the secret, that the government/media are not in on this.
WE know the media is in on it, but the majority of the sheeple don’t know, but many sheeple ARE waking up, as everthing is getting much more obvious lately, as they are being over aggressive and rushing things. WE ARE CHEWING AWAY AT THEIR ACHILLES, AND WE MUST NOT RELAX AND GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO HEAL THEIR ACHILLES!
When all countries are brought to their knees, depression etc., the TV will still be on, the politicians/media will act innocent, pretend they knew nothing about this, WHEN PEOPLE like us KNOW they orchestrated it all years ago.
So we have to inform as many people as possible while we can, that the media and government are not on our sides.
So when the depression is over, the government, who most of the population still think are our representatives/the good guys, will offer us a solution: ‘Come to us, we’ll look after you, give you food (and microchip you and make you our slaves)’
Therefore our job is to convince as many as possible that the media and governmant are corrupt, and not on our side.
Their next plan is to put us up against eachother.
Today I heard ‘Al Qaida’ are in Europe’, Fox News a couple of weeks ago: ‘Al Qaida have recruited white people now’, it could be your neighbour blabla’ This is me and you they are talking about, you know.
It’s another ‘false flag’, spinning… opperation.
So we have to protect us from this, from our neighbours and friends who will be looking at us as their enemies!?!?! Sounds fun, huh?
How to protect ourselves? Get the information out as FAST as possible to AS MANY as possible.
Then many will know the media is lying, get furious, so furious that the ‘sheeple’ will follow the bell and awaken.
Do you know how much power ONE person has, when fighting for freedom, survival??

‘However, these little things may make sense to them later on after the economy has been nailed to the ground and they can’t afford to feed their kids.’
EXCATLY! ‘By planting seeds’ by delivering information NOW, they don’t have to believe it know, but it will be in the back of their heads.
And when the time comes, AND IT WILL COME, they will say: ‘Nathan was right, I remember he told me all about this a couple of years ago.’
And this will happen with 10-100 of millions.
So hang in there Nathan, and you SHALL be rewarded.
Plant seeds.
Chris S.

Ps. Think I wrote something twice.
Pss. I’ve dedicated my life to this, I’ve dedicated my life to allways acting morally. This includes allways talking the truth (white lies are nessacary in this sick world) and say what’s on my mind. ESPECIALLY in things as IMPORTANT as this. So here goes:
Maybe I’m right and you KNOW I’m right, but you know how rough the road we’re gonna have to go down is gonna be, so you make excuses and lie to yourself to avoid fear/ridicule.
I’ve seen it alot, heard all the excuses, but NEVER have I heard ANYONE say they are scared of being ridiculed. NEVER. And this I’ve experienced on 100’s of people.

You are a hero, fighting tyranny.


If you find this inspireing, please send it around. Not for me, but for the agenda.
We can’t let them make slaves out of us and put micro chips in our kids.
We all KNOW they are taking over the world, we just don’t want to believe it. Me too. We are in denial.
WE CAN BEAT THEM BECAUSE OF SHEER NUMBERS. There are so many of us, but we must unite. WE HAVE THE INTERNET!!!
We’re so close, yet so far. Our trumph card is that the sheep are so many, and so easy to guide. If groups of 10-20 people email around the same info, so that the info isn’t just heard from 1 ‘crazy conspiracy theorist’ (sure, coincidence theorist), but 10-20 ‘normal’ people. Then the group of 10-20 would become the bell, the easy guided sheep will follow the bell and will change his/her beleif and adopt yours. This I know as me and several friends experience this on a daily basis.

good night

Chris S


It’s all about information, NOTHING ELSE!

This is highly relavent:

A very interesting video to watch dealing with current US issues forcasted by a Russian working with/for the KGB. The video is from 1985, but is EXACTLY athe plan that is unfolding in today’s political situation.

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