Cultivating Paradise On Earth

I think this subject is linked to gifting, especially deserts. For human race is meant to be the herds and the gardeners of Earth, taking care of evolution and guiding. Once the deserts have been wiped to history thanks to balanced energy fields residing everywhere (talking about massive scale gifting), there must be a way to attain such a condition which can provide easily and naturally what we need. The answer, then, is permaculture.

By understanding the functions of different layers in forest it is possibly to make a natural shift happen, to speed up the natural process, so that the ecosystem in the forest changes, from regular trees and plant to fruits, berries, herbs. That is also what Viktor Schauberger is speaking about, that Water Wizard. It is all about the evolution, only by knowing the means and the essence of the process that can be in this case speeded up. Interestingly, Schauberger mentions that trees are like magnets, and are actually pulling the water up from the ground.

It is amazing to see those videos about 2000 year old food forests and so.

Giftings truly serves a purpose, therefore I was happy to read about gifting efforts in mideast bearing fruit.

Green the deserts and let it grow. There shall be plenty for everyone.

this is a good concept , Pekka , bringing Heaven on Earth and orgonite, for sure does so much to achieve this goal but there is another friend who can help to resolve a big problem on this planet, I mean starvation and this friend is hemp which can nurture 30 people with a sole acre.

See article here:

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