'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

Don Croft
21 Feb 2008 15:23
Subject: ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’
I’ve always wondered why I’ve always been deeply enfatuated with Jewish humor but the recent spate of emotionally-promoted but inadequately supported claims on this and other forums has at least offered me some insight into my own odd personality as it relates to my affection for Larry David’s HBO TV series, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, which I assume is autobiographical.

In the show, Larry, who plays himself, constantly gets into scrapes with people, based on his stated unwillingness to blindly follow social customs which seem irrational to him. Most people end up shunning him but perhaps because he made five million dollars doing the Seinfeld series they feel compelled to socialize with him. Richard Lewis, who shows up in any episodes, is an equally odd character who has remained a sort of friend since they grew up together in Brooklyn. Check out the episode, I think in Season Two, centered around their fight over the use of the ‘exclusive’ meditation mantra, ‘Jaya,’ which Richard Lewis finds out means, ‘F&*k MEEEEEE!’

Another character who skillfully exposed obsolete social norms, by the way, was a comedian named Guru Nanak, who perhaps unwittingly founded the Sikh religion, six hundred or so years ago in India.

Yet another historic figure who artfully, if unconsciously abused archaic, empty social norms was Yogi Berra, who said, "Whenever I come to a fork in the road, I take it.’

When cleverly designed and implemented $#!+storms blindside me in my own forum I’m taken aback, of course, but perhaps thanks to the perpetual lightening influence of so much of Carol’s orgonite around me none of it keeps me down for long, in spite of a missed night sleep, now and then. I hope we’ll all weather the current attempt by clever sycophants, mostly in the background, to sidetrack and sideline this website, Carol and I and perhaps also Kelly and Manfred.

I hope, too, that the anti-hero characterizations of Larry David will lend some insight to our readers into how so many unspoken but emotionally-charged social norms of the vanishing paradigm can be used by the thought police to bludgeon any of us into a wheel-spinning stupor if we let them.

I hope you won’t think I’m a jerk by giving away last season’s finale: After his wife leaves him for another man, Larry ends up with his erstwhile housemate, a woman whose home was destroyed by a HAARPicane somewhere in the American South and had been invited, much to Larry’s initial chagrin, by his western democratic liberal (read: WASP gentile) wife to live with them until their home could be rebuilt by Hurricane Relief (this is a fantasy, after all-- federal ‘Hurricane Relief’ in real life further disposssessed the dispossessed in New Orleans after the feds blew up the dykes and destroyed their homes).

Mrs David looked pretty disappointed when Larry took on this dispossessed gal and her family, whose last names are Black. The closing scene of the last show displayed a ‘Happy Holidays from Larry and the Blacks’ photo greeting card Cool

I sometimes study that character by watching all six years’ worthof DVDs of his TV-show series in marathons while I build my zappers.

I used to study Frank Zappa, so maybe this is a sign of progress for me.

Maybe I’m an idiot savant but maybe I’m just trying to just net the stars in the sky by emulating these characters.

By the way, I predicted, last year that the coming American media attention for orgonite would begin with clever disinformation, designed to shift focus away from Carol and I. Keep your eyes open, okay? Cool

The sewer rat agencies always pull that kind of more blatant $!+ in conjunction with clever, background campaigns to isolate my wife and I from other reputable contributors, like Kelly and Manfred.


Don Croft
21 Feb 2008 16:30
Subject: Re: ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’
Of course, if you consider this show to be banal and pointless I’m not going to argue against your view because it’s valid for you, after all. This is the nature of subjective impressions: sometimes one’s impression can be used by others and sometimes it’s got no more value to other people than a person’s favorite color or Chinese dish does. I suggest that some folks have lost sight of this when they have given over their responsibility for discerment to anyone else, including to reputable psyhchics or energy sensitives.

Unfortunately, this sort of responsibility also applies to anyone who is held up by sycophants as an authority. I’m hoping that the two guys who apparently also got blindsided by this agenda will take a lesson from that so they will stick around and not become embittered.

Discernment is mostly fun once one has been burned a few times by clever scammers and has finally gathered some momentum.


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