Customs At It Again

Just wanted to make public the parasitical behaviour of Spanish Customs agents and also in Morocco who have collaborated delaying and now extorsioning a guy who wanted to recieve 10kg of TBs. They asking him a ridiculous amount of money to release the parcel from morrocna customs.

Presntly , the Spanish Aduanas (customs) are taking too long to release a zapper parcel too and last time they charged me for it they didnt even respect the law (obviously). You see, they use the Postal service to charge but the postal service has no jusrisdiction to gather import taxes. They dont even present a proper bill and they even didnt care to write my PERSON´S name properly. They used a nickname instead. what the f++ is that?

When i pointed out all those mistakes at the postal service and demanded a proper bill and an adress to contact by Notice, they simply told me if you do not pay we can´t give you the parcel.

This is an example of pretending to behave legally but deceiving people to comply with their fraud.


To expand a bit on the Morrocan problem i must say we suspect there s a Rat or two at TNT Spain who is creating hassles, misdirecting packges and filtering wrong messages to delay packages or trying to make them return. I SEE YOU!!! BOOH!

might be worth looking into european couriers – costs were lower than I thought.