Dead dolphins found in Zanzibar

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The bodies of more than 200 dolphins have washed up on the beaches of the Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar, in what experts say are mystery deaths.

Hotel owner Ahlaam Mehle told the BBC she found countless carcasses on the shore of the Tanzanian island. The fisheries department has warned local inhabitants, who have begun to cut up the meat, not to eat it. Dolphins are populous in the waters around Zanzibar and attract thousands of tourists each year. “It is a very sad sight,” Zanzibar-based marine life expert Nariman Jidawi told the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme. The dolphins – the tursiops truncatus bottlenose species that usually live in deep offshore waters – had totally empty stomachs, which rules out poisoning or oil pollution for the mass fatalities, she said. The more you go along the beach towards the north-west the more you see. They are floating on the sea as well Hotel owner Ahlaam Mehle “It’s a mystery to us. We know strandings occur, but we don’t know what causes them. Maybe they got lost.” Local residents say the north of the island has had strong winds and heavy rains, as well as big tidal water movement due to the new moon. By Friday afternoon, Mrs Mehle said there was a “heavy smell” coming from the carcasses strewn for miles along the northern Nungwi and Kendwa beaches. “The more you go along the beach towards the north-west the more you see. They are floating on the sea as well,” she said. “It is alarming, this has never happened before,” she said. It was not affecting her family’s hotel business as it was the low season, she said. But the BBC’s Alley Saleh in Zanzibar says there are fears it could impact negatively on the tourist industry of Tanzania’s semi-autonomous archipelago – made up of the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. Linkification:</a&gt;


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Pooooo-huuuuuh! So much work to do. It’s abou time that place get’s busted.

I take this as confirmation that the war against the dolphins is real. So we need to be quicker in bringing in the reinforcements!



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thank you jacky for the update and yes you are right george.

the very first thing that occurred to me is that this is a reprisal

for the wheel work we did this past sunday in this general region.

it is serious stuff, killing soverign beings here to uplift us , as if

it were nothing.

i think it might be a message to us ( from the s.o.b’s) and we may

need to consult the dolphinos regarding our wheelwork as in

where and when in the near future. i’m speculating , of course. but, as geo says, it IS a


others near and dear have also been sacrificed recently in this

war, as a result of reversing wheel spin.

i would like to see a plan develop in this thread for dealing with

this. i think we can easily out-think them and also out manouver

their attacks.


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Animals might have been disoriented; U.S. Navy sonar a factor?

MSNBC News Services Updated: 1:59 p.m. ET April 28, 2006 ZANZIBAR – Hundreds of dead dolphins washed up along the shore of a popular tourist destination on Zanzibar’s northern coast, and scientists on Friday ruled out poisoning. “We started noticing them last night. All are adult dolphins. We could do nothing but photograph them,” said a hotel owner who preferred not to be named. It was not immediately clear what killed the estimated 400 dolphins, whose carcasses were strewn along a 2.5-mile stretch of Nungwi, said Narriman Jidawi, a marine biologist at the Institute of Marine Science in Zanzibar. Linkification:


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I made an agrement with my daughter, she paints a picture for me and I take her to edmonton to see a concert. The painting is of my vision from a chat blast about a year ago. I’ll scan the painting and post it here for the perps to see in this 3 dementional world what waits for them.



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I too think this is reprisal for wheel work done last Sunday.


IMO we need to follow this back to whomever gave the go ahead order to kill so many of our allies…



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We did some reprisal work yesterday, Doc, and noted that the dolphins were murdered in the rather small area between Georg’s Indian Ocean Coast gifting run to the south of there, which happened right after David Ochieng’s and Mrs. Odondi’s gifting sorties directly to the north.

In yesterday’s chatblast session (predator safari) the psychics found three US Navy submarines and a support ship. The support ship was apparently commanded by a couple of Vril. With some help, all of those vessels apparently sank but the new development was that the people manning the subs were in a drugged or trance state.

Last year, for several months after the US Navy set off the huge hydrogen bomb that generated the tsunami that killed thousands of people in Asia the psychics kept finding American, British and Russian submarines in the process of placing similar bombs on the seabed throughout the world near heavily-populated coastal areas. A month after the Asian detonation roughtooth dolphins were reported in Haifa Bay and we found and helped disable a similar H-bomb in the bay, right after that, and also one near Alexandria Egypt, both apparently about to be detonated, perhaps to initiate a global conflict.

More recently, sonar on commercial vessels have been finding death transmitters on the seabed and Carol and I believe that the dolphins are eager to get as much orgonite as possible to disable these. We count the survival of the cetaceans to be as essential as our own survival and we suspect that the purpose of perhaps millions of underwater death transmitters is genocide against the cetaceans.

The ancient subterranean wheels that the psychics have been discovering in major grid points around the world were essential to the occult/corporate world order’s ancient ability to pirate the earth’s energy, we believe, and finding those two in the Indian Ocean and nearby Mozambique seems to be pretty fortuitous.

As the dolphins in Haifa Bay were perhaps warning us of the danger there last year, maybe these dolphins sacrificed themselves in order to encourage all of us to throw more orgonite into the seas for them to retrieve. The bad guys have apparently abandoned their tsunami agenda but until the dolphins feel safe I’m not personally going to feel safe. Some reputable psychics now feel sure that our survival depends on the cetaceans continued survival here. If they decide to leave maybe we can just bend over and kiss our @$$es goodbye.

After four years of going on predator safaris I suddenly came to a realization yesterday: to be effective in these group efforts one simply needs to have the killer instinct. I always wondered why most newagers are poor candidates for this service work and there’s the reason, I think.

Of all the members of this forum, only a handful show up in the weekly chatblast sessions and I think its because only a few people have the killer instinct. The rest seem to be quite capable of fighting back effectively when the assassination agencies harrass us but only a few of us feel inclined to put ‘paid’ to the mass murderers within those predatory hierarchies. I don’t think it takes many committed people to get this done, especially since we mainly aim for the top ends of those hierarchies.

Jacques, thanks so much for bringing this massacre to our attention!

For those who don’t know, Jacques Lasselle is Jackyboy and he’s also our very able and vigilant site administrator.



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At it again… .
Sonar Called Likely Stranding Cause</strong></font>

“Send an e-mail to Marc Kaufman” Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, April 28, 2006; Page A08

Federal marine specialists have concluded that Navy sonar was the most likely cause of the unusual stranding of melon-headed whales in a Hawaiian bay in 2004.

The appearance of as many as 200 of the normally deep-diving whales in Hanalei Bay in Kauai occurred while a major American-Japanese sonar training exercise was taking place at the nearby Pacific Missile Range Facility.

The report is the latest in a series of scientific reviews linking traditional mid-frequency naval sonar to whale strandings. Sonar has been used for decades, but it was only recently that the apparent connection to strandings was established.

While the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists said they could not definitely state that sonar caused the strandings, they said extensive study led them to the conclusion that there was no other likely cause.

“Our analyses indicate there was no significant weather, natural oceanographic event or known biological factors that would explain the animals’ movement into the bay nor the group’s continued presence in the bay,” said Teri Rowles, NOAA Fisheries Service’s lead marine mammal veterinarian and lead author of the report.

NOAA concluded that sonar was “a plausible, if not likely, contributing factor” to the stranding.

The Navy has said it was virtually impossible for its sonar to have led to the Hanalei Bay stranding, and officials maintained that position yesterday. “I think that if you look at the report, there are just so many unknown factors at work that to say sonar was a plausible if not likely cause is erroneous,” said Lt. Commander Christy Hagen of the U.S. Pacific Fleet in Hawaii.

The Navy is planning another major sonar testing maneuver in the same area in July and – for the first time – NOAA has formally asked the Navy to use expanded measures to protect whales from the possible effects of its sonar.

The active sonar used by navies sends out loud pings of sound that seem to frighten and disorient whales, especially deep-diving species such as the beaked and melon-headed whales. The effect was documented off Greece in 1996 and established later during naval exercises in the Bahamas, off the Canary Islands and off Spain.

The findings have complicated the Navy’s efforts to set up a 500-square-nautical-mile sonar training facility off the coast of North Carolina. Naval officials say the sonar training is essential, especially now that possibly hostile foreign navies have developed diesel submarines that are not detected by the kind of passive sonar used to follow large nuclear submarines.

Rowles said that the melon-headed stranding in Hawaii was highly unusual, and only the second recorded in the United States in modern times. The other occurred off Florida earlier this year, and Rowles said NOAA is trying to determine if any naval activity occurred in the area.

In the 2000 Bahamas stranding, a local marine biologist collected some of the whales that died onshore and froze them for later study – which helped NOAA conclude that sonar was the likely cause. In Hanalei Bay, the whales were ultimately led back to sea and one young animal died, apparently of starvation. So there was no physical evidence of injury to examine.

Yesterday’s NOAA conclusion was based instead on the lack of other possible causes, the unusual nature of the whale movement, and an analysis that concluded the extensive sonar use occurred close enough to Hanalei Bay for the whales to swim there by early July 3.

A number of environmental groups have become increasingly concerned about the effects of sonar, and the Natural Resources Defense Council has sued the Navy a number of times on the issue. Michael Jasny, a senior consultant with NRDC, said the NOAA report was worrisome.

“This was by far the largest stranding of melon-headed whales ever recorded in Hawaii,” he said. “Once again, the Navy’s denial has been contradicted by the official government investigation. It’s time for the Navy to stop this needless infliction of harm.”