Definitive Physical Analysis of WTC Bombing

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View of a Military Expert: Why the Towers of the World Trade Center

The airplanes did not a have true effect on the destruction of towers; they
were needed to give an excuse for odd Orwellian wars at the same time when
the USA is turned into a police nation, like the German Third Reich, to some
extent. The towers took the impacts of crushing Boeing 767’s. The towers
were originally built to take impacts of Boeing 707’s, which are
approximately of the same size and was widely used in the 1970’s.

Fires that kindled from the fuel in the planes were too shortlasting and
weak to be able to severely damage the structure of the skyscrapers. Even in
the extreme situation, the heat from a kerosene fire cannot threat the
durability of a steel trunk. With the temperature of carbohydrate fires that
reaches only 825 °C (approx. 1517 °F) steel weakens at 800 °C (approx. 1470
°F) and melts at 1585 °C (approx. 2890 °F). In the skyscrapers of the WTC
the surroundings were not at all ideal as there were far too many steel
columns and they led heat away from the burning area. WTC 1 burned for 102
minutes and WTC 2 for 56 minutes only. A fire burning much longer, from 10
to 20 hours, could slowly increase the burning temperature down to perhaps
1100 °C (approx. 2010 °F). Provided there is more substance to burn, such a
fire will damage concrete and irons, but not severely heavy steel


In mid-February in Madrid, the Windsor Tower (see above) burned for over 20
hours, which led to a fire stronger and hotter than that in the WTC, but
even the collapses of the Windsor Tower caused by the very strong and
long-enduring fire were minimal and limited to the upper floors. If either
of the WTC tower had started to collapse because of fires the collapse would
have been limited to only a few of the floors and then stopped.

The impossibility of a gravitational collapse is closer seen in other
documents. A collapse would produce large pieces, and does not explain
reports of fine dust from concrete, huge amounts of dust and pieces of steel
ejected outwards.

Destruction of the towers by explosions is clear according to the
photographs and reports of the eye witnesses. In the picture below, a range
of cutting charges have just exploded in the down left sector and a typical
white cloud is formed outwards from the wall. Down right, explosions are
seen as well. Even a flame is seen.


In video tapes taken of the so-called collapses of the WTC, more explosions
of these cutting charges can be seen. The explosions advance quickly, with a
gap of a couple of floors, cutting the strong steel pillars in the outer
wall. The explosions are timed so that it appears that the tower collapses
occur in the same timing as in a gravitational collapse. The explosions are
not completely synchronized in timing, probably a few charges are triggered
by radio, and other charges explode out of the impulses of one of these
charges (infrared, pressure wave).

More challenging problems to the demolition men, however, were the central
cores of the buildings and the 47 steel pillars more robust than the ones on
the outer rounds. The pillars of the central cores were made of steel even
100 + 100 mm thick, thicker than the side armours of a battle tank. Cutting
those, even with explosives, is extremely difficult. One would need to
surround the whole pillars, every single pillar on every floor intended to
get blasted, with powerful cutting charges. These charges would have needed
to be placed in such a way that the users of the skyscrapers could not
notice these preparations.

As seen in the following pictures, the cores of the towers were not
distracted by thousands of powerful cutting charges but by a modern
thermonuclear explosive, a small hydrogen bomb. In the picture below, a
hydrogen bomb explosion, the bomb having been placed in the cellar and
directed to the core, has reached the roof of the tower and the upper parts
of the outer walls. On its way up the waves of fire pressure partially
penetrated about 100 floors of concrete and steel. Over ten million degrees
of heat caused by a hydrogen bomb sublimised all water within the concrete
in a moment. Water exploded extremely quickly into 24-fold volume and
totally pulverized the concrete. Even people and computers that were in the
buildings disappeared turning into heat and light. That is why almost
nothing of them was found in the ruins.

Burning radiation is absorbed in steel so quickly that steel heats up
immediately over its melting point 1585 °C (approx. 2890 °F) and above its
boiling point around 3000 C (approx. 5430 °F). In the pictures down below,
super hot groups of steel pillars and columns, torn from wall by pressure
wave, are sublimized. They immediately turn into a vaporized form, binding
heat as quickly as possible. Bursts upwards, even visible in the picture
below, are not possible for a gravitational collapse or for cutting charges
which are used horizontally.


Storax Sedan 104 Kt shallow underground

In the upper picture the explosion is in theory 100 times stronger than in
the picture below, but in practice the difference is only four times due to
the capability of direction of the small hydrogen bomb.



In the picture at the right, the brown shades caused by a hydrogen bomb are
seen, while the top of the tower that is already collapsing is breaking down
and the posture straightens up as the hydrogen bomb pulverized the core and
it lost all its resistance. The piles point the blasts of the cutting
charges. ( <……tm&gt; Gehue
plate 12)


<……pg&gt; Steel pillars are turned
into dust.

Extremely hot, sublimating pieces are not created with many methods.

For comparison, pictures of subterranean nuclear explosions where the
explosion is blasting onto surface and into the air:


Ess1.2 Kt



Banberry 10 Kt underground

Radioactivity in air creates shades of brown. (The subterranean nuke in the
picture on the right is 10 times stronger than the small nuke on the left.)
This is the reason why the FBI did not search the crime scene. Ground zeros
of nuclear weapons are a health risk and belong to the FEMA.

Rich just gave me a copy of this excellent 911 video; which covers most ends. I wonder what they did with the plane passengers if they weren’t on the planes?


Loose Change 2nd Edition is available here via Bit Torrent, you can download the Bit Torrent Client here and the makers have a flag on the DVD encouraging sharing/copying etc.

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