Did Anyone Fling Orgonite Around the Bilderberg Freak Site?

I got this note about this year’s meeting (happening this weekend?). Crowds of protestors had been showing up at their previous gangster conclaves so let’s see if it’s happening in Austria, too this time Cool:


At this moment, there is a Bilderberg meeting taking place in Austria.

Just in case you don’t yet know what these meetings are: They are the annual meeting in which the cartels appoint new governments in the countries which they control (N. America, Europe, except Iceland, large parts of Africa, Japan and much else) and give present appointees (Obama bin Barak, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, etc.) their orders for the following year.

Although the first known such meeting took place in 1913, they didn’t begin to come to public attention until the meeting in 1954 which took place in the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland - that’s where the name comes from.

What we have to do is to put a spanner in their works. It has already leaked out into the public domain that the plans which will be detailed in this year’s meeting include the elimination of cash money in order to curtail freedom of movement as well as to eliminate businesses which do not obey the cartels by preventing payments reaching them. Also on the agenda is to make vaccination compulsory as just too many people have learned that it is totally useless, has no scientific base and could never attain such.

Please bear in mind that these are emergency actions planned by the cartels because we, the people, have thwarted so many of their plans over the last few years. It is only because of this that their actions are no longer secret.

I hasten to remind that these pedophiles may plan all they wish but each year, they’re less and less able to achieve their criminal agenda. Getting rid of cash, for instance, is probably a typical oligarchy pipe dream. They failed to cull the earth’s population to half a billion before 2000, which I think was an essential part of success for their agenda, and Carol and I have always felt that they hastily erected millions of death towers as a desperate move to regain some of their lost progress, soon after that. Their Greenboots agenda was supposed to have been the mechanism for persuading third world countries to cull their own populations but even though these countries’ gov’ts were on the dole to the banksters and under direct threat from their legbreakers (US Marine Corps, British SAS, etc.) they all simply refused to start killing their own people. I don’t think the banksters saw that coming and they certainly couldn’t destroy all of those regimes in retaliation because even the Europoid Pajama People would have been outraged. Their earlier, blatant genocide attempt in Rwanda backfired.

A later confirmation that these Bilderberg freaks are no longer able to enforce their agenda is that when Iceland defaulted on their alleged debt to the International Monetary Fund a few years ago (it’s not real money; these jerks just add zeroes on the right side of their ledger entries and then ‘lend it to governments’ at usurious rates) the banksters were completely unable to send the marines or other brain-dead legbreakers in to punish the bureaucrats and population. So a country of only one hundred thousand people successfully stood up to the Old World Order

The Mongols ruled everyone from the Pacific Ocean to the Mediterranean for a couple of centuries with only a hundred thousand soldiers and that included their military protection of all of the trade routes but there were no rebellions before the Black Plague destroyed that empire by reducing the Mongols’ numbers to a level far below what was necessary to ‘run the business.’ The reason there were no rebellions was that nearly everyone (except the Russians and Georgians) knew they were better off and had more freedom under Mongol rule. The exception were the Persians, who simply refused to use paper money and to give up their gold and silver coins. Rather than force the issue, the Mongols simply let them use their own money and peace prevailed. The Mongols knew that they didn’t have enough troops to put down a rebellion, there, even though they had militarily forced the Ottoman Turks to leave the region and settle in what is now Turkey.

The corporate world order doesn’t have enough legbreakers to carry out their genocide agenda, especially since China evidently doesn’t endorse it. Even China has to be careful about how they use the [Alleged] People’s Army because the Chinese people are waking up. I knew this was true a few years ago when I watched the documentary about Ai Wei Wei, then recently an American fellow who had lived and worked in China and stayed in touch with his Chinese mates told me that the gov’t is now confiscating orgonite cloudbusters from farmers.

It’s still important to keep up the pressure on the criminal syndicate that operates all of the gov’ts outside of China’s domain, though. I think humanity will win this war against the Parasite without fanfare or bloodshed. Zappers usually destroy cancer tumors this way–after a few weeks of zapping the cancer is simply gone without a trace and there’s no trauma or drama involved. I found orgonite a couple of years after I found zappers and the two things seemed to be intimately related: strategically distributed orgonite evidently works on the body politic in a closely similar way to how a zapper works on the body.

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