Did My 108 Get Them Mad?

Don asked to post my experience with a low flying medium size aerosol mission over my house. He said it’s not often done these days and more people should be aware of it.
Let me start by saying I’m a 15,000 hour commercial pilot and know enough about aircraft to give me a rough idea as to size, speed and altitude even with my eyes closed.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but in the last two days I constructed a 108. That day I carefully placed TBs exactly and adjusted them and again and I think I did the best I can.

I live on Cape Cod which is about 60 miles out to sea, away from big airports and air traffic except for occasional small private planes and not even half a dozen commercial flights of light twin engine aircraft, going by in a 24 hour period. Almost never over head and almost never at night. Maybe 4 a day and may be not even that.

Last week we had a very heavy foggy heavy overcast with slight drizzle. I heard quite a few fly overs which started mid afternoon, several multi-engine piston driven aircraft flying very low back and forth over my house. These flights were about 2 minutes apart. more than one aircraft had to be involved. I kept wondering how they could fly so low safely, over and over about 50 to 100 low sounding noisy flights over my home. Bank and forth back and forth, over and over. There was a point where I could smell a strong odor of kerosene like scent in the air. This is the first time I experienced anything like this and there was no doubt in my mind that I was being given the gift of aerosol spraying. The smell was choking so I went inside and after 3 or 4 hours the flying noise stopped although the heavy thick overcast and smell lasted throughout the night.

The next day I had a headache, dull feeling in my head and body, couldn’t concentrate. It felt like I was coming down with some bug. When I drove I felt drugged and could hardly concentrate enough to keep the car on the road. Then I thought about the chem. trail med I got from Don and took 6 drops and almost within minutes my head and dull feelings started to dissipate. Then I knew for sure I was being poisoned from those nasty aerosol weapon flying machines.
I completely forgot to put on Don’s zapper or use my succor punch I was so shook up. Next time I won’t forget.

I think I had a confirmation that new 108 worked or maybe it was a coincidence.

Anyway the point of writing this for me is that I think we should be aware of the different types of tactics being used on us innocent citizens.

P.S. I heard of another case of low flying close to Boston where that happened to another person. This person could hear the chem. jets turn on and off when they sprayed. I was to shook to listen to that happening but if I paid attention I might have heard that to.
And these were light twins as far as I can tell. They spray a lot above the overcast and rain so you can’t see them.

I just finished a mini 108 and they are spraying like crazies even at night now.First time I notice that. There was a great battle in the sky today with a lot of sylphs and trails.

Just make orgonite , cristallite, electronite, whateverite you nameite just for the fun of it

We get a lot of low-flying light planes here in Bali and their flights correlate directly with a chemical build-up in the sky although they don’t appear to leave distinct chemtrails as such.

The ones around here are always light twin-engined sea planes.

I set out a 108 recently and the chem-spraying was immediately stepped-up (even had a visit from our friendly neighbourhood black helicopter within the hour and another the next day).

Interestingly; the entire country has quite suddenly been struck by a mystery virus (mild fever, sore throat, blocked nose etc) that just spontaneously appeared everywhere at the same time.

Nothing to do with the 108 of course but one suspects chemtrails are the source due to its immediate and widespread distribution.


Wow! I wasn’t quite sure if my 108 was the cause or even worked. Thanks guys you confirmed to me it worked. I’m amazed.
Edostar, I wasn’t going to mention this, I saw the same thing yesterday. A bunch of light twin engine light planes flying around with no visible chem trails behind them. There were so many flying around most the day. And back and forth over my 108 of course. I was getting so annoyed I used my succor punch and they stopped immediately. I was shocked again. Do they now have a clear spray?
Comparing notes really helps.

I hope you don’t mind me posting here, Bob. For my observations don’t concern aerosol spraying, yet have everything to do with “them” getting mad about my 108….I think…. Anyhow, the emails I sent out to Don about it apparently got bounced – so that’s a confirmation on itself. Their “good old” isolation trick.

Don’t know where to start, really. If I focus on unusual phenomena after laying out the 108, I suppose the HAARP attack on 24 July 2009 was the first sign that had “mad” written all over. But I am not sure, since I’ve later traced the storm’s track to cover a 50 mile path…

I’ve never experienced a hail storm like the one on that evening – though I’m sure others have been subjected to much greater weather warfare and we’ve been “lucky” so far. It started with dark clouds and the smell of frost in midsummer, coming in from the south-west. Before we knew it, the wind picked up with a rage I’ve never seen, scattering hail at the size of small bullets against our house from all directions. We were too astonished to act upon this rage and just watched it, slamming on the adjacent roofs like an ice avalanche. When we remembered the open bedroom window seconds after, the floor was already flooded up to half an inch with water. Visualize a fire hose spraying full strength through an open window and you’ll get an idea of the scene. So we grabbed all the towels we could find and by the time we were done mobbing the floor, the storm was over. As raging as the winds had been, there was hardly a breeze after. It was peculiar to see this dark cloud hang over our house – really for minutes, my man was surprised too – with no movement whatsoever.

Funny thing is, no media covered this mobile devastation afterwards. They usually are eager to do so.
So I really wonder how local these extremities were. Could it be they tuned up the HAARP volume, to test the 108 effects? I asked Don if Carol perhaps could answer that question, but apparently that email never reached him.

Okay, next thing was a week later, on the 1st of August.

The cafe around our block had a live band over, playing way too loud until the early hours at night. I can’t image people need that much noise to have a fun time and I figured maybe that was what the smirky smile of the new cafe owner was about, that previous afternoon. Again, the atmosphere was “angry” and there was a certain rage to the blues tunes of the music, apart from the volume. Later that evening, some youngsters started lighting firecrackers at the back of our house. Next day, a police officer came by. We learned there had been a burglary next-door that night. Besides the mess and the stolen goods quite an intimidating event, if you consider our neighbours had their grandchildren over. Since the burglars had entered from our shared enclosed backyard, which can only be accessed by trespassing our property, we were surprised the police didn’t even ask to look for footprints or other marks in our garden. Apparently the police did look in our garden without our notice the next day, on which occasion they did find a footprint, so I accidentally learned from our neighbour talking with the officer. As I asked him why they didn’t request to look before, he said: “Well, traces probably were lost due to rain anyway” (huh, which rain???). I also learned that in the night of the burglary a large group of youngsters had totally upset our village by wrecking and looting a number of shops at the market square. Broken windows, stock thrown outside – the lots. Again, the local media hardly covered the story, until days after, the mayor shushed the peoples indignation by saying it was all an incident really.

Surely, it is too presumptuous and self-centred to assume this is all related to our 108. But I can’t help wondering if this atmosphere of rage on that Saturday night was a frequency test. Since youngsters in particular are vulnerable for high pitch tones caused by mind control towers – and because the looting on the market square was mainly aimed at stores around our tallest church, which used to be a pelgrims area (vortex?). The email I sent Don to ask Carol for confirmation, got “lost” as well i suppose…

storm coming…
summer evening after storm

leaves after hail

cloud that hung there for minutes after storm

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