Did somebody gift Beijing?

this article shows Beijing looking pristine and blue with a picture of a Sylph parade. Did somebody toss a lot of orgonite there recently? I find it a little hard to believe government pollution programs accomplished this so quickly:



I had logged on to the forum, then wrote a post for this thread, then when I tried to post it I was sent to log in, again, and I lost what I wrote. Fortunately, it was only a page or so and it’s not a big problem–I have more thoughts to add, too.

Thanks very much for sharing this, Mike. There are only a few countries where people are evidently afraid to discuss orgonite online, even in email: China, Russia and Argentina stand out the most, in my experience. Israel is borderline: I’e heard from a lot of Israelis about orgonite but have never gotten any followup emails from that country. It’s pretty Nazified for now, like Argentina has been since the 1930s.

An American zapper customer who had lived and worked in China for many years and stayed in touch with his friends, there, recently told me that the gov’t is confiscating orgonite cloudbusters in the countryside.

Tetsuzi Moriwake of Hiroshima and the extensive network of Japanese gifters had sold a lot of orgonite cloudbusters to customers in China but Chinese Customs refused to allow them into the country at some point. That was about five years ago so I know that Chinese people were interested in orgonite by then. Maybe it’s safer for them to correspond with Japanese than with Westerners. (that’s the bit I didn’t write about in the first, ‘expropriated’ draft Wink)

I’ve been watchng for signs of towerflipping in Chinese cities by tracking the smog in all the films made in those cities, including Peking, which the Mongols made into the capital of China, by the way.

The existence of Sylphs and blue sky is mainly an indicator that someone has been flipping the death towers. Orgonite cloudbusters rarely achieve that on their own since millions of these tower weapons were suddenly erected in 2001. CBs used to clear the sky on their own, before that, but we didn’t start routinely seeing Sylphs until 2003, about a year after people started flipping the death towers.