Dike blowing nuclear scenario

(jackson) #1

so after carefully crafting an article for this space it was hacked off. what a pisser. 3 hours!

a scenario exists in southeast florida where the okeechobee dike will be blown i, effectively choking exit traffic from south fla, , who will be leaving because the florida city florida nuclear reactor is red flag compromiosed . many layers. let me get this up now

(jackson) #2

the local paper … palm beach post times had headline articles three days in a row showing how it would happen etc. same days as the chicago terror exercises wherefrom their mayor daly was absent, only to be found in israel at a terrorism and security conference!

this was the same paper that printed the bullseye headline when haarpicane wilma hit the croft’s house last oct.

the nuc. plant is in florida city

                        oklahoma city

                        new york city

                        texas city (thwarted)

                        see?    why?
(jackson) #3

the flood scenario spillover makes a wide swath in palm beach county, where farmland used for govt. subsidised sugarcane growing is in topsoil that pundits give only ten years more for usefulness. developers have been pressuring corporations and locals to sell for development into the south fla, golf/ condo megalopolis for years… insurance rates can also rise hugely to accomodate flood scenarios not previously contemplated.

the nuke plant in florida city spews off as haarp induced south winds spread fallout northward while escape is effectivelly cut off.

(jackson) #4

this scenario fits illuminati infowar telegrahing of moves very well and supplies a culpability deniability necessary, as set up beforehand.

there are many bush crime syndicate problems in fla maybe not commonly known that could also be obscured by such an event such as but not limited to:

the fbi informant currently on trial for a syndicate murder- ouch

the bushfraud floridagate 2000 mel sembler connection from bay point house… emails in possession of patrick fitsgerald- ouch

and many others… florida- dirtiest state of all.

my report is disjointed but i want it in public that it is nixed and cannot now occur and that the treasonous clowns currently in the beltway and elsewhere are falling faster than ever.

(Anonymous) #5

Hey Jackson ,

What’s up with all the wildfires down your way ?

They have stink written all over them ?

Do all want me to do a rain dance or something for you ?