Discrediting Effort?

11 Dec 2008 16:26
Subject: Discrediting Effort?
Hi all,

I’m seeing a lot of publicity here for a chip (“E-wave phone chip”) that would protect the cellphone user. It is promoted by Omega Pharma, and is causing a lot of ‘outrage’ amongst scientifically educated people. I’m not going to reprint the alleged working mechanism word by word, but terms like ‘quantum waves’ are all over, and the explanation is indeed quite simplistic. I haven’t seen it, and don’t know if it works. This gadget costs 39 euros.

Wether all the uproar was intended I don’t know, but I wouldn’t at all be surprised if people soon are going to be ‘better protected against frauds’. More legislation to kill alternative medecine, which is good news of course for companies that sell pills as a way to health, like Omega Pharma for ex.
But this also smells like a (CIA?) operation to discredit ‘stuff’ that protects against ‘electromagnetic smog’. So there, perhaps worth looking into in the chat.
The energy signature of Omega Pharma is unpleasant to say the least, but hey, I wouldn’t expect otherwise, only perhaps if they were genuine about it.

On Facebook, a popular social networking site I visited the discussion page of this E-wave chip, and posted Georg’s link to the cheaper orgonite version, along with a few links (ethericwarriors.com Smile Today, that discussion board is gone, and I got hammered yesterday night. Might be a sign that they are following this very closely. Facebook is monitored heavily, I noticed. Understandable, there is a lot at stake, and social networking dangerous.


Don Croft
Yesterday at 13:34
Subject: Re: Discrediting Effort?
Doc, if you can find one of these chips I think you could easily tell if the claim is true or false. I’d also be inclined to say it’s false because orgonite won’t entirely protect a user’s brain from a cellphone’s energy if it’s close to the head but, yesterday, Carol bought something like this from her naturopath friend because it actually works. In that case, it’s just a sticker that goes on the surface of the phone that’s closest to the head. Carol says it blocks the bad energy like a wall and effectively. I haven’t taken a close look at it but it’s made by a local fellow and he’s apparently selling an awful lot of them.
Carol wants to meet him.

There are a lot of things that work but probably more that don’t work as advertised and I think you’re on track by assuming that the $#!~+bird agencies flood the market with questitonable products to induce the faint hearted to give up hope that there is anything out here that actually is new and works.

Carol and I have been subjected to a personal campaign to discredit us and this one is new: some guy in Romania is saying that we’re reptilians and is conducting an email campaign to that effect.

I kind of saw this coming a month ago: One of the directors of the Raw Spirit Festival turned on the rest and began slandering the group as a whole. He claimed to have the support of all the charismatic people in the raw food effort and they all disowned him, right away. He had been ‘poor’ and allegedly living on the road but right after his betrayal he had a new motorhome. Since I’m on his mailing list, I ‘answered back’ to one of his sickening emails with, ‘I hope you’ll spend that CIA money well!’ Cool He answered right back with ,‘I hope you spend your reptilian money well.’ I didn’t get any of his mass emails after that, which is too bad because I like to study the tactics of paid agents.

When we were in Sedona at the Raw Spirit Festival we didn’t meet any of the board members except him and the only reason we met him was because he accosted us in the parking lot of the local whole food market and tried to con us. It was a flashback for me to the hippy days when individuals, usually males, made a practice of using sacharrine love-and-light scams to gather a following. I didn’t give it a lot of thought, then, except to share with Carol how unpleasant it was and that I was glad he went away after giving us a couple of theosophy tracts Wink but a week after the Festival ended this guy made his move, apparently with a whole lot of technical support. It was so much like the typical betrayals that occured in the unorganized gifting movement that I was not surprised that the CIA felt inclined to take down even an ad hoc committee that only exists to arrange the logistics of these bi-annual trade shows. Since raw food eaters are not essentially organized the trouble ended there and the guy is probably written off as a malcontent.

DB used to passionately campaign against reptiles until he apparently met some nice ones in Ojai, California, a few years ago. Icke is still stuck in the xenophobe mindset but, by now, I think most rational people assume that a reptile is as likely to be good or bad as a human is. People who are paranoid about other sentient species are stuck in a loop, even though Icke and some others have discredited themselves.

As far as I know, neither Carol nor I are reptiles but, frankly, if either of us were I think it would just make life even more interesting for me. We once saw photographs of some bas relief carvings allegedly uncovered in a cave in Central America. The carvings are the same quality as Greek statuary in terms of scale, perspective and true-to-life detail and it clearly showed a human queen being visited by a reptilian dignitary, who was offering tribute (gifts) to her. This carving (I assume it’s genuine) obviously predates the Mayans and related civilizations.

Credo Muttwa, as keeper of very ancient traditions from throughout Africa, has stated that there have always been benevolent reptilians as well as malicious ones. I’ve always felt that to condemn an entire species on the basis of the actions of some of them is just like condemning a human nation on the basis of the criminal element in that nation. Sure, it’s a little complicated when the criminal element runs the government, as is most obviously the case in America, Britain and Israel, right now, but when I’ve travelled in the world nobody has held me accountable for what those criminals are doing just because I’m an American.

The current Romanian campaign (I’m sure this has nothing to do with the legitimate gifters in Romania) is merely insinuous, not specific. This is how the corporate world order attempts to discredit someone in this world who is doing good work–it’s always been that way but, by now, I think there are enough people who will pay more attention to the target’s character qualities and evident selfless service. This sort of backstabbing is seen, at least by these genuine people, as signals that the world order wants someone like Carol out of their way, so it usually ends up being another endorsement for the intended slander victim, rather.

I’m kind of proud of myself for seeing something like this coming when that fellow ‘on the road’ threw the reptilian dart at me but, of course, the $#!+bird agencies seem to be mandated by some unwritten law to show their hand; to telegraph their punches. It’s up to us to watch for the signals and answer back rationally instead of fight back.

Doc, I apologize for bringing this up in your thread but I didn’t think the current slander campaign against Carol warrants a headline. I’ll get more info on the phone thing and share it in the thread.

Some years ago, a friend in Canada was selling a similar-looking disc that one attached to the gas tank and people were apparently getting up to a hundred percent increase in gas mileage. Because I knew and trusted this fellow (a prolific gifter and psychic in British Columbia) I bought one. Unfortunately, my gas mileage slightly decreased, as did suddenly evveryone else’s who had one off these. Our friend is one of those nice folks who just don’t like to look at deliberate tyranny or exploitation, so I don’t think he recognized how he’d been set up. He felt so bad that he stopped emailing me, even though I assured him that we weren’t holding him accountable. From what we could gather, the discs were all linked to a proprietary radionics device. I don’t even know who was making them but they probably cost a dime to make and they were apparently sold with multi-level-marketting. Our educated guess at the time was that the company was sold to a CIA operative, who immediately sabotaged the radionics device. Those $#!+birds have deep pockets, since they make a lot of money in the global dope trade, of course.

I’m wondering if Carol’s phone disc is also a radionics element. I hope not, because that would make the device susceptible to sabotage. Some CIA freak could give this guy ten million dollars for his company, then do what they apparently did to teh gas tank stickers. That’s not a problem for energy sensitives like Dirk and Carol because they’d immediately sense the unpleasant shift but most of us probably wouldn’t notice the change. The disc covers up more than half of her phone’s screen and that’s the only inconvenience. It’s nice that it’s flat.

The $#!+birds, on their own, have made a lot of progress with radionics and several vendors have been sabotaged that way in the past couple of years, though by now those efforts are failing or else orgonite has reached a level of public awareness taht radionics is no longer sufficient to ‘erase’ us from public awareness, any more. After David Wolfe started promoting our zappers, in October, we haven’t suffered as much radionics sabotage to our business, though we were both poisoned again–twice in as many months Wink

Maybe if we were reptiles our livers couldn’t be damaged by the CIA’s pharmacoepia. At this point, I think it would be a fine tradeoff because we’re getting really tired of being poisoned. I think reptile livers are kind of like dog livers–dogs can literally eat feces and remain healthy.


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