Do they wanna posion me?

And just like that, I was told “Hey Jose, there is this guy that cures diabetes”…(more magic bullets) so with an open mind and heart I called this guy and talked to him… he didnt want to indentify himself on the phone, didnt offer to meet me, told me that by my voice he thinks am a good person, and then started to talk to me the tipical church speech, he wanted me to look at at him in a way that I would feel sorry for him, to win my confidence, if you know what I mean… to be honest he sounded to me like a “potter brujo”…sent to poison me with a magic bullet remedy for diabetes, sent by some voodoo rats, what else can it be? after been healing my space and others with orgonite, plus making available orgonite in Dominican Reppublic, Ive been continuously attacked in many ways, mostly by voodoo practitioners, I know most of these things thanks to the impressions of this boards psychics who help me cope with some of the attacks and basiclly get rid of them thanks to their work and their knowledge. These attackers includes people I knew from church(when I was brainwashed), a couple of “friends” and some others some of you guys know…

This also includes P.O. box mailing accounts interception, (Orgonite stuff is not getting to my address, and its been taken out of my reach), also neck attacks , etheric knives stabbed in my back, energy clouds over my 4th chakra keeping me away from boosting with energy,astral visits to my house, ghosts, turning some people against me and many other things.

I write these impresions and anecdotes so you, dear reader, if you find yourself with situations similar to these just know that these are perfect confirmations that should keep you going instead of going back the other way. As for me at first I was a bit skeptic, but a couple of months full of attacks and stuff is enough for me to understand that I am a viable threat, mostly after I found a childs leg a block away from my house after some little “guy” in a motor bike pointed me and guided me to that leg, which has been a rude confirmation and sent to me as a warning message hahaha as****es.

Never let anything “weird” keep you away from posting your anecdotes and impressions… no matter how werid they are, they may bring you and others that read, many answers to some un answered questions in your head, that could eventually make you doubt on yourself or think you are going insane. The best part is that you know they are probably hitting you and you dont have to take all that, you can hit back too, and posting is one of the ways you hit back, to some people at some point, of course. I personally feel very fortunate to have the chance to post in this board full of integrity and uptlifting threads, and count continuously with the help, assistance and advices from true/well intended people.

It is very likely that if prior knowing about orgonite and orgone energy and the truth out there, your life has been miserable in some ways, you have been attacked so you cant make it. This is our very first confirmation, for some of us.

If you were doing a big labor with orgonite and be attacked this ways would you take a bullet remedy from someone you dont know, doesnt identify himself, will do it for free, and sound mostly like a tipical Christian (he told me he is) pot doer… among other things? haha I wouldnt! Nice try rats, allmost got my sister into drinking that poison, at least she asked me first and thank God am starting to diffrence stuff around me, what’s good and what’s not good, that is.

I hope you dare to post your adventures no matter how weird they are, I just did post some of mine…

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