Do You Have A True Story?

louis onder
03 Feb 2008 16:21
Subject: Do You Have A True Story?
"True Stories�

About 3 weeks ago a friend of mine at work told me how excited his wife was because she just started a new job in real estate after many years of holding this desire. But hope soon turned to despair when her co-worker (who was also training her) showed her dark, unrelenting pessimistic side. This woman was so full of negative energy in all of her ways that my friend’s wife had all but given up her aspirations of a career in real estate. I told him this was the simplest of problems and not to worry about it and everything would turn out okay. The next I brought him an HHG and told him to give it to his wife so she could put it on her desk. In less that 2 weeks, the woman who was filled with so much negative energy settled down, became focused on some of her goals and got another job in a completely different field. Now my friend’s wife is being trained by a new person who is very positive who looks out for her best interests as well as renewing her faith in a promising future in real estate where her heart had been all along.



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