Dolphins In The 3d World

Hi everyone,
We managed to swim with a small pod of dolphins on dec. 24 after 5 dry runs to the bay. We did see whales breaching out beyond where the past gifting was done those 5 times though. There should be more and more whales coming in for the next few months.
This time the dolphins would cruise by and go around and around the bay. They were absolutely silent except for one long audible dolphin squeak as they came by on one of their passes. No jumping either. maybe the latest gifts will help perk them up. Got the hunch to add larimar chips in this batch. great feel that stuff has. lotta bad weather since then, so we haven’t tried to meet them lately.
Did some more gifting, also with added larimar, on the north shore, but the dolphins must be coming around for them when no one sees them. they were noticeably absent on the north shore this whole last summer, they seem to be hanging out more by west maui lately from what i have heard.

links to the dolphin videos

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