Dolphins Protect Chinese Merchant Ships?


Liz in Colorado sent me this Chinese news agency article (Thx!)

I wish I were in touch with some Mainland Chinese in addition to the nice company gal in Ningbo whom I’m doing business with, whom Georg kindly hooked me up with. The extended visit of the humpback whale in Hong Kong Harbor, whom my wife told us went there to encourage Hong Kong Johnny and to express the cetaceans’ appreciation for his gifting efforts, might have also gotten press coverage in China.

Chinese folks generally pay more attention to things like this and assume that they are auspicious. Westerners tend to ignore these signals.

Some of us read a LOT into these occurances, of course [Image Can Not Be Found] because this is where the real news is, not the posturings of politicians or the bloodstained shennanigans of generals and corporate executives.



That is very very cool. A very positive sign.

Recently Matthew Stewart-Smith pointed out to me that the “China TB” site was written mostly in characters that people from Hong Kong or Taiwan would relate to but that many in Mainland China may not understand so clearly. So Matthew kindly translated the site so that it is in two different versions with a Chinese button on the top left to toggle between versions. Thanks Matthew … much appreciated.

The trick now is to get this site viewed by more people in the Mainland, but I’m sure with the help of the Operators and more gifting this will happen. China has a deep history of an understanding of energy through Feng Shui, Chinese medicine, Tai Chi, Qi Gong etc etc. It is naturally a very soft Yin place,so maybe thats why the China TB site was so quickly blocked since the “ghoul puppets” know that once the Chinese people get exposed to orgonite that they may take to it rather and surprisingly quickly.

It would be excellent if we could get Don Bradley’s video dubbed over in Mandarin. Hmm I like that.

We’ll be gifting Shenzen China next month.

All the best…Hong Kong Johnnny

Thanks for the update, John. If you’ll give me an address I’d like to send Matthew a gift.

Carol mentioned to me that dolphins and whales will be more and more ‘present’ in situations like the recent Hong Kong visit by the whale and the intervention off the coast of Somalia. News reports indicate that the Somali pirates are taking a lot of ships, there, so it’s doubly significant that the dolphins prevented the attack on the Chinese ships.

If one will pay attention, these events are historic and empowering. Most of the really good stuff in history is not reported except much later, by historians (if ever)

The very ‘alone’ aspect of some of the personal development and discernment process shouldn’t discourage us from leaving the Pajama People’s ‘magnetic’ denial (numb, brutish peer pressure; the nearly-vestigal herd instinct) out of the equation when we take our cues from the cetaceans and the rest of The Operators.


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