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Don Bradley’s Uwantsun’s blog is back and chock full of intel and links to some great videos exposing the
global elites agenda and coming march towards martial law and mandatory forced vaccinations .

I love you Don Bradley for helping me wake up to reality.

If you’re new to the whole shapeshifting reptoid thing, you’re in for a treat .


Hi Eric,
I understand your enthusiasm, but frankly reading that stuff doesn’t do me much good. I know the Plan by now, and feel inclined to not read too much about it anymore, it manages to get me down somehow. For me it’s time to start focussing on all the good things that are happening these days as well. and continue gifting, of course.
This just a personal thing.
all the best

What really resonated with me are the ideas on raw food and super food. It tends to bring us back to our natural authentic self. Simple…think GREEN, it’s the color of the heart.

There were sylphs everywhere this weekend over hong kong. Chemtrails too…two chemtrails sprayed directly over my head while I sat on the beach (I’ll take that as a compliment). I was clocked by a beautiful (on the surface ) reptoid this week…I just smiled and walked on. i have ZERO interest in TV, videos, entertainment etc. I prefer spending my time with my boosting partner going deeply in her eyes and feeling her heart, tasting raw food and tasting green dips while rolling about in laughter in what we call our “No BS zone of naked reality”.

My neighbour caught a beautiful king cobra in his tool shed this weekend…such an incredible snake. Not a big one but very sleek and shiny and lively and AWARE. I think the whole reptilian agenda will be exposed and healed and felt into, then we’ll skip down the road to a more fruitful reality. I feel the gifting of orgonite has accelerated the revealing of what is real. On a personal level I was living in a marriage that was a lie when I started gifting orgonite. The marriage fell apart and so much else when I started gifting orgonite. Orgonite tends to have that effect…exposing whats real…the mechanics of how that works I haven’t a clue. I think too that our capacity to open our hearts greatly affects the potency of the orgonite we make. How that can be or how it can be quantified I really don’t know. I think one day this will be easily done.

I’m glad DB has revealed all that he has. It takes great courage. It’s all part of the healing.

All the best…hkj

I dont think anyone exposed the dark side more than Don Bradley and with amazing detail, i might add.

Reading his old blogs, blows your mind.
Not to say his new stuff is anything short of excellent.

He also makes beutyful orgonite devices and some very special ones, like the Reptoid Reppelant.
I hear some people have alot of fun walking into Wal-Mart with one of those devices

A fine psychic and person.


I don’t want to be a wet blanket but I hope that people who post on EW will rather promote individuals who have a track record for providing reliable information.

If anyone has a problem with this, please contact me directly, okay?

I stopped promoting Don Bradley after he attacked my character in his blogs. I look forward to being his friend, again, but under the circumjstances I hope the posters on EW will refrain from promoting him, here.

Meanwhile, I"ll continue to do what I can to broadcast his phenomenal achievements, including almost single-handedl;y clearing the smog from Los Angeles and also (personally) his instrumental role in helping me to protect this network from infiltrators and saboteurs during the first few years of its existence. He also confirmed an awful lot of what I’d read about by telling me of his firsthand experiences as a member of an active Illuminati family.

I personally campaign against promoting people mainly on the basis of their personal charisma. This is an absolutely fascinating fellow, so I understand the basic desire to elevate him to a position of authority.

I insist that people hold my feet to the fire for every claim that I make (there are only a few of those) and in the interest of personal accountability I want the contributors to Etheric Warriors to use that standard for anyone else if they wish to promote someone here.


Hi Don

I posted this thread back in August since D.B. had for whatever reason had his blog go offline for the entire summer, so
when I got back from Paris I was excited to see that he started posting again and thought to share his blog being back on line on the ew.
D.B. in my book is a stand up guy and we all need to have at least one person in our lives we look up to for guidance, inspiration and respect. D.B. is not my guru, cult leader or anything like that.

Since my Dad is deceased, Don Bradley is on top of my peoples list of those who meet my standards of being a stand up and true blue(one who emanates Orgone energy) person.

His posting photos of the many feds and mkids following him around and messing with him in the early days of his gifting adventures helped me tremendously to get passed my own fear and paranoia of gifting.
The fear was most likely them attacking me, but I still felt it and had to deal with it.

If I remained fearful and intimidated by the feds, mkids, honeypots and toids that they threw at me and in my path I would never have accomplished making and gifting orgonite all around the world and I never would have spent thousands of dollars making Orgonite over the years.
It’s good for those who are new to making and gifting Orgonite that any fear you have about gifting will eventually pass and that you will become more self aware and confident the more gifting you do.
So, one lesson I got from D.B. was make lots of Orgonite and get passed your fears and
take their photos from time to time and publish them.

I understand, Eric, and I want the best for him. 'm only asking you to respect my wishes as a courtesy in this case. Nothing is stopping you from starting your own forum to promote whatever you wish, of course, and I bet you’d be succesful. If you do that I hope you’ll still post your gifting reports, here.

I forgot to mention that DB saved our lives and/or kept us out of prison, twice, by telling Carol and I in advance of police efforts to frame us for drug possession and a Vryal effort to frame me for murder. We got good confirmations, each time.

Everyone on EW is accountable, which is as it should be. If someone refuses to be held accountable I’d rather that person not be promoted here, because then I’m accountable for that person, no matter who is promoting him or her.

This is an inescapable aspect of conducting a public forum about material that threatens the corporate world order’s hegemony. If I were to sponsor DB right now, our readers would have the impression that I’m sponsoring fundamentalist Christianity, doomsaying and other things that he’s now affiliated with which don’t relate to what you mentioned. I think this is what Dirk is referring to.

I’d rather draw attention, as you just did, to his earlier pursuits because I want to be sure he gets credit for all that. If you start a forum you’re going to get an initiation into some of the social dynamics that go along with being held accountable for personal integrity. If this were an easy job there would be more people doing it.


If he’s cleared out the militant fundamentalist stuff, which I think he just added last summer, I’ll be happy to restore the uwantsun link to the vendor list. I didn’t have a problem with his doomsaying as long as it wasn’t being promoted in EW posts. I don’t mind, much, that he took a swipe at me on his blogsite and someone has told me he erased that, anyway.

As always, I hope our readers will keep to the high road and not confuse personal charisma with substance. DB is very charistmatic and also substantive but he’s been plagued by sycophants on account of the former, so has had a rough time conducting public dialogues.

I’ve chosen to invite gifted people to EW who are more inclined to say that their impressions are subjective rather than authoritative. Looking for folks like that is like Aristotle looking for an honest man with his lantern but I’ve found a few


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