'Don Croft is a Complete Bozo and Fraud!'

The second part of that statement was, ‘He’s a great marketer, though.’

REALLY great (?), considering that I never advertise. My public detractors, like this one, have done most of my advertising until David Avocado Wolfe came along.

The only detractor whom I’ve called an unattractive name is that CIA jerk in Spain who tried, recently, to implicate Jesús Torres in the CIA’s own demolition of a couple of (probably gifted ) death towers there.

Really, if these $#!bird agencies would blow up all of their orgonite-gifted towers then there would be a considerable net decrease in healthy energy in the atmosphere around the world, since a gifted death tower is a de facto life force generator rather than a potent weapon against humanity and the environment.

I’m proud to be the object of direct ridicule by a CIA employee who has a popular forum, where he made the quoted comment recently. That fellow doesn’t personally know me, so even though my mom has made similar comments to me (sans ‘bozo’) about my zappers she can at least be considered to be sincere

Hi Don

Is it Herbie that is calling you a bozo ?

Heriberto Janosch (right) and V.J. Ballester Olmos, two of a kind ufologists.

A more recent photo of an older Heriberto Janosch Gonzales

No, hermano, Horrible Schmuckface Herbie just sends me threatening emails for now

I’ll tell you privately who said that, if I can remember his name.


Chaz in Portland sent me the following. He’s been gifting almost as long as we have and I finally met him last month when I took Alejandro to Portland. I thought I’d post it in this thread in case new readers might think I’m a little nuts.

The Succor Punch ‘experiment’ indicates how small a threat to humanity nuclear radiation actually is when the proper tools are around

Hey Don, this is for the benefit of the forum readers:

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Don Croft (along with Alejandro) for the first time, after following his posts for 8 years. I found him to be polite, unassuming and full of good humor. He is a ‘regular guy’ who immediately puts you at ease. If you’ve studied his writing, you’ll know that the most significant assertion he’s ever made is: don’t take MY word for it, try it yourself and see. So, to those of you who’ve had the gumption or openmindedness to try gifting a little orgonite and realize that it works, a heartfelt THANKS for making the world a better place.



An example of confirmation I experienced a few weeks ago: A friend of mine who has mouth cancer (won’t use the zapper -geesh!) asked me to take him to the radiation clinic for treatment. We arrived and, before he headed upstairs, said it would only take about half an hour.

I sat down to read and, after about five minutes, noticed the words began to blur. My eyesight is good and I was wearing my HP, but just in case, I went out to the car to get my SP and came back in. I switched it on and did a little blasting of the general area. Moments later, my friend came back down the stairs. “Sorry, Chaz, it’s going to be another hour or so. Three out of four of the radiation machines just went on the blink.” Oops.

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