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We took this photo on July 12, 2007.


This portrait is dedicated to the CIA, who have a hard time operating in EW’s new home country: Chile. We should be so fortunate in the US, eh?


I"m also dedicating this to the murderous, faux-police agency that calls itself ‘The Bureau.’ Carol and I stopped counting the murder attempts on us and on a few other gifters by the FBI and CIA, though a few of those episodes stand out in our memories.

I can taste these traitors’ frustration at EW’s moving well outside of their purview, last week

I don’t think either of these ruinous, poisonous agencies ever counted on being laughed to scorn. They’re ridiculous, though, don’t you agree?

It goes without saying that the NSA, who prefer a lower profile, are the worst of the worst, down at MI666’s cesspit level.

Remember when these killers were able to wrap themselves in the American flag? Maybe you’re not that old but I remember: it was during the days when white Americans, in lockstep, could be induced by the What To Think Network to attend the public incinerations of Dr Reich’s books.


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