Don Croft Trains In His Powered Para-sailor @ The Salton Sea

Yesterday I went to the Salton Sea to observe Mr. Croft flying his powered para-sailor.

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I had a lot of fun with Andy and Jesse doing this video and thanks guys!

This is a pretty good historical record of progress reversing the American/Mexican desert. On the way home I met Ixma in LA and we made tentative plans to get the Mexican part of that barrier done next summer, also some other ‘pressure point’ work in Mexico, then. I left a desert 108 with him. Ixma has done a lot of gifting in his hometown, Mexico City and is a very interesting fellow.

Caro and I hid a couple of cloudbusters on the Hopi Reservation in 2002 and flipped all the death towers and weather weaponry around there and the nearby weaponry in Navajo land which surrounds that rez. After that all the chemtrails ‘got skinny’ or quickly disappeared and the atmosphere has been gorgeous. It was still a stone-dry desert at the time but we drove through there yesterday morning on the way to Sedona and the entire region is now a grassy pasture except for a few bare spots, which look like clay. It’s the middle of winter so the grass is yellow but what it shows is that at the end of summer the grass was still there. Since we hadn’t been here in over ten years we don’t know when the grass got estabilshed.

This is what we expect to see throughout all the deserts on the continent before very long. I think that next summer will be very productive, especially with the active participation of the Etheric Air Corps. When we travel we find LOTS of good aerial gifting targets–mostly mountaintop vortices which, when healed, will draw rain perpetually (we assume and hope
The stand-alone desert mountains, like Navajo Mountain in Arizona, Mt Charleston outside of Las Vegas, Mount Franklin by Flagstaff, etc., are ver good candidates. Mt Charleston, which his surrounded by dry desert, has green meadows and pine forests and we believe this is what the Spaniards found in the whole area when they arrived in the late 1500s. ‘Las Vegas’ means ‘the meadows’ after all.

The extensive gifting we did in Las Vegas was evidently compromised, perhaps on account of who accompanied us, but someone will eventually get around to flipping all those death towers again. I can do the mountaintop death arrays around Las Vegas–incredible fun that I don’t mind not sharing but sooner or later more pilots will get involved, of course. Ultralights are best suited for mountain gifting because you fly slow enough to put the orgonite where you want and the aircraft are usually portable. A couple of mine don’t even require airports. Ultralights are more fun than the heavy aircraft, too, except perhaps jets or helicopters

Andy of was the first to gift from a helicopter, by the way.