Donation Request For A Gifting Trip To Israel/Jerusalem

I am writing this on behalf of a German gifter, Darius, after getting Don’s o.k.:

Darius wants to gift Israel, especially Jerusalem, in spring. He just went on a major gifting trip to the Azoric Islands this summer, which had dramatic effects on our weather. Due to current political conditions, he will not be able to take orgonite with him or to send it from Germany. Instead, he will be staying there for a couple of weeks to produce orgonite as much as he possibly can (and to teach the locals how to make it, too). His major focus will be on Jerusalem and Lake Genezareth. If you feel you want to donate money for this gifting trip, please let me know. Thank you.


Hello everyone,

I am really sorry if I implied that the weather improvements after Darius trip to the Azoric Islands are more than a subjective impression. I forget that writing for people who don’t personally know me makes it important to be clear and mindful with my words. For me, basically all things are subjective untill they are proven. I will try hard not to raise this impression again. Thanks, Katia

PS. I was also kindly reminded that posting my emailaddress would make things easier: [email protected]

No problem, Katia—more discussion is usually in order in situations like this one. For instance, you might give some explanation about why you got that impression. I think me might all pick up some useful info this way.

I learned the hard way that not making the ‘subjective’ distinction invites the influence and backbiting of sycophants, would-be gurus and other unsavory types but adding that tiny caveat keeps me out of the danger zone

There are a lot of clever professional people who’s job it is to read everything we write and look for ways to use it against us in backalley slander campaigns. This intellectual-criminal class have been my only ‘following’ actually, and it’s been a hell of a game staying ahead of them for all these years.

It seems funny to me that I can’t win a game of chess to save my life but I’ve been able to sidestep and even succor-punch these character assassins pretty skillfully.

Maybe, under the circumstances, it’s fair of me to ask the other members of this forum to also aim high and seek to communicate from the heart rather from the nether regions (brains and genitals?). You’re golden, Katia; I’m not talking about you but I hope you’ll use your anxiety to sharpen your expression skills, rather, as many of us have been doing.


I’ve never heard from anyone living in Israel who expressed a commitment to gifting but I’ve gotten a lot of email enquiries from there, at least, so I assume someone is at least doing it secret. Considering the aggression and omnipresence of the Mossadomites, especially in Israel and probably in everyone’s email box there, too, I doubt I’d tell anyone about my activities if I were a gifting Israeli.

Perhaps similarly, for a couple of years near the beginning of this movement I got emails from militia guys around the US, asking about how to disable the then-new death towers so I’m assuming a lot of them got quietly busy with it, too.

It’s been hard to get objective information from there about the energy situation, other than occasional reports of dense, ugly DOR fields, countless death towers and chemtrails. A hippie fellow from Holland took some orgonite and good intentions there recently but I don’t think he ever left the confines of the Rainbow Gathering in the desert and a commune.

If one were to take a trunkfull of orgonite to Israel one could probably carve out a significant, healthy orgone field if things are as bad as some people say the are. I doubt the Mossadomites would overtly stop someone from bringing it in the country but maybe it would be prudent to just make it there, rather. Some of us who checked luggage with orgonite when travelling overseas ‘lost’ that piece of luggage, by the way.

It would sure be worth sending this fellow some orgonite or money to make orgonite if he’s willing to provide good, balanced observations of the before/after effects, I think.

In the chats we work on the world’s pirated vortices, of which there are a few in Israel, but to solidify the good effects of the remote work I think some gifting ought to be done. If this fellow were willing to travel to specific vortices in Israel to ensure their continued health and proper spin that would be terrific, I think. It’s likely that these are marked by sacred buildings of one or another religion.

Looking forward to some followup reports, K!


Hei Don and fellow EWs,

Until this trip to the Azoric Islands, we had chemtrail sprayings here in Hamburg almost every day. Sometimes, they started in the morning. Especially wearing sunglasses on a “sunny” day, you could still see those trails spreading over the day. According to informations of the German board for orgonite, there are about 5 CBs in this city (of about 2 million people). I have been spreading some Orgonite here, of course. Some others also did the same. But if you wanted to “measure” the “orgonisation” of a place just by the endurence or existence of chemtrails, Hamburg definetelly needed more Orgonite. Since the Azoric Islands are said to be a major factor concerning our weather in northern Europe, I watched the sky a little more attentive than usual after Darius’ return. Every time I looked up at the sky, I couldn’t find chemtrails! I did see some smog, as well as some cloud “banks” that stopped at particular places as if they where kept behind a sharp-lined barrier. I am talking about a period of about 6 weeks. Of course, there is still no proof that this phenomenon is connected to Darius trip. They might have just paused with spraying, or maybe there was someone who quietly gifted Hamburg big time. Anyhow, I posted my observation at the German board. The day after, they started spraying heavily. I watched the sky for a while, when they started spraying. I had the impression that the trails where dissolving quicker than usual. Also, I watched one plane going over one line in the sky that apparantly had been sprayed before, but the trails hadn’t kept. Maybe this was a regular flight route with a regular contrail? That would explain why they where flying the same line over again. I rather hope it was their desperate attempt to make their stuff “stick”, though. After this day, I can’t remember any day like the ones I used to see in Hamburg almost daily before. There might even be some spraying, but now I feel my CB started to get a chance dealing with trails. As a whole, I feel the sky is clearer than before.


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