Down time on EW

Dear fellow warriors,

You may have noticed, EW’s domain expired yesterday and as a result the site was down up until now.

I must confess this was my fault, for lack of updating the domain’s contact email to reflect my new email adress. Because of this, I never received the domain expiration notice and we couldn’t renew in time.

The good thing is our registrar does not release expired domains right away, therefore I was able to help Jacques renew the domain and get everything back to normal.

I would like to publicly apologize for this huge mistake I made, which could have resulted in complete loss of our domain name, but thanks God it wasn’t the case.

A big thanks to Jacques for solving this problem quickly too!


Welcome back, Partner Steeve, and many thanks to you and Jacques for handling this in a timely way. I wasn’t worried because that wonderful Montreal server of yours looks after us very well. It might have been kind of cute if one of our sleepless detractors had bought the domain name, actually. They’re in the habit of snapping up catchy-sounding URLs these days, loading them up with baited hooks and getting them to the top of the search engine lists, even bumping off their own, obsolete (read: thoroughly exposed) disinfo sites in the process.

Here’s an uncharacteristic but timely hint, folks: over the years a string of charismatic fakers have tried to commandeer this unorganized network without success. One signal that a ‘helpy-helper’ is fake is that he/she allegedly carries on two, three or even four full time careers and also has the time to read everything that’s written on half a dozen boards without ever missing a beat. People who present that individual profile are a full time, working committee or cabal, not an individual. I learned that lesson, finally, after a succession of three fake orgonite forums that I was unwittingly involved in but I’m not a quick study, sometimes. Maybe you can do better. I’ve been well profiled to be a sucker for anyone who is able to say all the right things without blinking but I think I"m finally catching on: all that counts is one’s deeds, after all, and we all should be wary of anyone whose scintillating words and sparkling personality aren’t reflected in his/her accomplishments. Charisma is rarely our friend.

More than half of the prolific gifters I’m aware of are women but that ratio isn’t reflected even on this forum, in spite of my efforts to achieve gender balance and thus demonstraate genuine equality. The cultural degradation of women is idential to the degradation of people of color. My money’s riding on the African gifters to start to turn this around because misogyny is kind of new in Africa, so will be easier to overturn in coming days.

The saboteur-infested forums are glitzy–full of eye candy–and they never suffer hacker onslaughts, either. Every site on the internet that is genuinely substantive has to contend constantly with hordes of NSA, CIA, MI5/6 and other sewer rat agencies’ hackers, as you probably realize by now, and there are no viable open-membership boards in English, even if the board is only set up to facilitate an Orchid Growers Club or Shih-tsu Appreciation Society. That’s exactly how pervasive, efficient and effective the sewer rat agencies are with their vast armies of MKids, loose-cannon sociopaths and clever saboteurs. All of the polluted boards are legitimized and populated by rather needy, good-hearted chumps who feel that they have to see their icons on a glitzy, high-sounding forum in order to validate their own sad existence. These needy ones are generally left alone by the loose cannons and saboteurs because behavior-modification guarantees that they won’t post anything substantive, even if they’re quiet, accomplished gifters.

Can you see how phenomenally successful this forum is right now in the face of all that?

The way the fakers have pulled off this behavior-modification coup again and again (keeping the friendly chumps degraded and ineffective on the web and flooding the internet with their poisonous, slick but ennervating cacaphony, instead) is much like how McDonalds’ management has managed to prevent all of their tens of thousands of restaurants from being unionized for the past forty three years or so. It’s all done according to a centralized, highly evolved behavioral science system, developed by the CIA and MI6 and characterized by the muilti-trillion dollar consoritum of corporations, eucational & religious institutions (including religious fundamentalism and Theosophy’s tentacles, too) and the What To Think Network. Thank God EW has remained clear of these manipulators’ influence for two entire years. This URL-registration hiccup seems rather like a celebration to me [Image Can Not Be Found]–a reminder that this little forum is winning the game in spite of horrific, mountainous opposition.

In my brief military career in the previous century, I discovered that any soldiers who genuinely became friends rather than just ‘buddies,’ were heavily penalized in interesting ways, the first stage being the immediate, even traumatic ‘reassighment’ of one or the other. Homosexuality was rampant and rewarded, though, especially among management. I sure do wish I had information about global conspiracy back then because that bizarre, manipulative behavior would have made more sense to me. Catching a glimpse of the US Army ‘under the lid’ was one of my first initiations on this current path, though I’d become a little aware of that bizarre, hidden/hiding dynamic of the World Odor in my last year of high school.

My main hope for the book I’ve published is to attract more and more people to read the exemplary reports and insights of the substantive, divers posters on this board and to underline the fact that Carol is the co-founder of this global, grassroot healing revolution. If I can make a few bucks in the process I’ll get or build a plane and start gifting the seas, deserts and the inaccessible mountain death arrays on a larger scale. Carol and I really want to stay on the cutting fringe of this movement <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” />

It’s amazing how many liberal-minded people are misogynistic these days and won’t mention Carol unless I twist their arms in a friendly way but if she were an obnoxious, omnipresent battle axe or bra-less, man-bashing bull dike, we wouldn’t be together and so you’d probably never have heard of either of us. The What To Think Network and other public institutions are set up to only allow obnoxious, unbalanced women to become prominent and this is an old, paternalistic cultural habit throughout most of the world that we mean to change now.

It’s a miracle that this grassroot network keeps expanding throughout the world without having any solid standard in English except this rather obscure internet forum, by the way, which only a few hundred people read regularly, a large portion of them being our enemies. The viable and vital French an German orgonite boards and the popuilar sites in other languages can account for much of that but not all of it, especially in Asia.

By now, it’s likely that most gifters are not English, French or German speakers, though. The next miracle in line is that the information that’s being disseminated in the world through other channels is pretty much free of the arcanery (‘arcane chicanery’) and cosmic debris that characterizes the content of the ruinous, noisey orgonite forums. Thanks, Operators! I think my heart would break if the sewer rats ever managed to promote an ennervating, tinny version of what we’ve all been quietly accomplishing, which is simply based on individuals empowering themselves, after all, not on personalities, indecipherable gadgetry or blinding ideology.

I mentioned in another post that I prefer that people buy my book from . Where would we be without our Canadian cohorts these days, by the way? Other reputable and accomplished people in this network will likely have the opportunity to write and sell their own books after this–maybe quite soon.

Diana, who lives and gifts on the other side of Florida, told me that when she mentioned our zapper to a new acquaintance the other day, the woman said, ‘Oh, I heard that the Storm Guy makes these!’ Our landlady, a native Floridian, had also heard about orgonite cloudbusters and recognized ours as one, but was skeptical when she saw us putting it up beside the deck, here, a year ago. That was right before Softball Wilma was thrown at us in a line drive from across the state [Image Can Not Be Found] but by the end of the present HAARPicane season, I think our landlady (and whoever else is watching to see whether we stand or fall on our own merits <img border=“0” alt=“Surprised” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-surprised.gif” />) will finally be a believer. This season, the HAARPies are unsuccessvully contending with thousands of TBs in the sea and dozens of new cloudbuster in the Caribbean islands, by the way, that weren’t around a year ago. Witness how suddenly all three of the named HAARPicane attempts suddenly disappeared this ‘season’ before they made landfall. Louis Onder has further plastered the Gulf Coast west of Florida. Dr Group and group have dumped a whole lot of orgonite in the Gulf off East Texas, we’re told by Patrick Pastor, who gifts with them and occasionally posts here.

When more and more casually-interested people start reading the posts on this board, it’s likely that some of them will feel inspired and encouraged to stick their necks out, as we’re doing, and to heal this world with orgonite rather than to be ignored, insulted and manipulated if they unwittingly throw their lot in with one or another of the fakers’ slick but empty forums, instead. Think of how many otherwise-useful folks allow themselves to be kept spinning their wheels by the insinuous bullies on those forums.

If you’re posting regularly on those boards and are a genuine gifter, please consider that YOU are their breath of life, now that most of the substantive people have abanoned those groups, and it might be a public service for you to just stop animating those efforts and let the forums die a quiet death (like all of the previous saboteurs’ boards have done). Without your regular, merciful resuscitations they won’t last much longer, which means that when orgonite reaches mainstream awareness that ‘boulder’ won’t be blocking the middle of the stream. Human nature dictates that ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease,’ so the noisy forums would attract a lot more attention, initially, when the What To Think Network finally caves in and feels compelled to mention orgonite in order to save itself from extinction. We’re already seeing signals of tha happy eventt, by the way.

Most of the reputable people in this network have abandoned those boards by now because nobody likes to be insulted and treated with disrespect, publicly, without recourse so you’ll at least be in good company, even without an alleged ‘public profile’ for your personal icon.

I’m always on the lookout to invite accomplished gifters to EW who are willing to risk more than a noisy federal phone tap, a black chopper visit and an occasional psychic wrist slap by the sewer rat agencdies, by the way. There’s always room for hard workers, here, and there are no popularity contests on this board.

Before long, membership on the empty, noisy boards will look about as good on one’s etheric resume as membership in NAMBLA, Church Universal and Triumphant, Puss in Boots, the Liars Club, the CIA, the FBI or the Ku Klux Klan would.

I might get some hate mail from dagger beaus and/or Western Democratic Liberals–even supporters of Hillary or Chiclet Teeth?–for this post but I guess it can be a lightning rod of sorts

If you can imagine me as a willing PC conformist your imagination is awfully activce.


Pretty strange how that brief spamming campaign from our business site coincided with hackers pulling EW off the web intermittently for the past four days, don’t you agree?

I wanted to see how many ‘return to sender’ virus emails came back to my box and on ay three it was over two hunred, up from fifty or so the first day. I blasted energy at the offeners briefly and the next day there were only two or three of those hacker mails returned.

Our previous domain URL,, is still up and running, several years after the contract expired. I think my previous website is also still up. In fact, hackers prevented me from accessing each of those sites in succession, which is why we now have

WWP was down intermittently this week, too, so of course hackers are responsible. WWP and EW are entirely different accounts.

On Sunday, I"m going to ask the psychics to take a look at who’s responsible for hacking EW and WWP and maybe we’ll exact some reprisals this time. I don’t know of any other way to prevent this sort of criminal meddling. When the NSA destroyed EW, twice, last year we didn’t punish them, which is maybe why we had similar trouble this week.

Let’s have some fun at their expense!

Yup let’s have some fun…

Everytime thier will hit US…

We will make them by


Thanks Jacques for being so quick at reporting our small pouring party!

I must admit I had a blast these past two days, making all those TB’s with you and Alex. I sure hope you had as much fun as I had, despite your recurring back problems.

These past months they killed my mother then took away my girlfriend, life partner and best friend. They then proceeded with an ongoing attempt to kill me, I’m now stuck with annoying hearth problems. As if all this wasn’t enough, they also attempted to turn me against my partners in this network and almost succeeded in using me to destroy the french network’s integrity. Then, I woke up and decided this had to stop. So here I am again. [Image Can Not Be Found]

I made a decision to build and gift 1000 TB’s and as interferences went up, I decided to add 1000 more each and every time they’d mess with me. And I will stop once I die or run out of money, whichever comes first.

Since my good friend Alex had so much interference trying to build and deliver the first 1000 batch I ordered, we proceeded with plan B.

Plan B formed itself naturally on wednesday, as it was becoming obvious we wouldn’t be able to get them on time for my 5-day gifting run, scheduled for tomorrow saturday. Alex drove down to Montreal with crystals, molds and 10 gallons of resin, while I bought an additional 15 gallons. Thursday we gathered more molds, a lot of metal and started pouring in Jacques’ backyard. After some sweat and effort, numerous plane flyovers and a lot of fun, we now have well over 1000 TB’s on hand waiting to be deployed.

Last night as I was sleeping in my motorhome parked in front of Jacques’ home, I was visited by a dolphin. This experience was for me much more than a dream, and is an all-time first on my record [Image Can Not Be Found] It was a marvelously enjoyable experience and my mind kept coming back to it throughout the day…

Needless to mention, the vast majority of the TB’s we built will be gifted in the ocean. It may be a 12 hour drive to get there, I don’t care. There’s a reason I bought this motorhome, after all… I don’t think there are any dolphins in our freezing cold Quebec waters, but there are a lot of whales. Either way, I’m looking forward to this gifting run.

I’ll be posting more pictures of our pouring session shortly, and I’ll also keep you updated throughout the trip with more pics and details if I can get internet access. If not, you’ll get it all once I get back.


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