Dr. DeMeo Strikes Again!

A recent customer, who’s order is under construction, called me to tell me he read DeMeo’s site and now has doubts.

I explained that that is his job (DeMeo’s), to place doubt in the minds of orgone warriors. Old disinfo doesn’t fade away, it just sits like a trap waiting for the next victim.

Anyone like to comment on what they know about James DeMeo? I’d like to show my customer that I’m not the only one that’s aware of this guy’s agenda. I explained that James DeMeo is a paid government disinformationist, his assignment; cloudbusters and orgone warriors. Perhaps more specifically, Don Croft.

He found an interview of DeMeo on a webite that has interviews with scores of people, here:

http://www.consciousmedianetwork.com/members.htm) I see a few faces on there that I wouldn’t even bother clicking on. I’d rather not say who as I am not here to slam anyone, although I would give the honorable Dr. DeMeo a piece of my mind, if I could.

The point of all this that after all these years of global success with this technology, the disinfo artists still hook-one now and then. They must feel like the Maytag Repairman, these days.



(I wrote this intitial post in haste as I was running out the door to run errands on the other side of town. Just got back and added content, corrected mis-types.)

Whether Dr. DeMento is a paid or an upaid government disinformation agent is up for debate. What is clear is that he has done everything to discredit Orgonomy and Reich himself. I think he´s protecting his percieved turf since he likes to cultivate his image as the “greatest authority on Wilhelm Reich and orgonomy”. He embodies everything that Reich warned against, that orgonomy could become a cultish and irrational dicipline. There is no doubt at all that DeMento is NOT a scientist at all but a petty pseudo-scientist-cult-leader.

…that there has been no advancement, since the death of Reich, in what the “followers of Reich” know, understand, or have to say, concerning the nature of the massfree aether energy which Reich discovered. Reich spoke of man’s burning desire for knowledge, but no such desire is discernible in any way in the passages we quoted from his “followers”…
…in the nearly half century since the death of Wilhelm Reich, there has not been a single scientific advance in orgone physics, a single novel theoretical or experimental insight into the nature of the energy that Reich discovered, or a single novel application of the devices that he built… source: http://www.aetherometry.com/Electronic_ … expose.php

I´ve been reading alot from Paulo and Alexandra Correa´s Aetherometry.com site. They are two physicisits who almost single-handely resurrected the science behind “Orgonomy” (by discarding Orgonomy and Neo-Reichian dogma altogether). Eugene Mallove was their strongest supporter and his brutal murder in 2004 is testament to his integrity and reputability. The Correas are hard scientists, so don´t expect them to validate, necesarilly, what we all do, since strict scientific rigor requires very controlled experiments, and gifting isn´t exactly controlled.

The results of gifting speak for themselves, of course, but that does not mean its comparable to hard physics in terms of scientific rigor, real physics that is, not what is taught in Academia. Someone could argue that us gifters are also doing a disservice to Reich due to our general lack of strict scientific rigor. The great difference between the likes of DeMeo and rational orgonite gifters is that we do not pretend nor claim to be scientists and that we get consistent(and very often dramatic) results. We are just normal people achieving extra-ordinary results with orgonite. Most of us are content with getting the results and not having to scientifically prove that orgonite really works as we claim. Anyone wishing to prove that orgonite works beyond any scientific doubt needs to exercise strict experimental rigor, which I have yet to see in any experiments with orgonite. That said, I don´t think its our “job” to “prove” that orgonite works, but to provide evidence that what we are claiming has merrit. There is a difference between “proof” and “evidence”. All of the evidence of orgonite´s effects, exposed on this this forum for instance have alot of empiric weight. Hopefully some open-minded scientists will be motivated by this body of evidence and design experiments that prove orgonite’s effects beyond any scientific doubt. I think the Correas are the ideal candidates for this.

That said, most academic “science” lacks scientific rigor, much of it is simply BS. Just look into the “science” that supports the global warming scam.

The Correas have been concerned with proving the most basic principles of “orgone energy” or “mass-free ambipolar energy”, and proving its existence. They have proved beyond any scientific doubt that orgone is real and that DOR and OR polarities do exist, for instance. Their experience with Dr. DeMento is very illustrative. you can read the whole exchange they had here:
http://www.aetherometry.com/publications/direct/demeo_mail.pdf its pretty long, but it turns pretty ugly in the end, not surprisingly considering DeMento’s M.O. You get a taste for his two-faced tactics, first gain confidence and trust, then go for the jugular. Here´s a little excerpt:

… Curiously, you (Dr. DeMento) are convinced that, were Aetherometry to become widely known, it would “stimulate
a crisis against Reich’s original orgonomy”. This is not only a very thinly veiled insult but a
falsity as well. Like all disinformation, it contains a grain of truth: that Reich’s orgonomy
would be integrated and superseded. But that is not what you mean -which is, rather, that
the pathological versions of Reichianism now extant will be obliterated. And this is, in fact,
what you fear.

For, we are entirely convinced that what is harming an understanding of Reich’s orgonomy
are the misinterpretations that surround his work, the mysticism and the confusionism that
go hand in hand with precisely the kind of poisonous behaviour and bogus ‘criticism’ that
you have exhibited in your 12 page attack on Aetherometry. Though you pose as defending
Reich’s original Orgonomy, the fact is that what you put forth is only another anorgonomic
version of the same – and when it comes to being defended, Reich is better defended by
Aetherometry than by such bankrupt iterations of Anorgonomy.

Particularly significant and disingenuous in your most recent letter is the cynicism of your

“Unfortunately, even with Eugene Mallove’s support, I doubt if anything defending or even
significantly referencing Reich will get such attention, no matter what theoretical
formulations are offered.”

First, you gloss over that this is not about theory, but about science, which means theory
validated by experimental facts. And these are the same facts that your supposedly
‘constructive’ criticism purposefully glosses over (matters like the leakage-seepage
comparison, the antigravito-kinetoregenerative phenomenon, the identification of a solar-
sourced variable that tends to arrest the spontaneous electroscopic discharge, etc, etc). …[/quote:1ozhwr6f]

its goes on, were the Correas expose the dishonest and outright malicious tactics employed by DeMento against them.

With a little research it becomes crystal clear that Dr. DeMento is a true sociopath, one of those two faced, shameless, compulsive liars and manipulators, kind of like your average NewAge guru [Image Can Not Be Found] Reich must really be rolling in his grave, to have such a low-life as his “official” representative and the leader of modern orgonomy, which should be conisdered totally dead, thanks in great part to DeMento. Its funny how DeMento has viciously attacked the two things that have revived Reich’s findings the most, Orgonite and Aetherometry. It should be considered a compliment to be attacked by DeMento, since he only attacks people of integrity who pose a threat to his position as leader of “Orgonomy” and everthing related to Wilhelm Reich.


Andy, I think there will always be skeptical and/or weakly discerning customers. When I perceive hesitation in a prospective customer I practically beg him/her to go buy the $15 (15Hz) zapper from tendollarzappers.com instead of mine.

If that customer had bought a couple of HHgs from you and hopefully identified the benefits of having them in his home then he might have gotten the confidence to buy a cloudbuster from you.

The real downside of selling stuff to people who are susceptible to the hypnotic effects of some of our more clever detractors is that they often demand refunds after getting spooked. DeMento’s an academic/ an arguer and thespian rather than a scientist and he’s a terrific scammer. I used to try to read his stuff but ended up using it as a dependable soporific. It’s like reading Bearden’s mummery. Fortunately, I also had the little book by King and started making really good orgone accumulators with aluminum foil and saran wrap. My daughter, Nora, helped me find the optimal number of layers (9) then and I still make them that way. I added it to my sauna, for instance. A little orgonite on or near an accumulator keeps it from sucking up DOR, by the way.

There are an awful lot of orgonite cloudbusters out there and I’m betting that if the doubting customer had bought one he likely wouldn’t have seen dramatic effects on account of already being within the fields of several others. Some orgonite in his bedroom would more likely have produced some confirmations for him. He’d probably have to live in Tierra del Fuego or Greenland to see his cloudbuster produce big results in the atmosphere.

A lot of folks who are new to this information simply assume that they need to get a Big Gun in order to make anything happen but I tell these newbies that it’s more about identifying orgonite’s effects in a more personal way in the beginning.

The only time I went after DeMento, here, was when he personally tried to influence that Mozambique court to give prison sentences to our gifting buddies in Africa last spring. That was probably the lowest thing that the schmuck ever did.

I don’t criticize Trevor Constable for condemning our work because I think he’s sincere and it’s obvious enough that he’s never experimented with orgonite. Constable gets results with Reich’s old cloudbuster design, by the way, and DeMento only made a mess with it, which we found out from the folks in Namibia who had sponsored him in the previous decade. As we know, the gifting efforts of Georg and friends in Southern AFrica are turning the Kalahari and adjacent Namib Deserts green for the first time in recorded history. Maybe Gert Botha, Carol and I had a little hand in that in those deserts, a few years before that.

I’m fully confident that Manfred’s science forum is going to gradually build a good, scientific framework around this stuff that all of us, at least, already know is genuine, powerful and empowering. This takes a lot of time, of course. Whether we win the hearts of the Correas probably won’t affect the tide of exposure that’s now slowly moving in our favor but I hope they will open their eyes to Reich’s historic, pivotal role and recognize that if Reich were alive he’d probably want to shoot DeMento for maligning him.

As Ale points out, it’s the cultish strivings of a few chest pounders like DeMento that have discolored Reich’s own, well-earned position as the first genuine scientist to not only explore subtle energy’s foundational role in physics, biology, psychology, etc., but also to create technology to put it to use. Evidently, some of Reich’s inventions are not even known, yet.

There are quite a few inventors and physicists that have come along since Reich’s murder to reinvent the wheel and they call orgone/ether by their own proprietary terms. I don’t think we’ve yet seen anyone of Reich’s stature, though. If the Correas can produce technology to utilize ether that will eclipse Reich’s contributions we’ll have to give it up to them [Image Can Not Be Found]

It may be the interactive quality of ether/orgone that makes it impossible to separate the identity of the pioneers from the research, itself. That said, even if Charles Manson made some simple orgonite ‘with bad intention’ t would perform as well as simple orgonite made by a saint so in the long run the name, ‘Reich,’ is no more or less significant to our efforts than ‘Ford’ is to someone who drives a mass-produced car.


Whether we win the hearts of the Correas probably won’t affect the tide of exposure that’s now slowly moving in our favor but I hope they will open their eyes to Reich’s historic, pivotal role and recognize that if Reich were alive he’d probably want to shoot DeMento for maligning him.

The Correas have always credited Reich as the founder of this new science and in my opinion have honored him tremendously by critically examining his findings and theory; building upon his discoveries, but even more so by idenfying the flaws in Reich’s experiments and theories and improving upon them. That is the real way to honor a (real) scientist, not by turning him into a infallible cultish icon, as the Reichians have done.

The Correa´s critiques of orthodox orgonomy (and Demento) are the most eloquet and systematic I´ve seen yet. Demento & Co. really, really hate these guys, perhaps even more than they hate you, Don.

In their website the Correas expose numerous new technologies they are currently developing such as:


1 ­ Pulsed Plasma Power (aPAGD/IVAD)

2 ­ Power from Nuclear Fusion: Aetherometric Fusion Reactor (AFR)

3 ­ Solar and Atmospheric Energy Conversion Systems: HYBORAC Converter

4 ­ The Aether Motor/Converter (AMC)

5 ­ The Passive Ground Charger (PGC)

6 ­ The Passive Electric Water Turbine (PEWT)


1­ The Passive HYBORAC Distiller/Desalinator (PDD)


1 – The Aetherometric Weight-Neutralizer (AWN)

2 – The Aetherometric Anti-Gravitator (AAG)


1 – The Biological Aether Field and Contact Meter (BAM)

2 – The Biochemical Linear-Log p[e-] Meter (PE Meter)

3 – The Active Bio-Aether Irradiator (ABAI)

4 – The Radiant Energy Red Blood Cell Response (RER) Kit

5 – The Aetherometric Cancer Project: The Leukemia Early-Detection (LED) Kit


1 – Advanced Aetherometric Data Acquisition & Analysis System: the Aetheroscope

Further details of these tecnologies can be found here: [http://www.aetherenergy.com/Technologie]

Lets see if some of these free-energy systems break the open market. Some assitance in the chat sessions would be appropiate I believe, since it would be logical to assume that there is whole lot of sewer rat radionics being deployed against these guys. My feeling is that the Correas are legit, time will tell of course, but instead of just waiting around, why not lend a helping helping hand and send them (and the rats attempting to sabotage them) a nice boost?


A queer aspect of Freud and Einstein having blackballed Dr Reich in the academic/science/medical fields is that he had to develop his research alone. The fact that he accomplished so much without the ‘approval’ of lettered curmudgeons, which is what any mainstream researcher seeks (vestigal aspect of the old herd instinct?) shows that you and I can do the same, assuming we’re of his calibre. I’m not but somebody probably is.

Note that when the academics/scientists were genuflecting to Einstein they were ignoring Tesla and other contemporary genuine pioneers, who outclassed Einstein in terms of producing results. You can see that even now scientists care more about theories than about evidence. I deal with that every day with people who made the mistake of reading Clark’s or Beck’s material before trying a zapper. Sometimes I’m successful at helping them navigate their way out of borderline-superstitious, confusing, discouraging but high-sounding pronouncements about electromedicine from these two white coats.

As we know, Freud blackballed his protege, Reich, because Reich was curing mental illness instead of just analyzing it. At least Freud, unlike Einstein, produced results of sorts because it wasn’t long after that when he took charge of Tavistock Institute, the world’s premier brainwashing facility. To Einstein’s credit, at least he didn’t harm anyone the way Freud did, wholesale.

Imagine what would have happened if our work had been subjected to ‘peer review’ before we felt able to disseminate it. If you look at the faker forums that are so well featured by the search engines you can see the sort of ‘peers’ that pine to ‘review’ us and they use some pretty impressive, subtle behavior modification protocols to keep their unwitting members confused and spinning their wheels, sort of like how the media keeps the stupider Pajama People saluting the US flag and calling themselves ‘free’ under the present circumstances. Several very fine gifters broke out of there and are doing great work, now, also reporting their efforts on this forum.

Peer review is one of the freakiest aspects of the academic and scientific community and I suspect that if these colleges and universities survive the current jump in human awareness, then they’re going to have to get some intellectual integrity. Self education isn’t the best kind but it’s probably a whole lot better than being institutionalized and I doubt we have the luxury of waiting for all the lettered reactionaries to die off for this situation to improve.

Stating the obvious, as I’m doing, also has to become a general habit in order for us to break out of those old mental shackles.


re (medical) Peer review, Duesberg sums it up: “For the public ever to break command science it must first understand the basis of its enormous powers. The medical establishment derives these powers from three sources: (1) enforced consensus through peer review, (2) through commercialization, and (3) the fear of disease, particularly infectious disease.”–Peter Deusberg (Inventing The AIDS Virus)

There are some good journals but they get suppressed, eg The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, although in publication for 38 years, has never been listed on the government database MEDLINE. And most MDs only use medline.

Myth number 1: Scientists have always used peer review. Myth number 2: peer review is reliable. Myth number 3: Peer review is the way we determine what’s right and wrong in science

Vera Hassner Sharav, president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection—“The companies design the drug trials,” Sharav says. “They select the subjects. They maintain and interpret the data. They select which parts get published. They choose who will become the reviewers in the prestigious medical journals. And they pick ‘key opinion leaders,’ who they pay handsomely” to promote the drugs. “It’s perfect,” she concludes. “They have it made.”

the New England Journal of Medicine……Eighty-three percent of its revenues comes from drug advertising.

they produce fraudulent studies to order, eg dozens proving MMR is safe, and all studies showing psychiatric drugs are in any way effective.

“SSRI antidepressants work no better than placebo, and their benefits do not meet the criteria for clinical significance……….You’re probably wondering how in the world such awful drugs generate $16.9 billion annually in global sales. I’ll tell you. It’s because the companies that push these pills have made a concerted and successful effort to deceive physicians and patients.” [2008] Mental Health: It’s Life, Not Depression by Dr. Julian Whitaker

Re: Peer review—Tom Jefferson, from the Cochrane Collaboration’s Methods Group interviewed by the Guardian (UK) in January this year (2003). He said:
“If peer review were a medicine it would never get a licence…We had great difficulty in finding any real hard evidence of the system’s effectiveness, which is disappointing, as peer review is the cornerstone of editorial policies worldwide”

Wow–good, thorough work, John! ‘Command science’ says a lot about these academic brain police, I think. I’m sure the ‘best’ scientists who work secretly for the corporate sewer rat agencies laugh pretty hard and long about these intellectual jailers.

Someone once pointed out that the three instititionalized-science groups that rely most heavily on peer review are archaeology, geology and astrophysics


It might be prudent to stop posting in this thread, since every time it shows up in the rolling index we’re essentially advertising for Doktor DeMento


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