Draconians and Insectoids pulling the instrings

We found today on chat the head of our attackers. We were currently being hounded by 5 draconians and their Insectoid master, during all the week. Everybody on the chat has been having a hard time concentrating. They are also hitting Cycling flinger psychotic neighbours from bellow to make noise and be hostile towards them.

We managed to neutralize 2 dracs, but the other 3 and the bug are still attacking us. We believe this beings are somehow important in influencing NATO decisions so taking them down would be of great benefit for all. Some of them might also being attacking other gifters as well.

If anyone feel willing just send me, Yu and CF some boosts. We have been making good progress hunting these shitbirds.

This is interesting, as I’ve recently been experiencing seeing an eye with a slit pupil looking at me. I was thinking reptile, but I feel a strong sense of authority, so draconian probably makes sense in that regard. Male.

I got the sense it wasn’t keen to leave, but I’m quite imaginitive about asking for help in different ways, so it has to contend with the professionals.

The experience of seeing slit eyes is common to me. I think it is some times done as a form of (weak) hypnotic attack. In general there is an hierarchy that is pretty much consistent. The first line of attack are human military psychics, evil occultists and their earth reptoid associates. Blast enough of them and became a bigger problem and you will be seeing the draconians that command them pretty soon. Both the reptoids and draconians may use grey aliens as suport during attacks but these are pretty helpless on their own. Blast enough dracs and you will force the insectoid aliens to show themselves and attack you. These are the top of the current dung heap and you are guaranteed to disrupt a lot of evil machinations if you take down one of these. We neutralized the insect from previous chats but 3 dracs managed to scape and hide themselves from us.

One easy way of get acquainted to your attackers is doing astral projection. The don’t want us to peeking out there so they will quickly try to suppress you as soon as you go out. They will almost surely hide their true form with the use of thought forms or invisibility, but with enough insistence and some provocation one can throw them off balance and force them to show their true face.

One does not really need to go after the big players sometimes because they will throw themselves in the fire line sooner than later. All you need to do is defend yourself seriously if you are under heavy attack. Doing this in group makes thing easier for hitting these guys.

I met my first dracs in 2000 at my brothers funeral. They were trying to distract me from making my observations of the events. I simply used my mind and “told” them to get lost or I would split there lip right in front of everyone. They both gave me a shocked look the ran away, and I mean they ran! It’s been a 16 year adventure for me ever since that day.

“lurch” is a more accurate description of how they move.