"Dutch" Humpback Whale Spotted Again!

The humpback whale that showed up the 12th and 13th of May is spotted again!
According to the news, marks on his back indicate it’s the same whale that (at the time)
swum very close to the Dutch coasline near Den Helder. Amazing! Humpback whales are
very rare to be seen in the North Sea, because of its more shallow waters and busy sea traffick. They are more common in the Atlantic Ocean.

Again it swum within 30 meters from the coastline – this time for several days
for people to witness – further south near IJmuiden. It was spotted first four days ago,
on the 17th of November and has shown itself every day since, upclose near the pier.

On this video (in Dutch, lots of swearing from amazement you hear the guys
say they were up there for hours, spotting, when this whale arrived. One of the guys
says he can’t believe he had just wished to see “the Den Helder whale” a minute before
it surfaced up front of them!


Link to more photo’s of the same humpback whale:



Took my last 47 tb’s off the shelf today and off I went to Ijmuiden pier. Arriving at sunset –
with a long walk ahead to the end of the pier – it was too dark when I finally got there
to show you more pictures. I was an hour too late to see it jump for the first time,
local whale spotters told me (see link to photo’s above). But I was happy enough to
know it jumped for other people to see. The fourth day in a row for it to surface
at the same spot!

When this humpback whale showed up last May near Den Helder (up north), I doubted
too long to just go and gift. The funny thing is, I finally decided to go to IJmuiden instead
that month, for it has this long stretched harbour pier to more easily reach deeper waters.
It turned out a nightmare then. For I miscalculated distances on my map and got hopelessly
lost in the harbour customs area. There was so much surveillance going on (helicopters, patrol cars and boats, guards, the works), I got intimidated and scared and went home with my backpack full of orgonite untouched ( sorry whale).


Another Whale story (a sad one this time) but curious all the same:

[Dead Whale Story

I wonder what he was trying to tell us.


Carolien, congrats for following that hunch and gifting the sea! Carol has the impression that the whale showed up in May and, again, last week to get your attention. There are lots of people in Europe who are easily able to just go to the sea and toss orgonite in for teh whales and dolphins to distribute but apparently you’ve been the most receptive. I hope more will do this, soon, throughout the world. Water gifting on that scale is phenomenally effective in turning the energy balance away from the world odor’s parasitic piracy and firmly into the realm of the benevolent Operators, whom we apparently serve and work with. For now, I"m quite sure that the dolphins and whales are the primary interface between our own expanding 3D awareness and The Operators’ much larger and more empowering world.

When you emailed me, shortly after you returned from the gifting sortie, to ask Carol to track the orgonite you tossed she told me, before coming over to see your map on my computer screen, that the orgonite had already been distributed far to the north east, in an arc which she demostrated to me with her arm. When she saw the map, the path followed the coast in that path, all the way northeast from there to the north of Denmark.

This time was a little different, she said, because the planetary Guardian (Dooney’s been reporting about this new relationship) apparently told her directly. Usually, Carol leaves her body and looks down on the region, as from a satellite, and sees the individual towerbusters as little points of light in the sea, as she’s done a few times for Dan in Indonesia and many more times during our gifting of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

Thanks for mentioning the whale murder, Dan. Keeping track of these helps us find good targets in teh weekly chat sessions so that we can prevent further murders of cetaceans, which is almost always being done by the US and British (‘Royal,’ my @$$!) Navies these days. We can envision how fast these predatory military organizations will dissolve after humanity has finally gotten tired of being governed by distant parasites.

Notice how few there have been in the past three years, since the dolphin and whale interactions with gifters began in earnest in Costa Rica with Carol’s visit there!

We always welcome sea-gifting reports and Carol is happy to track the distribution of orgonite in the sea. If you’re reading this and have done some sea gifting (the more TBs, etc., you toss, the larger the area will be healed when teh cetaceans distribute it) just email me at [email protected] and I’ll ask my wife to track it.

Great job, Carolien (as usual!). I hope this report will initiate an avalanche or orgonite into the seas from savvy, hunch-honoring gifters. By the way, when we receive a lot of energy/information we sometimes need to sleep in order to assimilate it. Apparently you got a LOT of good new stuff from the whales this time. Carol says that when whales communicate with us it can be a little overwhelming.


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