Easy Timelapse Photography Etc. Technology

I have to bring up the subject because it is important.

I remember since many years we’ve all looked for easy ways to make timelapse photography, video capture our events. Now the technology is here! It’s been made for mostly sport activities, but it can be useful to us too. The ‘HD go pro’ cameras, the basic one sells for 250€ a piece, but it’s a very worthwhile investment I can tell for having played with one of friends.

It can withstand rain, snow etc. first of all
Has a large wide angle, good for weather monitoring and since it has a waterproof casing it can be left outside without any troubles.
These cameras do automatic timelapse 1-5-10-30-60 seconds shots that are automatically assembled into videos by the camera itself, so if you set it up for 720p at 30 fps while taking a photo every 30 seconds, in one second of video it will play 30x30 = 900 seconds, or 15 minutes real time, that’s just calculations that have to be done to chose how much time we want to show in a second of video.

Don, it would be great for your plane trips, to attach it to the aircraft!
I personally will start to use it to make timelapses of the effects of orgonite on plants.

and it can be useful for many other uses!
I don’t like to make advertisement, but this is a really useful device to have I believe! http://gopro.com/cameras

For timelapse, if hooked on electrically powered usb (it needs to be attached to a usb port with enough power), the camera will run forever (until the memory card is full…)

Good point Braikar.
I thought i saw a gopro on Don’s aircraft in one of his videos. You don’t need a gopro though. Here is a cheaper/smaller camera….
There are prolly even cheaper cameras if you search a little.
The editing, production and upload of the video takes time. Also you need the editing software and have to learn that part too.

Saw this video the other day. skip to 11:11 for a time lapse of the sky in France, but it is a sailing vid.


a while back i got a go pro hero 2 which i ve been using on my gifting trips. It can be handled roughly and will withstand almost anything. I put it on my head, on the car, on a pole, under water… It is great action camera but my version is not good for far away shots (it has no zoom) and the sound is horrible cause it will record all the click sounds from the casing , the wind and many other ambient sounds which makes it difficult to hear someone speak when outside. I think they have solved this problem for newer versions where you can actually plug in a mic thru the casing. The timelapse photo capability is interesting. I manage to make one timelapse with the cam attached to the CB, a short 1 minute video but i am still learning about processing videos.

My older computer could not handle hundreds of pics so i only played around a bit. Now i have a computer that can handle the work but not much time for it lol

Some resources i found are the LRTimlapse program which makes it very easy for anyone to create a timelapse video with different automatic workflows. http://lrtimelapse.com/tutorial/ this is the tutorial with lots of info and they also have a forum. You can use the demo with limitations to about 150 image only. It is not free but if someone is very interested into creating many timelapses i think it is a good investment.

Other source for timelapse is https://timelapse.org/tutorials/ with another forum.

Would be great to capture the changes in the skies thru the hours after gifting and area.