- Eror 404 Server Not Found

Always i start a explorer new session any url of this forum ( show me the 404 error Server not Found.

Why ?
I investigated it, not IP, not server not found, not real error, Always a new session problem as a malicius script do it.

Somebody have the same problem?

The web admin needs investigate this X expedient.

All the best.

I studied internet protocols etc. I must explain that sometime you will get this error when the internet provider DNS servers are being updated. DNS servers is where they store the IP associated to a specific address; e.g. = etc. sometimes while the DNS is being updated the address will point to no IP giving that 404 error.
when someone types the request is sent to the internet provider DNS server which will return the appropriate IP to connect to, if this is done at the moment of the DNS update, it will just return or some ip that is invalid (I can’t remember the exact number, i don’t think it’s anyway the error 404 is normal in these cases. and DNS servers are updated very often to register new domain names!

Je: do you have that error happening often?

Hi Braikar , thank you.
Yes, i have this error always i init a new explorer session with this forum.

I think that might be a corrupted cookie. if it just happens with ethericwarriors and no other website.
try going to
C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAMELocal SettingsTemporary Internet Files
you will need to show hidden files: go to the my documents or any folder in windows, in the menu bar on ‘tools/folder options’ then in the second tab (view) in the new window

and select the show hidden files/folder option and also the ‘Hide protected operating system files’ and untick it.

Sorry but I don’t know the name of the options in spanish if you have windows in spanish.

Well then go to C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAMELocal SettingsTemporary Internet Files
sort by name and look for the files starting with ‘Cookie:’
then look for the address and delete every cookie with that on the name.

You will need to relogin into ethericwarriors after this is done.
I hope that solves your problem, else I don’t really know what it is

No, this error happens from different navigators and computers

hum then the last thing that comes to my mind is to try to access ethericwarriors through an anonymous proxy.
like or or or any other thing like that.

Else it’s up to Alejandro to figure out this problem?

By the way if someone has problems accessing some websites like it happens to me once in a while and I guess to all of us [Image Can Not Be Found] these anonymous proxy are of great help to overcome these temporary blocks to access any website

Has anybody else had these problems? I have not heard of it untill now. I’ll look into it, thanks Je.


Today no problem ! hehe

Denounce the problems is the best thing so that they are solved

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