Evidence of Chemtrails' Harmless Status

> Hi, Don,

> In a meeting this morning (firm I’m working for does Pharmacy, clinic
> stuff), it was announced ‘cold/cough/flu season 10% milder than last
> year’…I saw it as a bellwether. A notable ‘rising, bettering’ trend,
> despite massive, massive, massive spraying here in the Philly area.

> J

Thanks, Jeff–very nice confirmation for our claim that the chemtrails are no longer harmful. ~Don

Jeff, today, sent me a confirmation of orgonite’s ‘community service’ aspect in heavily gifted Las Vegas:

My wildblue delivery to you failed, probably hacking…Another indicator, picked up
while listening to National Petroleum Radio on my morning drive. I can stand about
16 minutes of it, then the smarminess and lies get to be too much for me. I listen a
bit, as with my former hobby of purse-seining disinfo sites (and normal newspapers,
same difference), looking for actual reality. The radio person said that Las Vegas
revenues were 80% gambling-driven even as late as the 1980’s. Now that revenue
percentage is 60%, and dropping. Even THIS section of the population rising,
lifting, growing away from that old behavior. The rising tide we’re in floating all
boats, even those.

By the way, my hacking problem still persists but these NSA hacker freaks are having a sort of patchy success rate by now. It’s kind of fun to see whose email they’ve chosen to route to my spam file, by the way–usually business (livlihood) related email in this case, of course. I got Jeff’s earlier message but he might not be getting my responses. I hope you’re reading this, Jeff! All three of my email addresses get funneled to my wildblue address. We’ve got a wildblue satellite internet hookup, here.


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