Exploiting the Vestigal Fear of Witches

Somebody’s been telling imaginative tales about Carol’s orgonite creations, again. We usually get wind of a slander campaign through one or another affected customer, like this anonymous, allegedly-alarmed, fuzzy-minded fellow:
altho my first suspicion was when i received your “e’s” – with
‘blessings’ , yesterday and today – i thoroughy searched the internet in
regard to your being a witch (your choice) and have concluded that you are indeed (and in fact: don is also, by what he writes to have done and
followed …. whether-or-not he claims to be one (or the motive) it is not the point!!
thus using these two products, along with several others, quickly
becomes witchcraft whether one intends so or not …. specially considering both your many and varied experiences which don relates – including some spiritual/religious ‘mis-statements’ (to say the least!) which – when carefully considered and put into full context shows both what you are and what you are not.
i am on the other side of the spiritual fence (so-to-speak) and won’t
knowingly/willingly be involved with this “stuff” SO the question i have is this: is there any way i can get some kind of return refund for these
slightly used products (one not used)???
Dave ******
……… thanks for your consideration!!!
Here’s Carol’s email response to him and my comments will follow:
Hello David,
Let me know what you ordered and I will refund. Box them up and send them back, though, because there are other people who will appreciate them, and benefit from them.
Wicca is not a bad or negative religion. ‘Do what thou wilst and HARM
NONE…. Honor the spirits of light and all living things.’ And that is what I do. I would never use magick with any of my devices. That would be interferring with another’s free will, which is NOT
what a true wiccan does.
All that I want to do is enlighten and help humanity and help the earth rid itself of the environmental toxins that are being thrust upon her. I do everything from my heart, and I take it as an insult when someone attacks me for my belief. I don’t push my belief on anyone and I would appreciate the same consideration.
All I’m doing is using my advanced knowledge of the properties of
gemstones to make devices that can make the earth a better place to live. I don’t force anyone to buy them.
Blessings to you and your family,
[Don, here:]

I think it’s safe to say that no two people see reality the same way but, fortunately, when we recognize and accept this we can each enjoy each other’s non-parasitic worldviews and appreciate the delicious diversity of human perceptions. Most of the people in our world don’t want to exploit others, after all.
I think that one reason Etheric Warriors remains a target of naysayers and self-promoters is that we represent how dynamic unity in diversity actually is. Though it’s ‘common sense’ by now that people with diverse beliefs can work closely together to accomplish phenomenal things there aren’t a lot of working examples, yet, especially from the What To Think Network, which rather subsists on dividing, mystifying and confusing people. If good news is to spread, it happens mainly through the internet, as we know now.
Simple, newer truths are hard to grasp but when enough people have figured out and assimilated a simple new truth, like the principle of unity in diversity, it’s then easy for the rest of our species to do the same, almost automatically. This isn’t a new truth, of course, but it’s only now becoming popularly accepted.
I’ve known a few witches in my life. The only ones I’ve personally known are like my wife, were loners (in terms of institutions) and they would rather cut their own throats than to use magic to influence another living being. The vast majority of witches, just like the vast majority of preaching Christians or proselytizing newagers, will probably rather do whatever seems practical in the moment to advance their own status at the expense of others.
That said, Carol and I participate in two or three weekly, informal, international chat sessions in order to use magic to hunt and ’balance’ world-class predators and persecutors of innocents. Nobody but Carol might call it magic but that’s what ’tossing healing energy’ is, of course.
One of the reasons Carol rarely writes reports is that she hates to draw attention to herself. This has been a little frustrating for me because of the sometimes astonishing insights she shares with me, personally.
Recently, at dusk, for instance, we laid in our hammock under the pines and did a boosting session to help ourselves and the other beleaguered vendors and psychics on EW. I think Stevo and Dooney were occupied with something urgent(Wednesday nights are our midweek boost fest–usually to take care of each other so that we don’t need to take up the larger group’s time on Sunday; we four experience nearly-constant troubles at the hands of Agency radionics/psychic assaults) so Carol and I just did the Wednesday session sans computers–I boosted her while she found the assailants/targets and dodecorated them.
We found a new cache of slick radionics devices dedicated to the defeat of all the EW vendors–a real coup! Andy of ctbusters.com had experienced a particularly noxious rash of interference, so we focused on him, first. The whales and dolphins apparently wanted to help this time because Carol saw them swimming around each EW vendor and psychic while some blue whales destroyed all those (predatory magic) devices with rhythmic energy blasts, much to the chagrin of the middle-aged couple (including one voodoo practitioner and one Vryal operative) who were husbanding the project on behalf of the CIA. [Image Can Not Be Found] We’d been messing up CIA, MI6 and NSA radionics projects for months during our midweek sessions. They apparently keep several setups running because they apparently think we’ll stop if we destroy just one of them, hence the weekly effort.
Somewhere in the middle of the exercise, Carol said, ‘The dolphins around Florida really miss us!’ I felt a pang and realized that I miss them, too–quite a lot.
In my view, what a person does is much, much more important than what a person believes. The incessant efforts of disinformants, corrupt/corrupting parasitic clergy and other Pied Pipers is to convince us to assume that words are more important than deeds, of course. Part of growing up is realizing that only deeds count in this life. Another part of growing up is to hold liars and character assassins accountable for those particular deeds.
If a person is doing consistently good work it really doesn’t matter what his or her ideology is or was, even if he or she honestly believes that God is just an imaginary friend for grownups. Carol doesn’t believe that way but a lot of good gifters do. I believe that God doesn’t need our support, of course, or for anyone to ‘fight for Him.’ Maybe belief in God is for our benefit.
One of the most prolific and innovative gifters we know used to attend meetings of a rural Masonic lodge before some bank robbers busted through the lodge’s floor, in the 1980s (I think) to get to a bank vault, underneath. The other masons were elderly farmers and they just kind of stopped meeting, after that, since they didn’t feel it was feasible to pay for the repairs. He probably doesn’t agree with me that masonry is fundamentally corrupt–why should he? Gifting doesn’t have an ideology or anti-ideology attached to it, any more than driving cars does. What I believe or not hasn’t got much to do with the work we’re all doing.
Lots of even potentially disruptive people are good gifters, in fact, and I don’t invite them to post on my board, though I encourage and support their efforts if they correspond with me. If they eventually lighten up and get onto an even keel, I often invite them to contribute to Etheric Warriors.
Dr von Peters, who developed the only viable remedy to chemtrail-induced chronic sickness (ChemBuster) used to be a mason, then converted to Catholicism, which he now vigorously promotes. He’s been an avid gifter in and around Chattanooga, Tennessee and has gifted in China and Russia in his travels. His treatments probably saved our lives after Carol and I were heavily poisoned with beryllium, three years ago. He’s similarly treated several front-row gifters in this unorganized network after they, too, were similarly poisoned with toxic metal dust. Our common ground with him is the healing trade and expressing our God-given freedoms and responsibilities, partly through gifting. We help him in the chat sessions when the government tries to shut him down, as we’ve helped many persecuted, pioneering medicos by now.
There are Buddhists, a Hindu, a Sikh, a Baha’i, some Jews, a Muslim and some Christians who regularly contribute substantial reports and practical insights on Etheric Warriors.
I think Carol’s the only professed witch in the bunch. The CIA, whose mind control programs are mainly based on the masonic paradigm, runs a lot of Wicca covens, of course, just like they run some or most of the fundamentalist Christian movements and other cults in the West and Asia. Before the CIA and MI6 (Theosophy is from the same jaded aristocrats who ran British Intelligence for the empire) flooded the West with cults in the Sixties Wicca didn’t have a public profile at all. Dorothy West, the old Welsh witch I know who is also a Seneca elder, was initiated into the ancient, semi-secret Doran Wicca order by her grandmothers in upstate New York when she was fourteen and it was pretty much a clan affair for them, not a cultish cause celebre for promoting abortion, hatred of religion and hatred of men.
Maybe Carol’s detractors want their listeners to assume that Carol is like them but she avoids those cynical groups. She met some terrificly kind and powerful witches in East Africa, though.
Theosophists, Rosicrucians and masons run similar mind-control scams from across the Atlantic–have done so for a century or so. In fact, the way these parasites gain control of any group who professes an ideology is to get them to organize after infiltrating them on a grand scale. Carol won’t join a coven or any group that calls itself ‘Wiccan,’ because there are just too many saboteurs among these groups (as there are in any church you could name). Right now, the only people she’s in touch with who call themselves witches are a couple of long-time female friends in St Maries, Idaho, one of whom is pretty psychic.
The international group on EW and on dooney’s forum who participate in the weekly chat sessions are quite diverse, including American and Dutch (sometimes an African) psychics, along with six to ten boosters (including me) from literally around the world. We have a lot of fun and seem to get a lot of good work done in those sessions. We save the really big targets for the larger groups. A couple of the psychics are doctors, by the way, and the African psychic who sometimes shows up is a witch doctor whom I spent some enjoyable time with in Uganda. The first thing he tells new clients is that nobody has the authority to come in between God and the individual; that connection has to be sought directly by the individual in order for healing to take place.
We’re all so much in love with the work and goals that we have in common that nobody seems to pay much attention to our differences. I don’t even know if anyone but me actually appreciates this exquisite, diverse garden of flowering souls, actually, but this demonstrated trend is a good, solid indicator that humanity has grown beyond the artificial barriers that the world odor had erected, usually via paternalistic clergy, to keep people opposed to and afraid of each other on the basis of ideology, gender and skin color.
Once in awhile I talk with Steve Baron (Toronto’s amazing human gifting tornado) on the phone. He hates to type but he likes to stay in touch with Carol and I.
He expressed some concern that Carol and I could be erased by the feds in any moment, as so many activists have been in this country‘s history. I think things in America look a lot worse than they are when seen from across the border, though. I mentioned to him that the serried, bloodthirsty FBI, encamped in Plainfield, New Hampshire, are afraid to even slaughter elderly, kindly Mr and Mrs Brown, who simply refused to pay unlawful taxes and refused to go meekly to prison after they were sentenced in April in a kangaroo federal court.
The reason, I think, that this Waco/Ruby-Ridge style of slaughter of innocents, in order to bolster the terrorist reign of this regime, has become untenable for this treasonous federal government is because it’s become ‘common sense’ that it’s just not appropriate for the FBI to casually murder innocents any more.
Apparently, twenty million or so of us simply won’t pay those taxes, so why else would the feds pick a couple of elderly folks to serve as object examples?
Since this unlawful federal/corporate regime only exists through continuous intimidation, just like the UK one does, it’s only a matter of time before secession (states in the US and Scotland in UK) dissolves these oppressive horrors. That would also suddenly end the fascist rule of corporations (the world order) and humanity will have peace and prosperity. I think that will come as a complete surprise to the PJ folks, who won’t be induced to care about things like this, after all, but who are also subject to the same luminous, liberating forces that inspired you and me to start making and tossing orgonite.
I also suggested to Steve that the really big events and realizations in human history (like the work we’re all doing) aren’t noticed by the majority of people (the PJ folks) until long after success has been achieved.
So, what’s left for this parasitic order to do to protect its secrecy in the face of growing popular awareness? They’ve been unable to effectively infiltrate the gifting movement because it’s not organized, so slander is their only other option besides murder and poisoning. The poison attacks over the past six or seven years have failed, I’m happy to say, and I think that murdering any of us who are in the front row would draw immediate, very widespread attention to the work we’re doing, which is miraculous by anyone‘s standards and is steadily eroding the world odor‘s DOR powerbase (now with the cetaceans‘ enthusiastic help).
Eleven years ago I discovered that inexpensive zappers routinely cure cancer and AIDS. What’s taking so long for this news to spread? The answer, of course, is subversion, ritual magic, DOR-based radionics and other high-tech magic and, not least, the studious avoidance in the What To Think Network of any mention of this phenomenally liberating, accessible technology.
This sort of interference isn’t entirely new, of course; it’s only been bostered by newer technology, which feeds on and enhances human nature’s own resistance to change.
The more discerning people hunt for good, empowering news but there aren’t many of us, of course. Until the internet came along, most of us had spent our lives in relative isolation, surrounded by sometimes-vicious PJ folks who feel their personal paradigms threatened by even the best of changes. Whenever even a small group of discerning people start to consult together, the world odor finds out and sends in the clever troublemakers, who sometimes even ‘pay all the bills’ in order to steal credibility so that they can spread confusion, distrust and ennui among the potential activists. I think this is one reason that discernment is such a burden.
There are so many of these programmed and professional chaos-mongers that the PJ folks are tricked into believing that this is a common trait of all humans. This is probably what induces Americans to accept the presence of the largest Gulag in the recorded history, for instance, and the omnipresence of battle-clad, vindictive cops.
If the Pajama People weren’t so resistant to change tyranny at the present level would have been impossible to accomplish, though things are much better, by now, than they were in the 1930s, at least.
Meanwhile, we few genuine activists will continue to change the course of history, quietly–in this case by distributing orgonite and by chasing down arch-predators in the etheric realm.
The Prophets, perhaps due to the resistance of PJ folks, were mostly known long after their own lifetimes, though They all changed the course of history dramatically.
By the way, when the backbiters attack Carol’s character in posts and email they use the Old Testament as their paradigm, which is pretty convenient for them since it has the color of authority if you take it out of historic context. Along with forbidding the Israelites from consulting witches, for instance, Mosaic law required that adulterers be stoned to death and all of the children of their enemies should be slaughtered. Women hadn’t the right to own property in those days, either (Muhammad was the first Lawgiver to grant that right to women). I wonder how many of these critics are unfaithful to their mates? In the interest of personal integrity, the unfaithful wives and/or husbands who say Carol’s wrong to practice witchcraft ought to volunteer to be stoned to death [Image Can Not Be Found].
I’m not criticizing Moses, of course, as the run-of-the-mill media/scholastic atheists and closet-Theosophists do, ad nauseum. His tribe were not only coming out of a period of extreme spiritual degradation in Egypt, so some extraordinary discipline was required to get them in shape to survive the coming survival challenges: they were entirely beleaguered by empires that were founded on human sacrifice, conquest and general slaughter. Israel was a comparatively tiny, poor group, then. If you compare the Mosaic paradigm to what existed in the world in those days it’s obvious that it was leagues more elightened and liberating than what existed at the time, at least in that part of the world. In some ways, they were ahead of us, now. For instance, all debts were forgiven every seven years and lending money at interest was heavily discouraged. The present world odor, and especially America‘s economy, is founded on usury.
The Wright Brothers couldn’t sell the airplane idea in America, perhaps due to the studied silence of the media and the cold corporate (the federal government, by then, had become entirely corporate/fascist) shoulder, so they had to go to Europe, where the contemporary corporate/government warmongers, who were trying their best to create WWI to consolidate their growing hegemony, saw its potential. That was about the time that Tesla was cut off by Westinghouse, by the way. Thank God we don’t have to rely on that sort of corporate centralization, any more, to spread new ideas and empowering technology!
You and I were institutionalized, as children, to assume that history is a series of grand (usually very violent) events, perhaps accompanied by Hollywood soundtracks and accomplished by pretty people.
One of the many subtle (in this new paradigm, ’subtle’ is another word for ’empowering’) benefits of achieving a viable level of confidence in the gifting effort, though repeated sensory confirmations, is that we can recognize that the Really Big Developments happen while the What To Think Network and academia aggressively avoid recognizing or mentioning any of it.
Enter the internet, where everyone has an equal voice and one person can obviously make a difference, for good or ill.
Have you noticed that previous barriers to widespread communication like skin color, ideology, gender and social status aren’t factors in this new electronic/aural/visual medium? One’s ability to communicate effectively is a factor, though, which inspires those of us who are not well-educated to educate ourselves. Did you notice how incoherent David’s insults were, by the way?
The gender barrier is probably the most grievous one, which is why it’s so easy for our detractors to attack Carol’s character on account of her world view. This is the same process that was used, centuries ago, to rid Europe and the Americas of empowered women, of course. Only a few of those murdered women were witches, most likely, and I bet that most of the rotten witches worked for the Church and the Masons who were doing the murdering, just like most of the sans-character preachers, psychics, witches, voodoo practitioners, ‘mystics,’ etc., work for the CIA, MI6, Mossad and other world-odor agencies now.
Cui bono? Who benefits from this sort of slander? I don’t really care who’s running these campaigns but if you subscribe to any of the sources, please consider whether your association with these people is helping or hindering your own happiness and progress, okay? You probably know, by now, that you’ve only ever gotten usable, helpful information and/or healing from my wife, especially if you know her personally.

I agree that the dynamics of unity in diversity describes the motivations and intentions and heart of etheric warriors and the fact people from all over the world participate in gifting with orgonite solidifies the foundation of this wonderful grassroots movement. I have received several strange emails from people over the past few years who seemed bent on confusing the facts about orgonite. I believe these people spread disinformation and are opportunistic in nature. Bottom line is the content of their messages are usually pointless and often meandering when you get down to the nitty gritty. It’s like an employer/agent gives his helping hands a list of emails of people of interest to contact and the helping hands eventually get burnt out over a period of time and are unable to connect the dots anymore. I recently experienced hacking going on with my computer and our phone line was knocked out. This always ensures me of my success with orgonite. I myself read a little about witchcraft a few years back and found it to be based on good intentions, love of the earth, creation, and the universe.

If our reality was really a movie we were watching, I would find it hard to believe there were still so many PJ folks who were still clueless about the true nature of witchcraft in this day and age. As far as I know witchcraft works hand in hand with mother nature to bring about positive changes that mother nature herself would lovingly approve of. WICCA has always openly denounced any and all negative acts. They have been up front with this information from day one. Hollywood drama and a lot of misunderstandings from the distant past continue to confuse witchcraft with black magic (this can be compared to contortion). If Dave had paid attention to the true nature of orgonite and studied a little about Wilhelm Reich for instance, he would understand orgonite naturally and safely balances harmful (invisible) energies and he would probably approve of himself in time if he was around it for a short while. I noticed for several years when ever I tried to talk to who I thought were intelligent people, but they would never even ask one single question! They would look at me smile, and blend back in with everyone else afterward.

When I first read about orgonite, I asked numerous different questions for several years to many people, and I still do as necessary. Orgonite is a most inspiring and promising study that is here to stay. Surely something wonderful and relatively new deserves even a few questions, unless you’re so deeply programmed with other people’s opinions. The people of etheric warriors and the majority other orgonite forums in the U.S. and OVERSEAS are truly a special group of people who have come together at a very crucial time in our world’s history! It’s great to be a part of it.

I realized the high degree of negative programming was so powerful that the average PJ person still believes not in the media, history books, on television or radio simply cannot be true. PJ folks have always been true to their masters. The television has become the pajama folks master or God, and they prove it day from the time they wake up til the time they go to sleep. They use the remote control to consult their TV God for anything and everything. They refuse to realize it is our individual responsibility to understand what we are exposing our minds to. Our minds accept everything we put our attention on without question or resistance. It’s called freewill, and it’s our choice. (I would guess most people into orgonite and gifting do not watch much television other than educational programs). But keep in mind television provides programs aka mind programming and most orgoniteers naturally opt out from this type of influence. The PJ folk’s paranoia, opinions, and lack of understanding were imbedded into the public’s consciousness long ago. Dave, like other pajama people decided a long time ago which side of the fence he would be on, but something else inside of him (his heart) prompted him to purchase the orgonite. But like all the other career PJ folks, he decided to listen to other people’s opinions and opt out of the orgonite scene. (Some like to call it fear). I would bet he’ll rethink this situation at some point in the future when he’s sitting or laying down quietly maybe even breathing in and out slowly. If he just listens to his heart, he may even decide to give orgonite another try, but if he’s like the majority of in the box thinkers, he’ll very comfortably opt out again, and turn on his tv set .

Dave, I’m boosting you right now, peace brother!


There is an old saying, that “The Heart is the Place of Truth”- have you noticed that there is an epidemic of heart attacks? Language even reflects just how important the Heart is- Follow your heart’s desire, hearts on fire, and so on. How many people have fallen into the TV trap(and various other media) and never even thought of exploring what their heart’s desire really could be?

Perhaps Dave might think about taking some time to listen to his heart a little more carefully- if you are reading these posts, Dave, please do think about what your heart is trying to tell you. Some true introspection will not hurt!

Yes, indeed, a lot of what Dave was saying was not coherent. Perhaps he has been watching too much TV! I am serious- I am not being flippant about this. There have been some very eye-opening studies done regarding just what TV watching does to the brain itself, and the things revealed are rather alarming.

Sometimes, when confronted with new information, it can be easy to retreat into old mental habits. However, it can be most useful to see what your own mental frame of reference is, to see whether or not those habits work for you or not.

Perhaps Dave’s frame of reference is fear. When he sees that this is not a healthy frame of reference his real work will begin. Perhaps he will start to explore breaking the fear barriers, and begin to experience life more fully and joyfully.

One of the hallmarks of the times is an individual’s own experience. There is a growing distrust of the popular media, and many people are waking up to the fact the popular media does not really disseminate information;if people want the facts, they go out and get those facts for themselves. In the process, they are learning to shed fear, and/or how to handle their reactions to fear in constructive ways, empowering themselves and others.

Part of such a process also involves the willingness to take responsibility for one’s own actions. Another old saying shows this: Those who are not taking their responsibilities shall lose whatever it is they consider their rights.

Definitely something for Dave and people like him to think about-carefully.

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!
Here’s another boogeyman that the world odor wants people to fear but, in fact, 13 is a wonderfully useful and upbeat number. Hint: the irrational, conditioned response to seeing that number has Not A Thing to do with Jacques DeMolay or ‘infamy.’
We have a black cat, named Ed, and he crosses our path all the time, even gets in the way on stairs. I think lots of cats do that, though.
The five pointed star is also a paranoid-mud-slingers’ target but it symbolizes some exalted concepts if it points ‘up.’ downward pointing pentagrams are intended for doing harm, of course, which is why they’re featured in masonry, along with ‘Baphomet, the Hermaphroditic She-Goat,’ whose image looks draconian.
If you tell a fundamentalist Christian that the symbol of Dagon on his bumper signifies human sacrifice you’ll just make him mad at you but, in fact, the fish symbology in Christianity was simply a Roman artifact; carried into the church from the time when the ‘Pontiff’ in Rome was the chief representative of that Babylonian god. Rome was the WalMart of popular ideologies and, in those dark days, ‘popular’ was usually synonymous with ‘brutal.’
Really, though, the fish symbol came to mean something less onerous, as did the cross, which was Mithraic before it was Christian. Mithra’s devotees also practiced human sacrifice. Since symbols are essentially neutral they can be assigned any meaning in popular culture and that’s subject to change. Most of Christian ideology is just regurgitated Mithraism and gnosticism (another secretive mystery religion), of course, though the creative power of Christ’s Person and Teachings shine brightly even through that onerous baggage through the millenia.
When Laozu Kelly visited us yesterday (Ryan came, too, and brought his camera he and Carol discussed the places in Ireland that they both had gifted. Carol mentioned the coil form that showed up in a crop circle in SW England, seven years ago, and which we immediately adopted for use in orgonite devices. That symbol is carved in stone, precisely on a strong ley line which Kelly could see at Newgrange in Ireland. It was carved 5,000 years ago. When Carol saw the symbol at Newgrange, four years ago, she was thrilled by the confirmation. Kelly took the realization even further when he discovered how the symbol, and it’s mirror image, was being used on the site.
I think that some symbols, like that spiral pattern, have a lot more vital energy than others do.
I don’t feel very charitable toward manipulative people like Dave. I think that it’s more appropriate and merciful to kick them in the butt than to empathize with them or pine for their acceptance of what we’re all doing here. The PJ folks will continue to wake up at their own pace, which is by now a whole lot faster than they’d prefer but we really don’t need to wait for them to ‘accept’ what we’re doing and saying, folks. They’re not actually standing in our way.
On a more refined level, we’re compelled by the issue of personal integrity to consider them our equals but I occasionally get some relief by complaining about their obdurate resistance to healing/information and I avoid associating with the more aggressively asleep among them.

I’ve felt frustrated about not being able to share some of my old friends with you all. One of them is James Hughes, whom I’ve written about, at least.

He was struck by a ball of etheric lightning in the early 1980s and then spent five years in bed, a basket case, because he was terrified by the implications of his new calling and expanded capacity. The process, which is rare, is apparently much like what happened in the movie, PHENOMENON.

James didn’t have a background in metaphysics, so part of his challenge, after he committed to doing the work, was to find or create a paradigm that could be a basis of his communication. I think that he opted to take on bits and pieces of the default metaphysical paradigm, which is Theosophy, though he was adamant that no individual, including him, is intrinsically superior in station to another, so he was opposed to the notion of clergy or any other arbitrary hierarchy. Nor did he feel that it’s ever approprate to be irrational; everything he taught can b e considered ‘hard science’ the way that the work that you and I do with orgone is also hard science. Most of his technology is orgone-based, of course, and it was after I’d known him for a year or so that I began experimenting with orgonite. He was quite impressed with orgonite, by the way, and made some practical suggestions for its use, which I adopted.

He stressed the importance of commitment, too, which is a concept that newagers religiously avoid. Commitment breeds personal integrity, apparently, and I think he would rather have ended his own life rather than exploit or mystify anyone. Contrast that with just about any other presentation that has Theosophical terminology in it.

Because the information he shared didn’t come with ideological baggage it was easy for listeners to internalize his advice and observations.

He felt, for instance, that the planet has a four-thousand-year cycle of increasing and diminishing magnetic energy and that we’re at the lower end of the cycle, now. He said that when the earth’s magnetic field is weak, arbitrary institutions are spontaneously discarded and personal freedom/accountability blossoms; when the planet’s magnetic field is strong, arbitrary institutions thrive and humanity are generally miserable, duplicitous and otherwise slavish. This lack of ‘magnetic support’ may be the root cause of the accelerating failure of the present day world order to establish bloody tyranny throughout the world. See how the CIA and other agencies have recently flooded Western and Asian society with programmed slaves to give us the opposite impression with an assist from the grim What To Think Network?

It’s sure worth thinking about. I’ve never suffered the illusion that what you and I are doing is solely responsible for the ongoing failure of the world odor, though we know that gifting and predator-blasting is powerfully effective and perhaps essential to the eventual downfall of this massive, heinous, parasitic organization.

Another of my teachers in those days was Dorothy West, whom I mentioned earlier in the post. They both lived in Ashland, Oregon, then but I was never able to introduce them to each other. Maybe it just wasn’t in the cards. Like my wife, Dorothy collected every conceivable Wicca-related artifact, though as an Indian elder she also surrounded herself with stuff from native magical traditions, too. Like Carol, she was usually upbeat, too, and always ready to drop everything and help anyone who asked.

I painted James’ and Rose Mary’s kitchen at the end of 1999 in exchange for a big box of costly North Korean red ginseng, which I’m quite sure helped me get through some initation experiences soon afterward, including a couple of firewalks, a risky interlude with a CIA honeypot (a couple of health-field pioneers whom she ‘studied,’ including Ann Wigmore, died not long after they knew her) and a hunger strike in jail as a prisoner of conscience. I painted Dorothy’s kitchen in exchange for some unequalled personal stories & Rose Mary (James’ wife, who stuck with him during the five years that he was unable to earn a livlihood and they lost everything) met Dorothy and chose the same color combination for her kitchen.

All of that helped to lead me to Carol, of course. She’s my current teacher, not counting my very stern flight instructor, Darryl. Paying close attention to Darryl in the coming months will hopefully keep me clear of death in the sky from the sleepless feds in coming years.


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