Extraterrestrial Debate

Andy Schwarm
Today the average person is fascinated with Aliens, don’t fear them and would love to see them appear.

Me, I’m a little more skeptical of their intentions. I’m OK with them staying the heck away.

Nobody is going to travel light years for benevolent intentions, I don’t think.

Yes Andy, sometimes i share this feeling.

It is curious to read as Wilhelm Reich was already saying to fight UFOs with his cloudbuster. He said that they were evil.

Also it is very interesting to see that the biggest technological advance has arisen from this epoch, and I do not believe that it is a coincidence the one that coincides with the phenomenon ufo, especially there in USA. Maybe

What do you think about it Andy?


[quote user=“Andy Schwarm” ]I have little doubt that the military has used crashed discs for “discovering” (stealing?) new technologies. What bothers me is the average person’s only result of this information is more and more control over us. It’s also painfully obvious that the powers that be have no intention of sharing any of this tech unless it serves them. We are still using internal, fossil (?) fueled engines that were obsolete over fifty years ago. TPTB do not have our interests in mind, only their own. We’ll be given free energy when these guys figure-out how to sell it to us! As long as they own oceans of oil, we’re going to be using gasoline and diesel. Earth be damned. And that mighht be a long time if oil is abiotic and constantly replenished by the engine inside the earth, as I think it is.

I think it’s time for the Million Gun March (loaded) to DC.

No more taxes, wars or oppression. And we want electric cars! Hell, I want an electric motorcyle.

I wonder what it would be like to have a government of honest, caring, responsible people. I suspect we’ll never know. Those people don’t qualify for the present job description; sold-out, bought-off, souless.

[quote user=“Je” ]Hi Andy.Sorry.
I did not explain myself that well I feel it.
I do not believe that the military men were using inverse engineering of a crashed discs to advance technologically. Rosswell and all this shit was for shut up our mouths.
I was raising the possibility that in Reich time, aliens had come to the earth and that they had taken a silent invasion. Its a posibility, why not. Of course i dont belive the David Icke theories (for the masses) that a invisible reptils in other invisible dimension. I think is more physic.

I share with you the avidity of freedom and of being able to use the free energy, but really asfor example a water engine or an engine of orgone.
I have a lot of hope, and believe that the solution will arise equally of spontaneous and simple as the orgonite (to stop the climatic control)

please Don keeps on investigating !!!

[quote user=“Andy Schwarm” ] I can’t say I ‘believe’ any of the crashed discs stories. They may be intended to distract us from the truth, whatever that is. I will say it tends to sound logical because our technology has increased a lot since 1946.
Yes, most likely the governments have sold the alien idea to distract us from their own nefarious works and or aircraft. I’d love to know!

I’m not convinced that sentient entities can’t travel inter-dimensionally. I’m fairly sure that we may be able to do that someday, maybe the military is alreasdy doing it. Many believe there’s off-worlders on Earth now and has been for a long time. I suspect it, but have no real opinion. We have enough evil humans to deal with, the aliens are in the minority as far as evil-doing goes, I think (guess). Maybe the aliens that are here are directing the bad humans, in which case they may be the root of evil here. I think we’ll get answers to all these questions in a short period of time; I feel a paradigm shift on the way. I pray it’s a positive one for humans.

I’m also convinced that we (the public) have been lied to and manipulated to believe stuff that furthers the government’s control over us. Heck, at this point I could almost believe anything, but I remain skeptical. I agree guys like Icke and Jones are disinformationists or they’d be dead. They get us all wrapped-up in conspiracy theories that are very misleading.

Of course some of their info is true, that’s how disinfo works. Suck them in with truth then once you have their attention hit them with the lies. Build street-cred then use it against us.

[quote user=“Carlos” ]Mmm… you guys seem to be generalising now when referring to aliens.
First, I don’t think all of them are in with the sewer rats. Quite possibly there will be some of them which would be more interested in seeing Earth succeding in getting out of the rats’ clutches, and who knows they have promptly and silently helped when necessary.
Second, even the eeevel ones may be as alien to this planet as we are Smile considering the aknowledged first civilization of Sumeria is only 8000 years old. Some day it will be interesting to know more about this ancient history but meanwhile I guess we’ll have to concentrate on doing a general clean up of the planet…

As for technology, Tesla had some pretty nifty stuff in his day about a century ago, but we were not ready. I guess we’ll get orgonite generators and the like when we are ready.
I can imagine volkswagen making a small, cheap and reliable flying saucer in the future Mr. Yellow


Thanks for posting the debate, Je. I’m not in a position to debate any of this because I don’t have any hard evidence to offer. Your own opinion is not fact-based, either, I gather. It’s a good subject to discuss as long as there’s something substantive presented, though, so I hope someone will do that in the thread.

Really, the way to move forward with any genuine discussion is to collect as many facts as possible and draw some rational conclusions from it.

As I mentioned in another thread, Carol’s and my experieces with extraterrestrials and antigravity craft are subjective, so not factual. I don’t really know who has factual information, perhaps becasue I’m content with my view of these things, which is certainly not static.

I really wish more people would have or at least seek these experiences but I don’t mind waiting until all of that stuff is more evident. I only mention any of it when it comes up in context or if I’ve had a nnew experience that I think relates to our common effort. I’m certainly not pushing anyone to accept any of it.

As a courtesy to our readers, though, I hope everyone who posts here will refrain from directing a lot of negative attention to teh subject matter, since it’s clear by now that strong opinions that are not based in fact or on good, empirical evidence are not much use to the readers. This forum is mainly for the readers and the public record, after all; I don’t really see this forum as a pi$$ing contest.

Thx guys!


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