Extremely high energy bills, full surveillance sky squad, mental control of corporations, etc

Hi EW’s,

I would like to write about the deep sabotaging that is going into my personal professional sphere in life. I have just been attending a new job for about one month and the repercussions are bloody staining. Monday I have to go explain myself for all the sabotaging, they always think those were my mistakes? What a coincidence?Here are some annotations I could made the recent month:

Mail Tempering => the mail posts I sent, returns without the stamps on it, like some sort of cheap counterglue they use to remove them without any traces, they even put one letter under a car to return it the company, I guess those are the same persons who pesters employees at the Belgian national post to commit suicides and they did happen … poor victims!

Software drivers => simple sticker printers are completely remotely sabotaged, so you get machines not working when they ever worked normally, thank you Calberson for having sewer rats within your own company!

Delaying freights => deliveries that were carried off in time beforehand, have always problems with the recipients, what they also like to do is to mix up different picking orders, so that the orders for different countries get confused in the warehouse … a favourite of all time! All by pulling strings in the software programs. So I get lines that I did not input for the warehouse? …

Phone and internet lines => whenever I’m not home and working in the company, it is like they are trying to cut off the internet or the phone lines as they try the same at my place when I’m home. The company has the same provider, that one where you have to enter 6 times that same digit for a technical support … thank you Telenet Mechelen!

Radionics => all the colleagues are heavily radionised by that same military technological radionics machine, yes the one that targets our writers and readers on the forum, also the one that tries to explode your heart whenever you go on a gifting trip and you managed to take off the dor from the death cellies, to such an attempt, that whenever I do something healthy above the general rule, I’m the worst weirdo of the whole universe …. I actually never got a glimpse of a vibe of that machine they use in their d.u.m.b.s. on the internet, I think they have the biggest security thread checks, when you sense them they are definitely alien (“universal”) in concept … its also the one who keeps blocking our chats to get a hold on those dracos and their bug queen (or whatever they are algorithmically fragmenting in our own minds). I think they have them in every moderate military base as a big new world odour gift!

Flyovers => this morning the shitplane critter didn’t bothered to fly over the holding, so it means that there will be needed more orgonite to shield against them, the working office is near the big slaughterhouses which are animal concentration camps on themselves, killing innocent sentient beings on pure brutality! The sewer bigots love to feast on that.

Financial fun at home => extremely high electricity bills trying to pass down the year around, so whenever you make a little pocket money to see through all this professional madness, to be able to gift on, aid some gifters in Africa, or buy some extra other orgonite, no way … you are slandered with abnormal costs and even targeted more.

Here is what I get almost every time when I return home, the sewer rats surveillance skysquadron!

When I used to play around with six SP’s on an old PA, it could attract a flying circus off five/six of those shitplanes on the same spot above my building three years ago. They are also fond on using your own radiators as an antenna and broadcasting an orgonite signature with it J Giftings in big industrial areas like the harbor, attracts copters and gifting on military grounds gets you the jetplanes on my place. Whenever you sign your simple orgonite with another energetic signature like using copper chips instead of alu, you will also get a visit from the dark copter here in Belgium. Then they will also try to communicate with an MK kid to ask you, which metal you use and if you can sell some??? As their source ran off?

Here are some vids I could record after work, sorry couldn’t upload btw, photoclownbucket once again.

A bit tired, will find a solution for uploading another time.


Ah, managed to get three through their lines. (click on the square to enlarge)

Black copter to the right of the red flag. Hovering around your head while gifting. You have to be very mobile with those dark geezers above. Another good confirmation is when you hear those plane engines make weird sounds when you put orgonite near their taking off zone.

One above my place:


Here are the other ones! (click on the square to enlarge)


Thank you for sharing your experiences, Cyclingfinger. I think it is very valuable, not only for you but also for anyone else who are going though these sort of things. One of their big things they need to rely on is to make the target feel they are alone. But the truth is, we are not. We have lots of help and support all the time.

One odd event I haven’t shared. A couple of years ago I had been in Oslo to see a movie at an outdoor cinema, which was set up at one of the libraries. Back at the central train station in the evening while I was sitting down on a bench there, this woman close by just started talking to me out of the blue about an article in a magazine she was holding, about implants and tracking. How they were interested in Sweden to have implants in their body, like a pilot project or something. And she really wanted me to read the article. I was like ‘Nah, that’s ok, my train is arriving!’ This was during a period I wasn’t so active with orgonite, so I wondered what was that? They do some really odd things.

its also a good sign of your effectiveness I think,

not sure if you saw this post, it could help with electric bills.


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