FEMA Camps Outed On Fox

I just received this video, perhaps now people will begin to wake up and take action. I dont watch any of these networks but many people do…… My main question is what else can we do besides gifting? I do as much as I can but is it enough? Any suggestions?

The gloves come off
During the Bush Administration, FEMA was given hundreds of millions of dollars to retrofit former military bases and other existing infrastructure so they can be used as “camps.”

Not camps as in summer camps. Camps as in prison camps and perhaps even concentration camps.

One of the first thing the Obama Administration did was to legitimize their existence.

These camps, which can be found in every state in the union, currently sit empty and are intended to be pressed into service in the event of an “emergency.”

Funny that we’ve made it over 200 years without needing a national network of on-demand concentration camps.

Why do we need them now?

It’s been suggested they’ve been built to deal with a massive influx of illegal aliens.

My guess is they were built with the knowledge that the US is going to experience a severe economic dislocation that is going to:

a) require the suspension or serious reduction of social welfare payments (i.e. millions of suddenly desperate people in the streets) and

b) financially wipe out tens of millions of formerly middle class Americans who are going to realize more or less all at once that their futures have been stolen from them by the people at the top

In other words, the crooks are covering their bets.

When governments have money, they buy peace with social welfare programs.

When they run out of money, as the US is doing, the gloves come off.

Or we can hope that these camps, built by Halliburton subsidiary KBR, were just another way for Cheney to rip off the country for his friends.

Of course, nothing prevents both scenarios from being accurate.

In watching this and thinking about it further, I think this is part truth, part disinfo…. I think this is a new tactic the scumsuckers are using to try and make the people believe that this may be necessary. They are definately grasping right now, putting these things to the forefront mixed with disinfo is going to continue to mislead those that dont understand what is really going on. The question remains for me, what else can I do?

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