For Peter In Stockholm:

Don Croft
06 Oct 2008 13:49
Subject: For Peter in Stockholm:
Pekka in Finland sent me a private message, which I’m posting below. Peter, try contacting Pekka by clicking on his username and if you have trouble, try again the next day, okay?

We need to get Pekka’s website (and forum?) in the vendor list, I think.


Hi Don,

I spotted a thread speaking of a gifter in Stockholm, Peter was his name, and I might be interested in contacting him. At the end of October we are heading to Stockholm to have a workshop about orgonite and free energy technology for five days, that should be pretty awesome.

Things are really heating up here, we are busy as ever, so many events coming up and we are selling with no end. I wish to snatch some time to post even part of the material, about the workshops etc.

It seems were are getting noticed here, a small country as Finland is. I am a bit amazed what has to be shown before certain otherwise open folks quit rejecting orgonite, you certainly know what I am talking of. Not that it matters in any way, we must concentrate on doing the good things, and by our fruits we shall be known. That’s an everlasting proof.

So please, I welcome Peter’s contact information, or you can also inform him about me and the work we do in Scandinavia.

God bless,


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