Fort Payne, Alabama how are y’all doing?

;If you ever want to see a little known but beautiful part of our country, then go to Sand Mountain and take your pick of the numerous small and medium sized towns scattered throughout the entire area. Fort Payne has many mind control and death-type cell towers that we enjoyed gifting during our trip. Upon arriving in Fort Payne I thought of the possibility of seeing Lynyrd Skynyrd, the music group Alabama, Bocephus, or maybe even Toby Keith playing a local outdoor concert somewhere on the mountain. No such luck, even though I’ve often fantasized about joining some of these legends on stage and belting out some traditional southern country-rock tunes. But just to keep from going to jail, I think I’d better keep my participation limited to admiring the stars on stage from the general audience. During our visit we gifted Rainesville, Fyffe (location of several UFO sightings and cattle mutilations) Shiloh, Mountainboro, Little River Canyon, DeSoto Falls, Albertville, Guntersville, Gadsden, etc. When we got to Little River Canyon the park ranger said they hadn’t had any rainfall in a month and a half. Approximately 30 minutes after we started gifting, it started raining pretty good. This is normal when you gift an area that has had little or no gifting because orgonite starts to re-balance immediately and the ecological system often sends out a positive response in the form of rainfall.

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