Forum errors, email problems

(Anonymous) #1

Guy, some users have reported being either:

  1. Unable to log in

  2. Unable to post

It’s been a while and I keep looking high and low to try and locate the problem. Thing is, I can’t even reproduce the errors, let alone locate the problem.

In other words, when I look at the sites’ code, it’s all good. I’d say the problem is somewhere off site, in between your computer and the server.

Best solution would be to blast away.

Likewise, I gather that some people are unable to reach me by email. There again, there are known issues with my mail server.

Gotta say damn hackers, here again…


UPDATE: Reproduced an error, reported by McGuinty. Seems like the reply function is not working… but I’m working on it [Image Can Not Be Found] Will get thix fixed asap