Forum Is Back Up!

22 Apr 2008 17:26
Subject: Forum is back up!
Hi Everyone, the forum was down for a bit NOT due to hacking, but a mistake on my part while making some security updates on the site. Embarassed Eduardo came to my rescue and fixed it right away, it just took a while for him to get my message. Sorry for the inconvinience.


Don Croft
24 Apr 2008 11:13
Subject: Re: Forum is back up!
Don’t beat yourself up, partner, and thanks for all your good work since taking on this job, last year.

The world odor and their ‘out of town’ cohorts are capable of exploiting even the most mundane of our mistakes, please consider, and every one of us will make mistakes until our last day on earth.

When Carol and I took up flying, a year ago, we were kind of stunned by the amount of vigilance that’s needed to stay safe in the sky. I sort of thought it would be like driving a car or sailing a boat, rather, but it’s more like a circus juggling act on a unicycle, every second.

That amount of vigilance is probably good training in other ways, too.

On one level, it’s kind of fun to watch how we are sometimes subtly exploited and if we stay as detached as possible we’ll easily learn not to give these freaks the same opportunities again and again, assuming we’ll stay sober, of course.

There are apparently several levels of interference and the crudest levels are in the purview of the sewer rat agencies’ vast, mostly Monarch-programmed psi corps; the more refined, subtle influences are obviously from non-human predators and parasites–the yard bosses for the CIA, MI6, Mossadomites, KGB, Chinese secret police, etc.

Facing and then avoiding these traps is a continuing education for motivated souls that potentially earns us higher dividends than a doctorate from Schmarvard could do Cool


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