Free 128 Bit AES Encryption email and Chat --

Secured email and online chat at it’s very similar to Skype.
You will need to use either “Google Chrome” or “Firefox” for your browser when logging on to use this sites full functions.
You can get a free account by typing in the Code Box: unsenefriends
This will give you 128-bit encryption security for free.

You would have to pay for 256 bit AES but its cheap.

Alternatively, I set up Don and Fran to use Jitsi (chat, audio, and video encrypted client) that encrypts several of the XMPP networks. Google Chat is the easiest to get set up. Despite Google being utterly in thrall to the Puzzle Pallace, Jitsi users could care less as we are just using their network and encrypting the traffic. That’s not to say that it would then be impossible for the Feds to read your comms… but it makes it a LOT, LOT, harder… and makes them work and spend resources to do so–and isn’t that just a wonderful thing? [Image Can Not Be Found]