Free Energy Influence on Oil Price?

Someone recently sent me STeven J Smith’s website about the science behind free energy and other subIjects. I haven’t had time to really go through it but I’m getting some good impressions, including the following discussion:

When gas prices started dropping, fast, recently Carol told me that she was seeing free energy as one of the drivers of this process. Maybe this will be the year for some of the affordable free energy engines to finally reach the open market!


I haven’t heard of any free energy device inventors being murdered, recently. If Steven Smith (this guy has Psychic Dr. STevo’s name but it’s not the same fellow [Image Can Not Be Found] ) is legitimate then his continuing safety may be an indicator that the CIA and MI6 are somehow being constrained from killing him. He’s a lot more forthcoming with information than other inventors have been, so maybe that is a factor in his relative safety.

There’s an awful lot of information on his website and I’ll attempt to plow through some of it, except for the math [Image Can Not Be Found] I’m seeing some good corroboration with other sources just in the topic titles, meanwhile, and I haven’t gotten a whiff of bull$#!+, so far. If he’s legit, the more people who will read his site, the safer he’ll likely be in coming months.

When my friend, Wilhelm Muller, was murdered in February, 2004, his magnet-powered engine was ready to mass produce. He had ‘developed’ it on his own by 1988 and he told me about five other inventors, just in British Columbia, where he lived, who had also developed their own free energy devices on their own. The scammers all look for ‘investors to help them develop their concepts,’ rather. I don’t know if Steven J Smith is taking the latter approach but I hope not.

If he does turn out to be just another CIA/MI6 faker I hope you won’t assume that the entire subject of free energy tech is just another complicated disinfo scam.


The following is a pretty concise and informative presentation about underground bases and how to spot them:

I was tempted to cut and paste the entire article because it’s really good intel. I hope you’ll take the time to read it!

Remember that underground facilities are often part of the weather warfare apparatus, okay? We found this out when we were in Florida: we had a hunch that bases under shallow water in the Gulf of Mexico and the Bahamas were generating nearly constant storm systems, so we went to each area by boat and dropped lots of orgonite. In each case we saw very little surface infrastructure but the storm systems disappeared after the gifting and haven’t resumed.

The article also confirmed my impression that the extensive surface facilities in the middle of Chaco Canyon were serving the NSA’s underground acility connected to the Wingmaker site. To get to that little area (with a hundred or so special TBs and my spudgun [Image Can Not Be Found] ) I had to get through a maze of very bad roads, barely accessible with my pickup truck. A friendly Navajo helped me find the area around the secret site. Driving away from the developed area right around the underground site, I had to go over many more miles of the same sort of roads adn there was literally no other way in or out of there. I couldn’t have done it with a regular car but when I was in the developed area a fedmobile–small, unmarked sedan–tailed me [Image Can Not Be Found] . They never saw me shoot any TBs, though. I worked out a system: shot the TBs with the spudgun from inside the truck while driving. It’s nearly impossible to see a flying TB at that velocity.

Some of the ancient underground bases are not evident on the ground, by the way, but even some of those, like the huge underwater base in the Bahamas (not the weather warfare place we gifted–this ancient base in the Tongue of the Ocean is marked on charts!) have a lot of support facilities on the surface. This base uses a half dozen little active navy bases along the east shore of nearby South Andros Island, for instance. The Bahamians are a grade or two sharper than the average American: they pay attention to all that stuff and discuss it with each other [Image Can Not Be Found] and they even apparently forced the Bahamian gov’t to stop allowing chemtrails after the first few days of spewing in 1999 sickened a huge portion of the population. If only white folks were that observant!


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