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Stanley Meyer’s processes seems to have stopped working on the device he built around 1985. He could never figure out why it stopped working… New work by Arend Lammertink, who I know from corresponding with him on Fullford’s Blog, believes he has figured out the problem, and is engaged in an effort to make it work again.

From the Below Link:
Somewhere around 1980-1985 the car ran on water, but then it stopped working.
What happened?
He happened to have used electropolished stainless steel.
But he did not know that.
Nobody did.
And nobody found out.
Until 2013.

Following are the details:



“Stainless steel” from the 50’s is far diffrent from todays. Early production steels had to meet or exceed certain specs so they exceeded them. Later, production tollerences were closer to the benchmark and in the 90’s a certain amount of radioactive scrap metal was allowed to be tossed into the melted bucket of all metals.
When I worked at a salt plant there was stainless in use that was from the late 40’s still perfect but 318 stainless purchased new would be full of pinn holes within weeks.