Free (mostly) Energy Device

21 Jul 2008 08:44
Subject: Free (mostly) Energy Device
From time to time there will be a spattering of messages on Etheric Warriors about free energy devices, and Don will usually say that he personally knows a few of the inventors, and that there are some amazing ones, like a small box that can heat an entire gymnasium somewhere in Canada, and other equally fascinating inventions. The problem is, where the hell are they? The world wide web, in its all encompassing nature, must surely house the plans for some of these miraculous things. Our Felonious Friends can’t possibly keep tabs on all that’s out there, and the fact of the matter is they’re probably not even trying anymore. All I’m saying is, it’s high time we just put one of these together and get the word out. I found an awesome looking conversion to the typical car engine, to enable it to use water. Look:……asfuel.htm
But I have a feeling most of you guys are better read than me on this front, and I just think we should pool our thoughts and go for it.

24 Jul 2008 06:25
Subject: Re: Free (mostly) Energy Device

HHO is certainly nothing new and is becoming quite commonly used everywhere now.

There are a lot of sites on the net that sell cheap, workable units for self-installation and they do save you a lot in petrol costs by supplementing it with HHO to varying double-figure percentages depending on efficiency.

This link gives a little more useable information than the sketchy one above.

I’m not sure how much free energy has to do with orgonite or gifting but I guess EW has always digressed from time to time.


25 Jul 2008 03:28
Subject: Re: Free (mostly) Energy Device

More Hydrogen Booster links for you (serious stuff this):
the main site authored by Patrick J. Kelly……uk/D14.pdf

What does all this have to do with orgonite and gifting?

Well; not much but I guess this site is devoted to ridding the world of parasites like the energy monopolists and it’s a lot more difficult to monopolize water than it is to run your car on it.


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