Free pre-recorded EDR sessions

As I mentionned earlier in my other thread, we would like to share with you these free pre-recorded EDR sessions for you to enjoy as a new boosting/blasting and meditating tool.

The results and confirmations experienced we have so far are amazing and well beyond what can be relayed and explained here on this forum.

For the next couple of days we are set on doing more one-on-one sessions to help those of you who e-mailed us. I won’t post much more here for the time being, except to report feedback from clients or if something unusual comes up.

We love your feedback! We like to know your perspective and we want to help as many as possible, so if you feel compelled to get in touch with us (no matter what your issue is) please do so. <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> and please don’t be shy!

I have found during the testing phase that not only do we experience amazing results with the process, I also receive intuitive/psychic feedback about the client’s situation which is utterly amazingly accurate and sharp.

So anyways the sessions can be downloaded for free here:

If you already downloaded some of our previous volumes on the old site please be aware these are not the same and the former should be discarded the new ones being much much more powerful. You should download the new ones instead.

With Love,


For those of you who are experiencing difficulties trying to download the sessions, please be aware our hosting provider is experiencing interference:

Unfortunately we are experiencing unreliable power issues in our datacenter on three phases. We are working hard to resolve the issue as fast as possible. Our entire team is working on this issue. So, please check after some time.

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