Friday Night's Severe Weather April 7, 2006

Friday Night’s Severe Weather April 7, 2006

May God Bless the residents of Tennessee and Georgia that suffered from technologically manipulated storms that are soon to be deleted from the program once and for all. I know of a small town in Tennessee (Bolivar) and they said tornadoes went over it, but they never touched down because we gifted there a couple of times! Every city and town we gifted in Tennessee over the last 2 years has been untouched by any and all tornadic weather ever since! When they viewed Lexington Tennessee, (ungifted as far as I know) they zoomed in on a water tower with cell tower antennas ontop then quickly zoomed out. Too close for comfort. Pajama people would never recognize that water tower for what it was really being used for. (I believe they are not supposed to know these things) That’s where we come in!

Overall there were many more misses than hits as conveyed by the media… They put more hype into bad weather than they do in most sports and other entertainment events. Why? Because they have been factoring BAD weather (among other things) into our consciousnesss for several years to change the world without our approval and keep us off balance to become subservient to them through artificially induced FEAR.

The intended path of the severe weather was supposed to extend northward from Illinois all the way southward to Birmingham, Alabama in an easterly direction. If these storms were not being manipulated by the elite as we all know, there would be a lot less area effected at one time just like in the past when storms were created by NATURAL causes. Just like they say, the devil is in the details, and so it is.

This weather pattern put Huntsville Alabama and Madison County well within this storm’s path. The entire scenario reads like a weekly television program because most of these storms start at the beginning of each week and usually last a few days before fading out. Sometimes they’ll skip a week, but they always start at the beginning of each week. (I have to agree the storm steerers must only be allowed to work a 40 hour week) I wonder if they ever thought of starting a union? They sent kids home from school pretty early in most northern Alabama counties around 1:00 pm. on Friday. We were promised the storm would hit Huntsville with guaranteed devastation (yeah right) by 3:00 p.m., then it changed to 4:00 p.m., then 5:00 p.m and so on. About 10:30 p.m. that evening the rain picked up pace so I turned on the radio to hear the latest severe weather report. Well, the guys on this particular broadcast must have had bad dreams all their lives about demonic funnel clouds because all they talked about was seeing funnel clouds everywhere! The only thing is there weren’t any, period. According to their broadcast we were in the process of being hit all over North Alabama from a multitude of INVISIBLE tornadoes. The snapper heads on the radio could have easily started a panic over ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! HAIL YES!

We got thunder, lightening, hail, a lot of B.S. and rain that’s it.

The next morning I reluctantly grabbed a newspaper (I abhor mind control) and the headline from the Huntsville Times read: Tornado Scare, then it mentioned (in the first paragraph) no damage to North Alabama (Thank God). I had to wonder what the heck was wrong with the (farkel brothers) from the radio station because their minds must have been saturated with all the media HYPE that took place prior to the storm. I never once thought we were having any actual tornado touchdowns or even funnel clouds. (The weather Channel kept talking about the pummeling North Alabama was experiencing) From now on I will take ALL radio and television coverage of severe weather with a micro-grain of salt. It’s obvious that it is more important to the weathercasters and their employers to DRAMATIZE everything regardless of the truth. I believe these latest storms could be the illuminati’s way of looking for America’s ACHILLE’S HEEL (prior to HAARPICANE season)

I’m so glad our job has just gotten easier and the truth is there is no Achille’s Heel.

As most of you probably know by now our efforts are being MAXIMIZED as of this writing and soon we’ll have things just like we want them because we are kicking them right in the WEATHER BALLS! (we are working on the one’s in Alabama right now)

So the elite must hang it up, IT’S OVER. (No More DNA/RNA MANIPULATION)


If I’d known the elite were going to be this easy to whip, I would have stopped charging my water weeks ago!

I want the GEICO lizard replaced by a DOLPHIN immediately!