From a Gifting Opera Singer in Europe

[We had corresponded a couple of times about repairing his zapper, which had flown off his arm and broken when he gesticulated on stage during a rehearsal. I fix broken Croft-made zappers for a nominal fee. I told him that I appreciated his story. ~Don]

Oh, that’s kind of you Don. The career’s only now taking off really, though I’ve now been singing for 28 years (since age . My stage partner in the current production has complained a number of times, at the point when we have to lift up a singing Russian soprano together, about the fact I have a box strapped to my arm, but I manage to change the subject deftly each time onto his wrong singing or staging, so he forgets and drops his complaint.

I was thinking today that in a way I should perhaps ditch it all and be healing the environment full-time like some people , but then I thought that singing concerts and operas with one of Mrs C’s HPs on, and your zapper going at my arm somehow must communicate good vibrations to all that listen, so I don’t think it’s futile, and people always seem very appreciative. I even performed Bach’s amazing St Matthew Passion the other day in a church in the south of France with a HHG standing right beside me, behind the organist’s stool. It’s a difficult sing, but I felt carried, and it went really well.

It feels very strange to be actually writing to you, as I’ve joyfully read years’ worth of your wonderful prose over the last twelve months, and watched and heard clips of you speaking, and yet never expected to write to you until the zapper crossed the stage without me, as explained. I’ve got this feeling that I shouldn’t take your time (though this mail seems to be getting longer), and also that I really mustn’t fawn or give you the guru-treatment, which you rightly abhor. Still, I’m overjoyed to have exchanged a few words with you, and would love to help you out if you ever come to Europe (mainly France, UK and Switzerland).

I shall now leave you in peace, and if it’s any reassurance, even if you’ve read all the way to the end of this, you’ve only read about one ten-thousandth as much as I’ve read of your writings. I suppose that is a fair imposition on you, and it somehow reminds me of the British comedian Spike Milligan, who said “Why should I read Shakespeare’s plays? He never reads any of mine !”

I’m sure I’ve overstayed my welcome, so I wish you a wonderful day in the Republic of Athol, and send you all the best again.


Thanks for that, ******! I"m going to post it for our readers and leave your name off

If you put some orgonite around the performance halls during your concerts I think you’re going to notice some interesting positive confirmations along the lines of your difficult Bach song’s success. A lot of recording studios now have orgonite in them, I’ve learned. It’s funny how this sort of info spreads in certain circles; the funniest, for me, is the popularity of orgonite with pot growers.

The woman who owned the main ballet companies (I forgot the name, but you’d recognize it) in California was gifting her venues this way. She also was consulting in Moscow for the Bolshoi. She had bought a zapper and then started dancing again after years of not being able to. She got interested in orgonite after that.

One of the Cirque du Soleil dancers was promoting orgonite, too–he managed to get one of Carol’s orgonite pyramids onto the desk of the director of that pyramid casino in Vegas

One thing to know about this forum is that people are free to come and go with no explanations given and no questions asked–the organization aspect is kept to a minimum. I hope Carolien comes back, though.

Many of us network, of course, sometimes very closely and even in life-threatening circumstances, but the element of spontaneity seems more important than any suggestion of contractual commitments, here. The people who post don’t even need to like or even tolerate each other. I invite people on the basis of what they can offer our readers and the public record, rather. A lot of them believe in a way that’s diametrically opposed to my own beliefs and that’s fine. If our readers are mostly inspired to try their hands at using orgonite, as you’re doing, then we’re all gratified, I think.

Thanks for telling me that you like what you’re reading! I better look for plays written by Spike Mulligan–now I’m curious!


If you liked the previous post you’re going to appreciate this one even more, I think and my response to him follows.


Crikey, Don, thanks so much for the reply. I am blown away to receive such a
long personal reply from you, and almost feel guilty about getting onto the
forum, albeit anonymously, without having any good sorties to report.

Wow, it would be an amazing honour for me (is that fawning ?) to meet Carol,
though I’m sure she’d see all sorts of bad entities attached to me or
something, which she of course wouldn’t tell me, right ? If she wants to
round her trip to France off (this is my wishful thinking) with an ‘orgonite
concert’, I’m singing the solo tenor part in Mozart’s beautiful Requiem
mass, written as the poor guy was dying aged 36, in concert in the amazing,
huge and very old Abbaye aux Hommes in Caen, Normandy, where William the
Conqueror is buried (I guess old Bill may need some gifting !). Caen is the
centre of the battlefields of the months-long Normandy campaign that
followed the D-Day landings, so cemeteries of all involved nations abound
around there, with plenty of ghoulish action presumably, though I’m in no
way imagining I might presume to organise her schedule in any way. My Irish
mother (I only have one mother), visiting from London, and one of my sisters
with her children (they live in Paris) are planning to come too, which might
make it more bearable for Madame Carol. I just don’t want not to have told
you about the concert, in case for whatever reason it fitted in with her

I always feel like I shouldn’t type any of this in my e-mails, in case
someone should get dispatched to come and mess everything up, but I have
been rehearsing a Mozart opera for weeks, and for the last week I’ve been
bringing in a bunch of TBs and three good HHGs to rehearsals. The first day
I brought them to rehearsal I laid them out on the director’s table, and
they caused a sensation. A Taiwanese friend of mine arrived a few minutes
late for the rehearsal, and couldn’t believe the bubbly atmosphere and great
mood of everybody when she walked in. That was only about ten minutes, if
that, after I had brought in the said kit. Now as we are in the final phases
of rehearsal (Premiere this Saturday), my rucksack is sitting permanently
just off-stage in the wings, and it’s not empty . It’s presence gives me
great comfort and confidence for my difficult singing, and it’s certainly
going very well, which was by no means assured in advance.

Another sister of mine in the UK is very interested in getting some orgonite
for her vegetable garden, and she also works very creatively with sound art,
so may well somehow start to work with the said healthful substance.

That’s fascinating about the [gifting owner of several ballet companies] ballet lady, as I tend to assume that people
like that will have spokes put in their wheels, and that no such benevolent
person would be allowed to get into any influential position like that,
still less be allowed to stay there after revealing her healing work.
Perhaps I am too pessimistic about the number of positive people actually
having any kind of responsibility in society (what about that crazy Polish
‘crash’ the other day?).

Good work from the Cirque du Soleil dancer too !

Yes, the forum is wonderful, and must have changed thousands of lives, if
not far more (you’ll have an idea of the number of visitors).
A singing career is so very precarious, and presumably so easily interfered
wih, that I have not dared to openly join the orgonised unorganised
movement. I would like to feel I could, though.

It’s very clear to me already that your members and colleagues network in a
blessed and timely way, and are borne on angel’s wings, as it were, out of
the life-threatening circumstances you mention. I am sort of expecting that
I am going to find myself in such circumstances before long, but am trying
to be courageous and stolid about it. In any case, my faith in the
protective forces and ‘Operators’, as you enigmatically name them, is (in
principle) great, but I must confess I do worry about the people in Africa
you say were murdered for their involvement, and I am currently more than a
little unnerved by the fairly blatant horror one suspects behind the Polish
government’s instantaneous disappearance from the face of the earth. Getting
back to the forum, thank you so much for making the forum, for battling to
keep it online, and for having it open for the non-initiated to browse

I find that sad that you say that the different posters on the forum needn’t
like each other, whereas I would assume, perhaps naively, that anyone truly
interested in this movement would by definition only be able to get on with
or appreciate all the others in harmony. ‘Orgonisation’ strikes me as one of
the only imaginable activitites where one by definition couldn’t give out
any bad vibes or take offence at anyone. Am I overestimating or the
benevolent workings of this energy, or idealising the basic gifter-soul ?

About your writing, I just love your indomitable victorious spirit. If I had
a TB for every time I’ve chuckled or glowed at reading something you wrote,
there wouldn’t be many bad vibes left in Europe.

About Spike Milligan, he was an absolutely extraordinary guy. They say he
was extremely depressive, but he was an astonishing humorist. My father
(RIP) was of a generation that adored the BBC’s “The Goon Show” in the 50s,
which was totally surreal, though I don’t know if it would be funny to a
listener today. I actually see that I quoted him wrong, in that he spoke
about Shakespeare’s sonnets or poems rather than his plays, so you’ll have
far less work to do in reading short poems than a bunch of plays. I’ve found
some funny quips for you, but I just bumped into a BBC tribute from 1999,
which mentions, among other things, “he is also the favourite comic of
Prince Charles, whose 50th birthday party he attended last year. This was
despite once accusing the prince of grovelling at an awards ceremony.” Is
that perhaps not quite the greatest reference one could wish for ?
Continuing, I read “In later life – Spike Milligan is 81 – he has taken up
causes including animal rights, the environment and population control.” I
have heard that the ‘causes’ of the environment and population control are
used by ill-intentioned people (I confess to having watched Alex Jones’ film
Endgame) to further the eugenic agenda, so maybe Spike was just another tool
in this arsenal, but he nevertheless made millions of people’s lives more
bearable with his anarchical wit, and his indomitably revolutionary and
iconoclastic spirit, so I shall allow myself to give you some quotes that I
just found on a quick Google search :

"Are you going to come quietly, or do I have to use earplugs?"

"I have the body of an eighteen year old. I keep it in the fridge."

“I’m not afraid of dying I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”

“Is there anything worn under the kilt? No, it’s all in perfect working

Of his tombstone in Ireland : It now bears the words "Duirt me leat go raibh
me breoite", or "I told you I was ill", and the English words "Love, light,

Oh, and here are 30-seconds of mitigating evidence concerning the
relationship with the ‘Prince of Wales’ :

Well I’ve been writing to you for about two hours now, it’s gone 5 o’clock
in the morning, and I’ve got to start singing at 8am, so I guess I’d better
hit the hay again (got up randomly in the night, found your mail, and
instantly wanted to reply). Searching youtube for funny clips has worn me
out, and I ended up not sending you any of them, in case they weren’t funny,
so as not to waste your time. ‘Humour’ can serve as a pretext for all sorts
of unsavoury programming, and I don’t want to send any of my country’s
negative thought-patterns at you. At least the apparently omnipresent
Irish-bashing came in this case from a man of Irish origin, and many of the
Irish, including my mother, would not take offence, and see the affectionate

I can’t write fluently any more, so let me just thank you so much once again
for your generosity in writing to me, and also in indulgently reading as far
as here again (its’ as if I’m playing catch-up with bombarding you with my
writing !).

Kindest regards,

*****, I appreciate the compliments and the people who actually fawn/flatter never suggest that they’re concerned about making that impression. Those people are usually quite the duplicitous sycophants but I don’t get a sense that you are that way at all. Anyway, you’re experimenting with orgonite and keeping track of observed results, so that puts you firmly in the ‘gifter’ class as far as I"m concerned, so welcome to the healing war! All of that is good for the public record and for encouraging our readers to do this work. I see myself as quite ordinary, as my closer associates no doubt also do, so it’s kind of heartening that you might have gotten another impression

You apparently haven’t learned how rare a good discussion is in these modern times. I think we’ll be seeing and participating in more and more of these, though. I think the corporate sewer rats thought that they had managed to obliterate people’s basic, finer instinct to cordially consult with each other by technically ‘enhancing’ our baser and even vestigal herd instinct over the past century or so.

You’re obviously a risk taker, otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten tis far with your career and you probably wouldn’t have considered doing this work in conjunction with your career. I have a sense that no matter how you decide to proceed it’s going to be appropriate. For what it’s worth, I think you’ve already got a lot of protection around you becsause you’re apparently not a self seeker. Self seekers are more likely to make stupid judgement calls. Since none of us are breaking any real laws, the cops aren’t going to try to stop us. I don’t think anyone else is worth our concern in that way.

There was a time when doing this healing work was a lot riskier than it is, now. In those days we experienced a lot of overt surveillance and interference but now only a tiny number of us have to contend with that. I consider reporting these incidents to be a useful weapon against the corporate world order, since they’re merely parasites and are heavily vested in hiding their intentions and deeds. Knowing that the villains are merely parasites is very empowering. Also, knowing that they are vulnerable in the etheric realm (and seeing confirmations of that) tends to make us confident of victory.

A lot of people who have glaring character deficits love to gift. It might take away some of the harder edges but doing this work doesn’t bestow a conscience or increase sociability. On the main faker forum there are two or three gifters who remain unmolested so that the forum, itself, will gain some credibility from their postings. Anyone else who offers a productive report or even some helpful observations on that forum gets resoundly bludgeoned by several behavior modification specialists and their ‘Greek chorus’ of Monarch-programmed drones who provide the background clamor. I even suggested to one of these three that he might take a look at why he’s not being molested, that way, and why he seems to feel okay that so many others on his forum are treated so badly.

I don’t personally know most of the people I’ve invited to post on EW but their gifting reports seemed substantive enough for me to invite them to share them publicly, here. I don’t even have time to read most of the postings, sorry to say. I have to steal a couple of hours, several times per week, just to have a hobby but most of the pressure is from working for a livlihood; an awful lot of folks who might send meaningless emails are afraid to contact me because they’re afraid of surveillance. That leaves my two or three hours per day for email, other than short business responses, to be mainly filled with more substantive communication, like yours. I love these discussions and wish that more people would engage this way.

There are some folks who post here who have jobs or titles that make it risky for them to share their identity, publicly. Some use pseudonyms. In the beginning the ‘icon’ craze annoyed me but in recent years I’ve seen that it’s appropriate for some folks. Speaking of beginning years, our ‘visitors’ numbers seem to be about the same, now, as they were six years ago when this forum got started. At that time, our readership had dropped precipitously because I was just coming out of a period of betrayal at the hands of the previous forum’s administrator and his international network of associates. He/hey had been very busy, privately spreading poisonous tales about Carol, Don Bradley and I to scores of good gifters in UK and Australia, mainly, and the online network in those countries hasn’t recovered from that, sad to tell. I think that there were two or three people posting on EW in the beginning. This is how effective subterfuge can be. There were a couple hundred or so on the previous forum, which was set up for me but overseen by the other fellow.

I’m telling you and our readers this so that you can have a clearer picture of how any progressive movement really evolves. Most of these efforts succumb to infiltration and subterfuge early on but I’m starting to see evidence that this agency behemoth–this engine of corruption–is faltering, now. I think that’s due to generally rising human awareness and accountability.

I certainly can tell you that there are scores of people around the world, doing this work, whom I’d trust my wife, er I mean, my life to. In an individual’s lifetime he might find two or three people who have earned that level of confidence, so in that category I’m incredibly fortunate. It’s easy to know how to measure trust–it’s like Dooney and Stevo say: friends help you move; real friends help you move bodies

The bad guys read all the emails on the web that are potentially threatening to their parasitic hegemony, of course. The scale of global surveillance is kind of like the scale of the American gulag archipelago: unimaginably vast and omnipresent. That said, their bottleneck is and has always been enforcement. The only reason that the 20th Century dictators succeeded was because they all scammed the populace into policing each other. Short of that, any attempt to enforce martial law, even in a relatively unarmed society like Britain, would fall flat in a short time, hence the untold trillions spent on mind control through the media, educational and religious cartels. That’s falling apart, too, as just about anyone can see by now.

In late 2002 the corporate parasites evidently still thought they could erase the burgeoning orgonite movement and Rense started publicly assaulting our work on his syndicated radio show. This went on for a couple of months but I noticed that our numbers just about doubled in that time. I think the sewer rats also tracked that development because all mention of this stuff was erased from Rense’s site and he stopped mentioning it on his show. Don Bradley had gifted around Rense’s estate at the end of that period, too, so we can factor that in

Now, the only sustained effort to erase us from public awareness is being carried out by a few faker forums that the search engines send people to when they start looking for orgonite information, online. About a third of the best gifters on this forum only sought out EW after their characters were assassinated on the main faker forum. Before that I don’t think they gave us much thought. I’m happy to say, though, that in the past year or so more and more people are coming directly to for this information. I post positive feedback from time to time to show the caliber of these good folks.

The Persians say, ‘One enemy is too many; a thousand friends is not enough.’ The fakers try to paint me as a cultist or dictator (also a liar) but I don’t directly answer those accusations. I’ve rather found it productive to address the issues, instead, and this evidently infuriates our detractors, who actually do behave as cultists, it can be seen. I’m rather obsessed with sharing the spotlight, in fact,and with avoiding authority. That’s partly because I sincerely want everyone to prosper and to have good reputations but also because it gives Carol and I a measure of safety, demonstrating that we’re not indispensible , which relates to another Persian saying,‘Ten beggars can share a blanket but two tyrants can’t share a continent.’

Carol’s sending you an email to ask about your concert date in Normandy. She sent it back to to me by mistake after I forwarded your note to her. Thanks for the good gifting tips, by the way. I expect that someone on the French forums has focused their attention on that area but, if not, be assured that the mere mention of something like this is capable of sparking a campaign, okay? This ancient corporate parasite has always used mass murder to consolidate its position in the world and their 20th century ‘accomplishments’ (the unspeakable wholesale mayhem that was initiated by Lenin, Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, Mussolini, Tojo and Mao) threatened to extinguish human progress altogether, perhaps. Those millions of new death towers on the heels of the chemtrail campaign may have been intended to be their corporate coup de gras and the timely appearance of orgonite seems to have completely buggered those agendae irreversibly (THANK you, Operators!).

I really wish someone would take an interest in compiling/translating the historic gifting reports that are in French and German but that’s probably going to happen as this unorganized but organic movement continues to expand and consolidate.

Carol fell hopelessly in love with Ireland when she was there. One of my favorite Irishmen was Jonathan Swift, whose brilliance may have made the American Revolution possible. We could sure use more Irish eloquence on this forum. so if you’re not going to post here, may I continue to post some of your observations? I’m quite sure that you’ll be sending gifting reports. This is about a whole lot more than just turning those death towers into life force generators, of course. We’re just cutting our teeth on those weapons.

Mark Bennett is pioneering the use of orgonite for gardens and has a toehold in the British media–is that how your siser found out about it?

I think the danger. is past for the East African gifters. Last year it came to a head with the murder of three of them, then the attempted murder of two more. Tino is carrying the ball in Botswana, now, and is certainly exploring new territory, so to speak. He prefers not to post until he has a less sensitive livlihood.

Hong Kong Johnny is occasionally gifting in the Heart of the Beast, China Proper, and has remained unmolested. China owns the world’s economy and, by extention, all of the world’s corporate governments. They’re all mere corporations, now, especially the US one. Congress is the Board of Directors and the alleged President is the Chariman of the Board. The Supreme Court and its tentacles is just their cudgel.

I sometimes pinch myself when I realize that almost nobody else is stating this obvious, simple truth, yet–that China is the only real power. How can people be that blind, really? The upside of realizing this is knowing that none of the saber-rattling of the warmongers is likelyto produce nuclear winter. The only ‘wars’ right now are pitiful, failing police actions by relatively small armies in Iraq and Afghanistan, where the Western media handily calls patriots, ‘insurgents.’ The historic ability of the corporate world order to persuade the Pajama People to believe that crooked is straight and that dark is light is something the corporate world order had grown overconfident in.

I don’t know why anyone is afraid of this old patriarchic monster. I think the only people who are afraid, any more, just want to be afraid. That’s not to say we each shouldn’t be prudent, of course. They set a lot of traps for us, after all. Those are ultimately just training aids and if someone is egotistical or aggressively ignorant enough to leap into one of those traps, caveat emptor. When Carol and I went on the road, ten years ago, to avoid imprisonment our main competitor in the zapper trade rather hired a lawyer and actually tried to fight for his freedom in a federal kangaroo court, so he’s in prison. His ‘crime’ was to make and sell zappers on the open market.

It might be that your career would explode upward through your gifting efforts but that’s not for me to predict. It’s easy for you to examine, though. If I were in your position I’d put orgonite all around a performance hall and in the dressing rooms , as that Ballet-company owner once did to good effect before she retired A lot of musicians and artists keep orgonite around them, now, because it’s helped their careers and just feels good. The only way to develop faith in life-enhancing processes is to engage them and watch what happens, of course.

We humans are constructed to ask questions and look for answers, so there’s no shame in expecting to see results from our efforts, whether positive, negative or non-existent. This is contrary to the conditioning of religious institutions, including Theosophy, which dictate that seeking confirmations ‘proves lack of faith.’ This is the sort of ‘crooked is actually straight’ programming I mentioned above. The religion (clergy) cartel is built firmly on the carrot-on-a-stick ‘educational’ paradigm. Manly P Hall is probably the best example of that sort of teacher. YOu can read his entire huge book and at the end of it, if someone were to ask you what you picked up, you’d be at a total loss to tell of anything, specifically, that you gained from it, though it is a pretty good soporific. Look what happens when someone reads the Gifting Compendium, by comparison (our collective advice for tossing orgonite)

Thanks a lot for the Spike Mulligan information and film clip! Now I REALLY want to read his sonnets . A wonderful aspedt of British culture is that some of the most progressive and liberating individuals thrived in the same period that the worst scoundrels did. I don’t fault the old guys for feeling compelled to choose between one corporate paradigm and the other, of course. Ezra Pound felt driven by his conscience to support fascism at the same time that Reich felt driven by his to support communism as a youth, for instance. Lindbergh also supported European fascism until it became obviously murderous. I think that in those days it just didn’t occur to people to realize that both of these choices were contrived and bogus.

Same is true of teh environmental movement that has sucked up so many otherwise intelligent youths since its sudden inception in 1975. This organized, well funded movement is pretty cynical at its heart and is based entirely on fake science. Most people never question that stuff simply because it’s been popularly accepted. We saw the same phenomenon in even more blatant form in Russia, Germany, China, Italy, England and the US in the previous century.

We who toss orgonite into the environment are achieving positive results that are far beyond the wildest hopes of any environmentalist. Carol and I used to live near Lewiston, Idaho, which is in a deep, wide canyon that had been full of noxious, yellow smog from a pulp mill. Environmentalists were ‘battling against the corporation’ responsible for that stench and were not making any headway. We quietly set up an orgonite cloudbuster in the town, eight years ago, and there hasn’t been any smog or stink in that canyon since then.

If not for EW, I doubt any venue would be sharing these reports and victories right now, by the way. It might be an honor to be ‘the only one’ but it certainly doesn’t speak well for the general human tendency to conform and to be afraid of excellence , which is what I believe is stopping so many people from talking about this publicly . It’s sort of like how most people don’t want to ‘know God’ because dropping His name won’t bring you money, popularity or sex. These folks would much rather know Mick Jagger or Oprah.

The overly abundant rainfall throughout most of North America in the past year has done more to discredit the corporate ‘global warming’ claims than an army of PhD’s, armed with substantive arguments againsyt it, could possibly have achieved, for instance, and anyone who has exercised his brain knows that the entire population of the planet can be abundantly, fed from an area the size of Texas, so of course we’re not overpopulated.

Free energy tech that’s ready to market can and perhaps will destroy the ‘peak oil’ and related corporate scams in a breath once the inventors stop being extorted into silence and it’s obvious enough that even if these inventors won’t eventually prevail, more and more oil is being discovered almost daily–enough to supply a dozen of our worlds for many centuries. Presumably, internal combustion engines won’t even still be in vogue a century from now.

The people who established all that ‘we’re running out of resources!’ brainwashing were high-level chumps/employees of the British East India Company, by the way. Malthus started out as a preacher before he went to work for him and began to spew his poison for a salary.

If one will read history fairly objectively one will see that this was all b done by the company to justify. to the English populace who were paying attention, their rape of the subcontinent, which involved that company (with the eager cooperation of the rajas and their armies/police) forcing countless millions of farmers to grow poppies instead of food, resulting in mass starvation. Young Queen Vickie, a German, obviously got the point because she disbanded that company when she found out. The company’s corporate progeny are still dictating Pajama People’s alleged opinions about the world’s ‘disappearing resources,’ though

The very profitable, corporate rape of the Brazilian Rain Forest is being blamed on itinerant peasant farmers; squatters, meanwhile, and the alleged disappearance of the ‘ozone layer’ is blamed on cow flatulence. These cattle grazers obviously didn’t cut down those trees; large corporations did that.

If one will consider that ozone is simply created when ultraviolet light hits the oxygen in air, to believe that ozone can disappear is like believing that we can stop surf from breaking. It really is that simple. I think that more and more people are getting tired of being corporate chumps, so are starting to put these puzzle pieces together on their own. We don’t need the words of experts to justify doing this on or own.

I’m looking forward to seeing one of your performances on YouTube or on a DVD. The artistic application of orgonite is one of those vast, almost untouched areas of enquiry, by the way. Aside from our zappers the incredible healing potential of orgonite is also mostly unexplored.