From an American New Gifter Near Laos

Hi Don
What they call the V.O.A [Voice of America] Has over 300 employees trying to cover most of Asia They are to pick up key words and record then send to another section to check out allot are just destroyed The rest are for CIA .that is my understanding from the women that I talked to .The sky is normally lite blue,grey.light brown all the time .

When they fire off haarp about 8 mi from here the lightning goes across the sky instead of coming to ground.

Something different: My cousin William Blair [District of Columbia police commander] under 3 presidents When he retired he got a fast acting cancer didn’t last but a couple of Months.We had talked about the underground passage ways under capital and what went on.

I talked to president Eisenhower. When he had a heart problem He stayed at the little Whitehouse in Key West Fla. just outside the fence of the sub base. I had watch [guard duty] on the submarine they came to look at but he could not go down below. News reporters, FBI, CIA and other guests .

He talked with me about 45 min. Their were marines on the pier and one low grade navy officer with us. I kept calling the pres Mr. and the navy officer did not like that. He kept trying to tell me to say Mr.president.

He asked me were I was from I told him I was from Pa. He said he was also .I told him I knew he hard a big farm outside Philly I told him My grandfather had the first milk bottling plant an the biggest silo in Pa. He said he new about that.

I asked him about Annie Frank he said did I know about Snow White Mickey mouse superman I said I understand fairy tales. He winked. Said they had to give the public something to make them feel we had done the right thing I asked about gas chambers. He said I did not see any. What about all the bodies in pits with lime on them He said they were German troops in the camps with cloths on their backs, no blankets, 1 meal a day. They died. To make it short he said he was following orders .

He ask what I did on the sub I said eng.spare parts I told him the bad part was about every 3 mo. we got all new parts numbers from gov. and would have to put the new numbers on HE said they had to keep them working I said well yrs from now they would need twice as many. They could turn it over to outside Companies HE said I still follow orders

I said what from where. He pointed with his finger down I said how far he said a long way.

The people came up and the captain went up to the Prez. The prez said they were having a ball game on the base park and wanted me to be with him. The captain turned around told the Ex.officer some thing the pres said to me they just follow orders–about 10min later the Ex came up the captain turned an told the pres That I would be there

Another thing I forgot to say after I sent you the email that about my cousin 1 hr later I lost all email service I had none coming into my computer or at my- mail service until 1:20 pm today from 8th to the 5/11/09 I am going to UdonThani to the provider to see what is going on —-Yes you can use it on the board if you can insert that he was the head of capital police [I did that and offered our help if the CIA or other sewer rats bother him after this. ~Don]

Oh ma God. The rabbit hole goes very deep. This post on the conversation with Eisenhower feels very authentic…genuine. Sometimes i find it hard letting go of Snow white, Mickey Mouse and Superman. Sometimes the indigestion caused by ingesting the facts is a little overwhelming…causes my knees to wobble. In many ways I am still a little boy wanting the purity of his Mommy and Daddy. Maybe hoping Obama will save the world…then I realize from this post that my “robot programming” was prepared and written for me long before I was born or even conceived.

From one very human robot shedding his programming an algorithm at a time…Hong kong john

Haha, I’m not surprised that you resonated with this fellow, John

I’m going to ask him to start posting after he starts busting up those weather weapons near the Laotian border, next month.


Carol cringes when I offer the analogy that lifting the lid on the corporate world order is as fascinating as going to see a dead, rotting whale on a railroad flatcar. That was done, often, in the inland areas of the US in the 1800s, after the railroads were built but before the highways were. Insulated farmers and their families were charged a pittance to get close to the dead whale. Who could resist?


Not very relevant to this topic really, but I remember being taken to see a dead whale on a flatbed lorry/truck as a child in the late 50s in Switzerland – perhaps that country was still stuck in the 1800s then

I think the late 1950s is when this fellow had the experience with Eisenhower. It was near the end of America’s fascist period–lockstep, drunken, loud-talking white folks saluting the flag reflexively while their kids ‘ducked and covered’ at school when air raid sirens went off In the 1800s white folks weren’t fascists but a lot of them slaughtered Indian women and children becuase they’d been convinced by their vitriolic (‘caustic, corrosive; biting’) preachers that it was what Jesus wanted. Maybe fascism was a step up from that.


Talking about rabbitholes… I’ll never forget how democracy blew up in my face, when I saw the bloodline diagrams by Fritz Springmeier – connecting Eisenhower and lots of other American presidents as close relatives. Don’t know about Fritz, but I did check all the genealogical data myself and found them to be accurate.

Being a European, it is very hard for me to escape political correctness on the subject of Nazism or concentration camps. Reading this email – especially the part where Eisenhower suggests the bodies were dead soldiers, not jews – upsets me. Please beware, I did my share of substantial reading (I am not going to summon all the books here, for that’s another exposure of political correctness). But to consider my loyalty to the murdered as fake and well programmed, still upsets me where the numbers of death camps or genocide victims are questioned. Doubting the numbers is what nazi’s do, after all.

I am sure it will take a lot of generations after me, to get real and learn about the deal that WWII was for those in control of the world order. The biggest taboo to overcome might be the war on the earth energy grid. For it’s easier to understand destruction as being aimed at people. The corrupted vortexes we find on many battlefield locations, are not a coincidence.

I sure didn’t mean to step on any toes, Carolien–sorry about that!

I’m not one of those guys who excuses the Vryal (SS is the tip of that iceberg, evidently) for murdering millions of people in those years. In my view, killing a million Jews is just as bad ask killing six million and the atrocities that are now being committed, en masse, by the CIA (most notably, millions of children per year) are worse, in a way, because it’s a mostly hidden holocaust.

I’m just as upset that the Vryal rounded up most of the Gypsies in W. Europe and murdered them in those years, also upset about millions of murders of patriotic people by them.

One has to read history with plenty of detachment, especially since all of the sanctioned historians write in a way that appeals to the more prurient emotions, like misplaced patriotism. Prurient means, ‘lascivious,’ which means ‘lustful, lewd.’ That’s how I characterize an excessive love or hatred of one’s country–am I wrong?

Also, one has to dig through a lot of the work of outside-the-pack historians who have ideological slants, so neglect to mention some telling facts in their presentations. ‘Christian’ historians who wear their religion on their cuffs are notable examples.

Some say, in an offhand way, that we all deserve the regimes that we live under. That, to me, is like blaming the infant for being born into an abusive family.

Dr Reich got depressed after he arrived in America and discovered that the fascism, here, was identical to the fascism in Germany at the time (late 1930s) because Americans talk so much about freedom, after all. Germans still get grief for hosting Hitler but it’s a fact that the entire continent was rabidly ‘anti-Semitic,’ thanks to a long line of hateful Popes, and Germans, historically, had treated the Jews better than anyone else on the continent, before Hitler came along. That’s probably why Yiddish has so many German words in it. I’m really pleased that fascism has mostly departed the world, by now.

Now, most people in Europe probably don’t even think about Jews unless they’re being hammered by alleged news about terrorism in Israel. Some folks are even figuring out that MI6’s Mossadomites® are the problem, there, not ‘The Arabs.’ I think the reason ‘Jews’ arent’ a hot topic in Europe, any more (except among the cancer-ridden Depression Babies?) is because the Popes have been reduced to a contemporary joke since WWII.


A lot of Jews are opposed to Zionism, by the way. By the corporate media’s and corporate academia’s definition, they’re ‘anti-Semitic.’

I urge short-thinking people who blame Jews for what’s happening in Israel to look a little deeper at the history of the State of Israel and its origins in London in the early 1800s. Before Britain stirred up strife in Palestine (using shiploads of dispossessed, mostly-Aryan Jews from Europe after WWII) the Jews, Christians and Muslims got along tolerably well with each other under Turkish rule for a very long time, at least according to the patriarchic world’s strange standards of the period. A large percentage of the Palestinians whom the Mossadomites® are persecuting are Aryan Christians, by the way, also Semitic Christians. This is not an ideological conflict between Jews and Muslims, as the CIA and MI6 ‘spin artists’ (liars) want you to assume. The Semitic and Ethiopean Jews are also having a hard time at the hands of the European (Aryan) Jewish elite in Israel.

American Jews who blindly support Israel are kind of mean and stupid, to say it plainly, and they’re the ones who are footing the bill for the Mossadomites® terrorism, now that the US Gov’t is being forced by rising public awareness to back prudently away from Israel.

You don’t need to be smart to be rich, after all. These monied chumps also want us to nuke Persia, by the way. They coerced O’Bomber to promise to do so, almost a year ago. Fortunately for us all, politicians’ ardent promises are always like farts in the wind. China evidently has the ability to keep the lid on the Mossadomites® but a little truth saying occasionally really helps people get out from under media and academic poisonous hypnosis, I’ve found.

I think the last bastion of fascism is the gov’t of Israel and its goose-stepping Aryan-Jew citizen supporters, which is funny but sad. It’s not funny how the Mossadomites® and their army are murdering and dispossessing innocent Palestinians, though–millions of them since 1947. I call it, ‘The Palestinian Holocaust.’


You didn’t step on my toes, Don – i wear wooden shoes after all. It’s my point exactly that a lot of WWII – and today’s – misdemeanour is still too taboo to mention, without overexplaining where you stand morally. Really, it is ridiculous for me to be upset in my loyalty towards any WWII victims when numbers are questioned. It defines the emotional propaganda programming I was taught as an European, to support the allied forces and not question the history. That is not freedom. The rational discussion of facts still isn’t possible. My own reaction to this guy’s email is an example of that. That’s all.

Well, if you’re willing to discuss it rationally as a European, then your statement that this discussion is not possible isn’t accurate, Carolien

I don’t think our buddy in N Thailand had an ideological bias when he was a young sailor, so Ike’s alleged comments were probably taken by him at face value. If I were in his shoes in that discussion I’d have pestered the old guy with questions, like I did with Al Bielek for several opportune hours, years ago.

The CIA was spawned in the same year that the State of Israel was, so of course they weren’t instrumental as an agency in that debacle but the OSS sure was and they became the CIA that year. OSS grew like a genital wart out of MI6 because the US didn’t have a spy agency until the Brits set one up for them at the onset of WWII. Some key players who later were in the OSS did, though, coach Hitler after his Munich silliness–helped make him more suited for mass consumption and not so much of a obvious nut job. Averell Harriman’s daddy was part of that little sponsoring cabal.

True, nearly all of the higher (than me) profile people who openly discuss the sticky Israel problem are heavily biased in some direction: either promoting or attacking Jews in general, strange to tell.

The only way to have a constructive conversation is to leave ideologies and past programming at the door. I used to adore Israel, for instance, so whatever the State did to Arabs seemed justified to me–it’s amazing how much any of us can take horrible stuff like that for granted. I still think that the Israeli people are wonderful for the most part, like almost any other identifiable group.

Before WWII, the nations of Europe were at each others’ throats and that’s been forgotten, so what do you reckon is keeping the other stuff going? When I got inserted by the US Army in Germany in 1969 I was shocked to see that the kids my age had taken on a lot of guilt about what the corporate order did with their country in WWII. That never made sense to me until I read that Karl Jung had volunteered to head Hitler’s psychiatry coven in the late 1930s, stayed on with him and then invented ‘collective guilt’ to get the SS men off the hook, presumably so that they could all go to work for the OSS and MI6. Jung deftly persuaded the German people to take the fall for what the regime had done and the corporate world order absolutely did inflate all that by focusing only on how the regime had treated the Jews.

The stupid ‘nazis’ in Germany who dress up and salute each other, also occasionally persecute some Turks on the street, are a tiny little sociopath minority, like the CIA’s skinheads (the ‘really bad’ nazis [Image Can Not Be Found] ) were in the US. The corporate media had inflated this little mob into a gigantic ‘threat.’ It’s kind of like how Hollywood can digitally increase a ‘cast of several’ into a ‘cast of thousands.’ [Image Can Not Be Found]

I know directly that the American nazis are a joke because Carol and I live in the county in North Idaho that was presumed to have been their exclusive territory (right next to the county where the FBI murdered Mrs Weaver) and Carol was a census taker, here, during their alleged heyday. She had a hard time finding any nazis in this county and the few who holed up in that famous compound, near here, were terrified of the outside world. When their leader died, some years ago, they all simply wandered away. I bet most of them are bornagain chumps now [Image Can Not Be Found].

That’s why American nazis are never mentioned by the corporate media or academia, any more. Remember when these recluses got daily ‘news’ coverage?

The SS is evidently alive and well, headquartered in Switzerland and spread throughout the corporate world. THE HITLER BOOK tells about it and has photos. They work mostly for MI6, especially in the secret police organizations of the British puppet regimes throughout the Middle East–all those ‘enemies of Israel.’ See how it works? It’s always worked that way in secret corporate orders.

I sincerely believe that the only feasible answer to the Israel/Palestine trouble is for Israelis and Palestinians to intermarry. That sort of mingling has done miracles for the cancerous old racial-hatred thoughtform throughout the American South in the past few decades. Birth control among the whites has also contributed to that happy outcome, since the Blacks now outnumber them in those states

Are people in Europe still sore at Germany about WWII? America and Britain did more inappropriate damage and mayhem in Germany than Germans did to anyone else, so why aren’t the Germans still mad at the US and UK? Also, Americans were rabidly ‘antisemitic’ in those days. I really don’t think we need to take on the guilt and angst of the Depression Babies, that generation of white people born in and around the Really Great Depression who were/are the last bastion of fascism in the world. I don’t know of anyone who is my age (60) and younger who hates Jews. I don’t think we particularly hate anyone, in fact.


In my views, the answer is even more simpler; we don’t get peace by doing war, we get peace by making peace and accepting difference as a beautiful aspect of life, it’s either everyone is the same, looks the same, thinks the same and I would find life very boring if it was the case; or everyone is different and we accept that as the natural beauty of life. not one tree looks like the other, not one country looks like any other; diversity should be cherished because that’s what makes it possible for us to discover new things day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year

I also do believe most of the jews, israelis are peaceful, it’s just that a handful of them keeps oppression and war in power and sadly it’s the only ones we hear and read about…
Some young israelis are against israel’s war machine (forced army join)! Naturally israel never mentions anything about this…

This might be off topic, but I’d just like to share a link to a video that makes many interesting points about concentrations camps (knowing the preciseness of german work) the one supposedly used for gassing jews (auschwitz) were so badly made that if deadly gas was ever used there, the maintainers of the camps would have died aswell. Anyway, and many other inconsistencies in the ‘official’ story…
[Video about NY Times 1933 Headlines “Judea Declares War on Germany”

Just reading Hitler was a British Agent Pretty mindblowing. He was in the UK for few years, lived with his sister in Liverpool for example. He was in Tavistock for year or so, as was Stalin who lived in london for awhile and was involved in the Sidney street seige. Hitler’s had 6 doubles, most died in the bunker, he was flown out by MI6.

The Royal Family bits are also mind blowing, none of the 3 Royal princes are Phillips, Andrew is Lord Porchesters, can’t recall who Edwards is, and Charles is meant to be Pindars. All, including Phillip are bisexual, a trait of Illuminati.

Nearly all of the top Nazis were pederats as revealed in the Pink Swastika, and this quote is interesting, just what happens now, listen to kay Griggs for example. She revealed that Kissinger is one, always wondered why he never had sex with Brice Taylor.

“Such modern societies are profiled in The Sambia, by  anthropologist Gilbert Herdt, who studied homosexuality in primitive cultures.  He writes that “ritual homosexuality has been reported by anthropologists in scattered areas around the world [revealing a]…pervasive link between ritual homosexuality and the warrior ethos….We find these similar forms of warrior homosexuality in such diverse places as New Guinea, the Amazon, Ancient Greece, and historical Japanâ€? (Herdt:203).  The process of a boy’s homosexual initiation in these societies is horrific: he is deprived of sleep, starved, beaten and raped over several days until he is completely “resocializedâ€? as a homosexual (ibid:179f)……Thus homosexuality in paganism is not a relic of antiquity but an ongoing phenomenon.  And the prevalence of homosexuals as occult leaders continues today.” The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams.

Thanks a lot, guys–Since everyone in this thread, except me, are Europeans maybe we’re making some history by talking about this openly.

I added a bunch of comments to my previous post in the thread before I read Braikar’s and John’s comments. I’m casting about to discover the nature of Europeans’ unwillingness to discuss sticky subjects. We Americans, or at least the ones who aren’t bornagain chumps, feel okay about airing our dirty historic laundry–nice catharsis!

Catharsis: 1) an act of purging or purification; 2) elimination of a complex by bringing it to consciousness and affording it expression. I like the second meaning. The first meaning may indicate the root of the word. The Cathars are written about a lot in the Rennes le Chateaux books and were a fascinating group of people whose ideology had recently come from Bulgaria to Southern France. By our standards, the ideology was kind of infantile but they were quite progressive for their time, so the Pope sent an army to murder them all. So much of history has to be relegated to speculation, including the Cathars’ relationship to the Mary Magdalene traditions and the Templars. I speculate that Buddha was descended from Abraham but there’s no evidence of that, either. The way out of confusion for Europeans about the WWII corporate hydra is to drag as much historical evidence as possible into the light. Thank Grid for the internet, eh? It would have taken forever with books, especially since most people just won’t read a book.

I think that the spontaneous love of diversity and the growing awareness that the globe is a country has been dragging us all up out of that fascist hellhole that the corporate world order had created in the early 20th Century but it’s good to remember, I think, that fascism/communism was built on the foundation of older paranoia and prurient patriotisms. The only countries where communism took hold were the ones that had no middle class, so it was never a ‘global threat’ as the cold warriors had conditioned the Depression Babies in the West to presume.

John’s probably got a load of good material on that documents communism’s creation in London and its early management from there. Engels, one of the icons of communism, ran some factories in England that employed children. Marx, while on Lord Huxley’s payroll, made so little money for writing his ‘manifesto’ and other rubbish that one of his kids starved to death. True to the ‘dialectic of materialism’ Marx evidently felt that he deserved to live at the expense of his children. That’s the sort of self-consuming schizophrenia that academia and the world order’s ‘science’ is founded on, of course. Look at how many of the old hippies are now Marxist academics–strange.

Information is what erodes programmed paranoia and hatred. It really doesn’t matter if ‘most Europeans are incapable of this discussion,’ because there’s a whole lot of force behind even one public discussion when it’s based in reality.

I was walking along the waterfront last week and there was a display of photos from when the Japanese occupied Hong Kong, Shanghai and other parts of China during WW II. Many of the deeds were not pretty. I feel we’ve come a long way since then. I feel too that the ghouls just aren’t going to get their coveted WW III, due in large part to this gifting movement and a genuine blossoming of human awareness.

This week in our sensuous boosting session I was shown that Georg’s efforts in Africa had a dramtic affect on the phoney Swine Flu and why it fizzled. The ghouls were quite upset about this. I don’t have a single clue on how this is all connected and again I am very open to being wrong but our fellow Georg has immense courage and clarity. He has risked a lot.

You can not detonate nuclear weapons around orgonite, it’s tough to conduct terrorist activities around orgonite. Basicly when around orgonite the “truth” becomes more visible. Old wounds rise to the surface around orgonite and drop away to be healed. We are taking this planet “home.”

Today is a great day to make orgonite and to toss it.

All the best…Hong kong John

P.S. Eric Carlson gave me a wonderful chuckle when he pointed out that the police in Africa now have about 500 pounds of “orgasm generators” ooops I mean orgone generators in their possession to affect their consciousness. I feel it’s all going to work out and quite possibly many of those police are going to wander home, buy a bouquet of flowers for their wives, put on some soft music and make tender love to their wives…and forget about the silly control agenda that they are a part of…hmmm maybe.

Here are two links to recent discussions in the Netherlands about the freedom of speech:

Theo de Roos, professor in criminal law at the Tilburg university in Holland, said something that made me wonder about the real interests involved here. Unfortunately his article is in Dutch, so I’ll try and translate the remarkable part:

About the case of politician Geert Wilders, Theo de Roos says that….
1 – With this court’s verdict, the judges anticipated prematurely on the elimination of the law on blasphemy, as proposed by the Minister of Justice, which would lead to the equalization of both direct and indirect discrimination (meaning: you are guilty of discrimination when others feel offended by your words or deeds, regardless your intention to cause harm). What looks like an abolition, is in fact a broadening of criminal law.
2 – Despite the lawful immunity for politicians to practice freedom of speech in debates over controversial subjects, the judges anticipated on jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights in Straatsburg, in which politicians who refer to opponent’s views as being fascist or nazi-like, are considered guilty nonetheless, because of their social role-model.

Makes you think, huh?!